Building a strong foundation in relationship

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building a strong foundation in relationship

Developing a healthy relationship from the start will increase the likelihood of a lasting and meaningful connection. Building a relational foundation bodes well for your new love life. How to Keep a Strong Relationship With Your Man. Having respect for a strong foundation-whether it comes easily to you or you've had to struggle to build it--is the way you create a life for. Shutterstock. Relationships are hard. Like very very hard. But if you are lucky enough to find a person you really like enough to wanna try and.

The goal is to love others as much as you love yourself. You cannot love your partner fully if you do not love yourself fully.

Friendships To Relationships - Building a Strong Foundation

It can be a tricky balancing act, sometimes a frustrating one, but it is also an important one to have at the forefront of your relationship. You control what you do.

building a strong foundation in relationship

You can choose to be happy. You can choose to love. It is important that you make these choices every day so that you relationship can last. After all, the choice to stay in a relationship is also something you decide every day.

Nothing frustrates me more than when my spouse comes home three hours late from work without letting me know.

How to Build a Good Foundation in a Relationship With a New Man

I was brought up in an environment where not communicating something like this meant that you were unloved. We must communicate with each other to make a relationship last. Having too much communication will always be better than not having enough. When you have all of the information available, you both can make a better decision for your relationship that works for both of you.

There must be a spiritual component to your relationship.

How to Build a Good Foundation in a Relationship With a New Man | Dating Tips

I will say that the amount of time you spend together exploring your spirituality is important, even if you come from two very different faiths. There is always room for compromise, but there is no compromise on the need for spirituality. She had a similar culture shock with my faith. What we do, however, is study our faiths together, at the same time, and ask each other questions that we believe are important. Let me be clear: Your relationship has a soul, just as you do.

5 Ways To Create the Foundation of a Long Term Relationship

Feed it and you will build a firmer foundation. Make sure there is time to have fun. Some weeks I put in 70 hours at the computer. There are weeks when my wife puts 70 hours at work.

Even though you might be tired, it is still important to emphasize the lighter side of life for your relationship to flourish. Schedule time to spend with your partner or spouse if necessary to make sure you have time for fun. One of the best ways to have fun is to experience something you both have never done before. Go visit a new national park. In fact, sometimes we treat our Beloved worse than we would treat any stranger.

We react so heartlessly because there is no one who can trigger us as profoundly and easily as our partner. It is here, in these dark depths, that we have the opportunity to grow and become more conscious of our choices and less reactive in our behaviors. It is here that we can choose to cultivate or nurture a friendship rather than hold our partner as an enemy or foe. Sometimes it helps to hold an image of your partner-as-the-Beloved who is standing behind the person in front of you that you despise at the moment.

This maintaining of a quality of friendship takes continual vigilance and choice. Trust is the third quality and is the cornerstone of these three elements.

How to Create a Strong Foundation for Your Relationship

Without trust, there is no space for safety, no way to lean in towards your partner, no place to rest. When trust is lacking, the heart protects itself by shutting down. When the heart shuts down, respect and friendship suffer.

Trust is not a static quality. It is not something that you get and hold onto. Rather, it is dynamic and every day, with your attitudes and actions, you are either adding to it, or taking it away. It is like money in the bank. You want to build up a reserve for those more difficult passages, those big expenses.

The couples who find their way back from this explosion to a new, healthy connection are the ones who slowly but deliberately rebuild their trust in both their own being, and in their partner. Trust is fostered when we do not hold secrets from our partner.

building a strong foundation in relationship

We all know the cost of hiding the big secrets. But there are little moments that go unspoken or unshared that can create a secret life, almost without knowing it, that can poison the well of the relationship. Sometimes you silence your voice to prevent a fight. Over time, resentment and bitterness and even fury can grow out of this unshared, secret world.

Incubation time is necessary for clarity and focus.