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Pill Movies. Blue Valentine shows how an alpha male turns into a pathetic married beta. Not the best flick, but a decent scare tactic for anyone considering marriage. .. valentine/. Roissy gives Blue Valentine a rave at Citizen Renegade. In contrast . Arthur is alpha in relation to most men but a beta in relation to Lancelot. Blue Valentine is simply a film about an abortion that should have gone And this is surely what the marketers of these special, relationship.

Gosling and Williams give stellar performances. You will not see better acting unless Daniel Day-Lewis is on the bill. And this is the kind of movie that absolutely requires a high level of acting expertise; the subtle emotions and facial tics that are evoked to flesh out two ordinary people in a downward spiral of contempt, bitterness and fear, victimized not by each other but by ancient, primal mating forces pushing them in opposite directions, are beyond the range of most actors and actresses.

The casting here is important, because an unrealistically good-looking female lead would have strained credulity. Williams is cute, but not hot. She has a thick Teutonic neck, a slight belly roll, narrow hips, and an incipient double chin lurking underneath her long flowing blonde locks. The critical Chateau and game themes this movie hits upon include: There are scenes in this movie where you will cringe with a mix of disgust and pity.

When he forces a hug upon her in the hopes that it will stir those old feelings and she responds with a stiff-armed turtling, visibly aching to escape his touch, your cringing will reach epic proportions. Similarly, there is a visceral sex scene, while not very graphic you only see boobs once in this moviethat you will have a hard time watching. Suffice to say, a woman out of love is no fun to make love to.

You must be crazy insane then.

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That, my friends, is how you deliver a competent neg. The attention to detail is apparent in Blue Valentine.

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Cindy gets knocked up by an aloof alpha whom she allows to fuck her raw dog from behind, rutting like animals. She rushes to the toilet to urinate out the sperm but it is too late. In another flashback we see her examining a pregnancy stick with fear in her eyes.

Potential Rapist Syndrome is a mind virus infecting the brains of put-upon feminists all over America and Sweden. Using the illogic of this mind virus, any action that a man takes in attempt to pick up a woman is potential rape as long as she feels it is. Did he make her feel uncomfortable asking her out in the park? Did he make her feel uncomfortable asking her out in a bar? Did he make her feel uncomfortable asking her out here or there?

Did he make her feel uncomfortable asking her out in a house? Did he make her feel uncomfortable asking her out in a box? Richard Dawkins was right.

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This is female hamster-fueled solipsism to the nth degree. The growth industry of Entitled American Bitches is feeding this female martyrdom indulgence in believing the Western world is out to get them. Their first meeting can be directly attributed to the kindnesses they show to older people. In Cindy's case, it's a deep devotion to her grandmother Jen Joneswho she frequently visits in a rest home in Pennsylvania.

Dean is part of a New York area moving crew installing Walter, a wizened old man, and all his possessions in the same rest home.

Dean, crushed by the old man's lonliness, decorates the new room with Walter's photographs and souvenirs. On the way out, he catches a glimpse of Cindy. Walter is the excuse for Dean to return to the rest home, but the goal is to find this girl again. Dean firmly believes that his sex is the more romantic one.