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For Bata, labor had always posed major problems. Much before the assault case, Bata's chronically restive factory at Batanagar had always plagued by labor strife. On March 8, , a lockout was declared at Bata's Peenya factory in Bangalore, following a strike by its employee. the industrial arena over the past two years, we will use a case study far as to suggest that the industrial relation's scene, as presently constituted, may be. of management with questions. jahnavi Jan, at pm. pls mail me the case study for mangement students with questions for industrial disputes and .

Middleton commented that the closure of the unit would not have much impact on the company's revenues as it was catering to lower-end products such as canvas and Hawaii chappals.

The lock out lasted for eight months. In Octoberthe unit resumed production when Bata signed a three-year wage agreement.

HRM 659 - Industrial Relation "Hazlina vs Cadbury"

On March 8,a lockout was declared at Bata's Peenya factory in Bangalore, following a strike by its employee union. The new leadership of the union had refused to abide by the wage agreement, which was to expire in August Following the failure of its negotiations with the union, the management decided to go for a lock out. Bata management was of the view that though it would have to bear the cost of maintaining an idle plant Rs.

The factory had workers on its rolls and manufactured canvas and PVC footwear. In JulyBata lifted the lockout at the Peenya factory. However, some of the workers opposed the company's move to get an undertaking from the factory employees to resume work. The employees demanded revocation of suspension against 20 of their fellow employees. They also demanded that conditions such as maintaining normal production schedule, conforming to standing orders and the settlement in force should not be insisted upon.

In SeptemberBata was again headed for a labour dispute when the BMU asked the West Bengal government to intervene in what it perceived to be a downsizing exercise being undertaken by the management.

If you were Mr. Khanna, what would you have done that he did not do? Negotiations on the said demand notice are going on before Dy.

Labour Commissioner, Bhopal and subsisting settlement dated In order to pressurize the management, the workers in consent resorted to illegal and unjustified strike at 8am on On the said date, at about 8am, Mr.

Mahendra kumar Sharma, Code No. Mahendra Kumar Sharma along with above named workers took a leading part in the strike, stopped the willing workers at the main gate, instigated and threatened them. When some workers entered the mill, Mr. Hamari maagein poori karo, jo humse takraega, choor-choor ho jayega.

Mahendra Kumar Sharma along with Mr. Mandideep mein jaoge to tumahari tangen tod denge. Mahendra Kumar Sharma along with above said striking workrs stopped the bus no. MP03A carrying female workers near Jileten factory. Security guards who were following the bus reported the matter in the police post mandideep.

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The above conduct on the part of Mr. Mahendra Kumar Sharma and above named striking workers constitutes a major misconduct under the certified Standing Orders No. Radhey Shyam appointed as Machine Operator on probation for a period of 6 months. After completion of 6 month, the management took a test in which Mr. Radhey Shyam could not qualify and his probation period was extended for another 6 months.

Again a test was organized but again the employee could not qualify. Hence his services came to an end on the basis of conditions stipulated in appointment letter. Employee challenged the termination. You are being appointed as Machine operator trainee for a period of 6 months provided that employer may in his discretion extend the period of training for giving his services as trainee for such further period not exceeding one year.

The employer may terminate this agreement at any time without prior notice. The candidate shall diligently pursue the course of his training and abide the rules for time being in force relating to the conduct of training and pass the described test. As a Personnel Manager, write the legal course of action.

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Give reference of case law and sections of related acts. Hindustan Textile Mills is a spinning unit of 50, spindles. The main product is cotton yarn of 40 count. The mil is situated in central India. T Patel who is the General Manager of the plant manages the unit. The plant started its production in the year The total strength the worker is All the workers are on the regular rolls of Hindustan Textile Mils and majority of them belong to Bihar.

The workers are not unionized but strong groups from particular regions have influence on the workforce from a particular area. Pramod Mishra joined the mill on He belongs to Chappra district of Bihar. Mahesh, shift officer intervened in the matter and the issue was resolved. Babloo is a resident of Balia in U. His right arm came in to contact with the machine and he shouted for help. Pramod Mishra rushed to the spot and meanwhile 3 other workers of Speed frame and draw frame also reached the spot and started their effort to pull Rakesh from the machine, Mr.

Mahesh, shift officer with the timekeeper Mr. Kanhaiya Lal also joined them. There was blood al around. Mahesh intervened in between and took charge of the machine along with Mr. Gyan Singh, maintenance foreman. They were able to pull Rakesh Kumar out of the machine and in the meanwhile there were group pf 50 workers gathered on the sot. Kanhaiya took Rakesh to the hospital.

Meanwhile there was an argument that started between Mr.


Pramod Mishra and shift officer Mr. Mahesh that the machines are not safe and the management is not keen about the safety of workers. Prabhu Prakash also joined Mr. Pramod Mishra took an iron rod from the blow room and started souting to all the workers to stop the plant. He along with Mr. Prabhu forced al workers to come out of the plant and damaged window glasses of the main hall.

The whole issue took an ugly turn. You are the Personnel Manager. How will you handle the situation and describe the legal as well as other actions to resolve the issue. Daljit was employed in the Star Mills as a tractor driver.

His job was to carry the raw material from godown to the production hall. Daljit was 55 years of age and he joind Star Mills on He was drawing wages of Rs. His shift timings are about 2 pm to 9 pm. On August 7, after coming back from his place of employment at about 9 pm he complained of severe chest pain.

He was taken to the Dispensary from where he was taken to the District hospital where he was treated. Daljit was a chronic Asthma patient. His wife claimed compensation to the extent of Rs. There was no report of any accident as the diseased was on his duty on August 7, and he completed his duty as usual. Comment and analyze the claim of wife of Mr. Daljit in context of relevant acts. The company produces terry towels. The company enjoys a good image in the market due to superior quality of its products.

All the emlployees of the company are members of this union. The employees have deliberately lowered their productivity and have been only fighting for their due and undue rights. The company is yet to link productivity with wages.

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Hence productivity is seriously being neglected. Arun Mathur is seriously thinking on certain ways and means to improve the individual productivity. He tends to convince the employees that improvement in productivity does not mean excess work for employees. Productivity growth can also be proportionately rewarded so that efficient employees are adequately encouraged t maintain improved performance results. Different practices, monetary and non-monetary incentives, training programmes, literature and discussions are to be carefully designed t o improve productivity in the company.

Behavioral or attitudinal aspects of productivity improvement are to be taken in to account. Legal provisions of the labour law also need to be studied in relation to compulsory maintenance of average productivity. Discuss various techniques, which can help Mr. Kumar, Personnel Manager is fancy about the idea of outsourcing also. XYZ is a public limited concern having its factory at amunanagar with its registeres office at Delhi.

On 30th Aprilabout 20 employees at the company led by Ramjas met the Wroks Manager and asked him that May 1, may be declared a holiday. The works manager expressed inability to oblige the Union.


Then the situation took an ugly turn, there was exchange of hot words. Ramjas accused the works manager of being anti-working class and having callous despot. The same evening Ramjas addressed a gate meeting. He asked workers to observe May Day in fitting manner. A resolution condemning the attitude of the works manager was also adopted in the meeting.