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EXCLUSIVE: Nicholas Sparks and Theresa Park have acquired Gale Sayers' life rights and his memoirs I Am Third and Sayers: My Life And. Brian Piccolo was a backup Chicago Bears running back and died of cancer at 26 African-American Chicago Bears teammate Gale Sayers and Piccolo's final days warm climate was beneficial to his brother Don, who had health problems . Brian Piccolo was a Football player for the Chicago Bears. He played as a running back. He died of lung cancer at the age of He had a wife.

The book was, in a sense, a way to deal with the death of a loved one. For additional discussion questions, click here. Any of the discussion questions can serve as a writing prompt. There are many who believe that athletes today are more interested in high salaries than in the sport and that sportsmanship is secondary to income. Write an opinion essay on your beliefs in regards to these issues.

You may want to research commentaries by sports writers and social critics to back up the points you make.

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Write an informative essay on health issues faced by professional athletes. Piccolo's story is uncommon in sports, but many diseases and injures are issues the athletes must address over their careers. Research, for example, the current studies that show the predominance of brain injuries in football players and the many health issues professional athletes face after they retire.

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Conclude your essay with a suggestion about what can be done to better protect athletes in the future. Write a personal reflection on an important friendship in your life that was somehow sundered, either by changing schools, having a friend move away or simply by drifting apart over time. Make the nature of the friendship clear. You may want to give examples of the kinds of activities in which you and your friend engaged and then explain how you felt and what you did about the loss of the friend.

Use five ways to show meaning: For additional assignments, click here. Much of this discussion derived from DVD Verdict. Brian's Song is not a difficult movie for children to understand, and they are usually clear about the powerful friendship expressed between Sayers and Piccolo.

You may want to put the friendship in a historical context or suggest that such friendships were rare and required courage prior to the Civil Rights Movement. Piccolo, though, led the team in rushing each season, but not with particularly impressive totals yards and But in his senior season, he blossomed into a star, running for 1, yards on carries a 4.

Piccolo had been talking with the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Colts, but chose the Bears because owner George Halas offered him the most money. The Bears had finished the season last in rushing.

When he practiced, he was ineffective.

After clearing waivers, he was signed to the Bears' taxi squad; he could practice with the team, but wasn't in uniform for games. Piccolo hoped to become the team's starting fullback, in the same backfield with Sayers, in Halas had other ideas, and Piccolo spent the season playing on special teams, running from scrimmage only three times.

But Piccolo's playing time increased the next season, in which he gained yards rushing and averaged 4. The two became the first white and black men to room together in the NFL at a time the civil-rights movement was at its height.

He truly liked people. Piccolo became the starter. In late November against the Dallas Cowboys, he sprained an ankle, but after spending his career as a backup, Piccolo was determined to remain in the lineup. He took shots of a Novocain and cortisone to dull the pain. In the next game, Piccolo had the only yard rushing performance of his career, carrying 21 times for yards in the Bears' victory over the New Orleans Saints.

In six games as a starter, Piccolo gained yards. Sayers returned inand Piccolo was again relegated to being his backup.

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He began coughing early in the season. On November 16 in Atlanta, after scoring a fourth-quarter touchdown in a loss to the Falcons, he removed himself from the game, bothered by chest pains and that persistent cough. Two days later, Piccolo took a chest X-ray. He underwent surgery to remove the malignant tumor on November 28, at which time his doctor determined the cancer had spread. Two weeks later, the Bears organized a press conference at his home and Piccolo announced his intent to continue playing football.

Piccolo began chemotherapy treatments and spent Christmas at home with his wife and three young daughters. On April 9,his left lung and left breast were removed. Six weeks later, Sayers, who had recovered from his injuries to win the NFL rushing title, was honored with the George Halas Award as the league's most courageous player for the season.

At a ceremony in New York, Sayers gave an emotional speech saying there was somebody more deserving of the award. I love Brian Piccolo, and I'd like all of you to love him, too.