Bill muhlenberg strained relationship

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bill muhlenberg strained relationship

As a follow-up to my previous volume, Strained Relations, it continues to document the very real war we are in regarding sexuality in general. Bill Muehlenberg, Spokesperson, Family Council of Australia the above information can be found in Bill Muehlenberg, Strained Relations: The Challenge of. Purchase 'Strained Relations: The Challenge of Homosexuality' by Bill Muehlenberg online here at Word Bookstore.

One writer has summarised the situation this way: After a few more devastating facts, Muehlenberg writes: People can dismiss my remarks, or those of straight people, but when homosexual doctors writing for the mainstream homosexual press make this case, then perhaps we do need to listen carefully. He begins this way: Now guess how many text and phone calls you might receive during any given weekend involving questions that have to do with recreational drugs, penile discharge, or the risk of contracting HIV from unprotected sexual encounters.

Welcome to my world. What we have here is a reckless, irresponsible and unsafe lifestyle that no one should be engaging in, let alone promoting and seeking to normalise. Dr Elizabeth Moberly has worked with homosexuals for decades now, and she has found a very common theme: At the root of almost every case of homosexuality is some distortion of the fundamental concept of gender.

bill muhlenberg strained relationship

A child who imagines that he or she can be the opposite sex — or be both sexes — is holding on to a fantasy solution to his or her confusion. This is a revolt against reality and a rebellion against the limits built into our created human natures.

Strained Relations: The Challenge of Homosexuality by Bill Muehlenberg

A two-year study involving nearly individuals and therapists found that change is clearly possible. The study found that: One male respondent said: But I have broken the terrible power that homosexuality had over me for so long. People can and do change and become free. I'd not realised that some of what gay activists mock as 'slippery slope' panic from conservative Christians is already happening overseas with people being punished for their beliefs.

This is an important and timely book which addresses the challenges we're facing as a society.

bill muhlenberg strained relationship

It should be required reading ahead of the proposed plebiscite on same sex marriage. Did you find this review helpful? I checked most of the scientific evidence cited and found it to be inaccurate and mostly entirely wrong. The other footnotes don't really prove much other than somebody said this or that.

Written to keep people suspicious and angry - not recommended reading if you want a balanced factual viewpoint. Yes or No Absolutely Brilliant!!! After reading this, I literally had no questions left. Bill Muehlenberg has thoroughly and meticulously researched this topic tirelessly and it really shows in the presentation and the supporting documentation as well as unbiased documentation of opinions from both sides.

This book will equip you with the wisdom and knowledge to respond to opposing views and to do it with zealous confidence. I can't recommend this book highly enough. It is that awesome. Thank you to the author for his passion to educate the body of Christ truthfully and provide a resource that is so helpful and truly insightful.

Yes or No Challenging Book on Homosexuality By Dr I R Ridgway, Dec 07 Strained Relations in its first major part, 'Social Science and Public Policy Concerns', offers both a backdrop to the challenges posed by homosexual activism and a detailed elaboration of the arguments opposing the adoption of the homosexual lobby's agenda.

I can only posit that the embrace of Christianity's imperialist doctrines and warmongering was too close to home not to mention intellectually honest for Bill to give passing mention to.

bill muhlenberg strained relationship

Clearly, his veneer of compassion and calls for civilized debates based on truth ring utterly hollow. The lion's share of Bill's sources come from conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation. With the basis for his "facts" coming from such a biased political action group, one cannot help but shake their head at the irony with which the author accuses some of his opposition of being firmly entrenched against the facts and reality of the issue.

On page 35 he accuses a third of homosexuals of being child rapists based on statistics from the Family Research Council, and extreme right-wing think tank and a Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group.

What he fails to mention is the inconvenient fact that the vast majority of child rapists either have no attraction to adults of either gender, or identify as heterosexual. Moreover, it is generally easier for men to have access to young boys, as parents tend to be more protective of the fairer sex. The mudslinging doesn't stop there. He accuses liberals and those who stand for marriage equality as being opposed to "natural marriage.

Strained Relations: The Challenge of Homosexuality

The only liberal he mentions is David Blankenhorn, who, during California's recent Prop 8 trial, recanted his former position namely, that children require both a father and a mother to be well-adjusted. Research into the vastly heightened scrutiny that adoptive parents whether gay or straight has been shown to lead to better outcomes for the children at least on some measures. Psychologist Michael Lamb has published several studies on this issue, and has testified that no child would be aided through outlawing same-sex marriage.

Even Robert Spitzer retracted his research study which claimed efficacy for so-called "reparative therapy. So why doesn't he start clarion calls for all available heterosexual couples to annex the care of children currently raised by single parents?

In actuality, the most thorough studies have shown that having same sex parents does not harm children, and in some cases, can outstrip the outcomes that would occur in opposite-sex households US National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study: The conglomeration of these findings also disprove the accusations he levels on page 20 and 21, in which the lack of a father is claimed to be the ONLY reason why such children suffer from increased suicide rates, juvenile delinquency and lives of crime.

Consistency is clearly not one of Bill's strong suits. In his introduction, he freely concedes that homosexual feelings are not a choice. One would logically conclude and hope that Bill would do the same that homosexuality, therefore, is not a choice. This should be a tautology, but the connection or perhaps simply the intricacies is lost on the author. Yet Bill cites NARTH a repeatedly discredited and proven harmful "treatment" organization as evidence that sexual orientation change is possible.

In the case of bisexual individuals, the "change" is made easier to bear via their versatile natural attractions.

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Claims that gay marriage would reduce marriage rates are also rife in his book. They are also groundless. The marriage rate in the Netherlands began falling inwhereas same-sex marriages were recognized by the government in To draw a causal link between the two is specious at best.