Castle fm scotland facebook relationship

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castle fm scotland facebook relationship

facebook share twitter share email share invitations were extended to the Obamas, who have an established relationship with the groom, by carriage at St George's Chapel on the Windsor Castle grounds for their nuptials. .. and socialize through radio," Kensington Palace tweeted the day of the event. PowerClean - Barloch street,Unit7, G22 5LE Glasgow, United Kingdom - Rated 5 based on 16 Reviews "Dora and PowerClean is at Edinburgh Castle. On behalf of all of the staff at Castlepark Primary School, we would like to welcome your . The relationship between pupil and teacher is like that between child (Safety and Supervision of Pupils) (Scotland) Regulations notices in local shops and community centres, announcements in the press and West FM.

How do you handle stress? I get a bead on at least once a day. I run to work and that starts the day off well, I feel refreshed by the time I get there and more awake.

It's not so much a way to beat out frustrations as a good way to split up work time from home time.

castle fm scotland facebook relationship

I'm always left with more energy than before too — working out doesn't tire me out. What was your first job? I was a kitchen porter in a pub in Kinross, Scotland. I remember it so well, it was horrendous.

I was the lowest of the low in the scuzziest place in town. It really hammered home how hard it can be to make money. What was your worst job? I did door-to-door sales for a while, which was challenging.

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I did actually learn a lot — it's so hard knocking on doors and striking up a conversation, it's a short relationship and an amazing skill. I had the privilege to go out with some of the most skilled people, who really had the gift of the gab.

castle fm scotland facebook relationship

It was a bit scary though going out to some of the dodgiest parts of Scotland and knocking on doors. It taught me to communicate with a whole range of people though — and think on my feet. What was your best job? I was a mini boss in Ireland, a smaller country than the UK, which was great and it was pre-meltdown, aroundwhich was a great time to be there.

Procter and Gamble is a huge business, so quite bureaucratic and restrictive but because we had a smaller division we were able to freestyle a bit more.

castle fm scotland facebook relationship

I also got a taste for Guinness while I was there. I played rugby and we used to drink a lot — start with Guinness, then lager, then cider, then shorts all after the games of course. If you were on the Apprentice, what would your team name be? Which company would you invest in right now? Maybe Genius Bread - it's gluten-free and run by lady I've met a few times. I also know one of the investors, Sir Bill Gammell and I've spoken to them a few times.

I admire their intent, it's a nice brand and getting into healthy eating.

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Some of the gluten-free stuff is horrendous, I bought some gluten-free jam tarts once and I took one bite and it was awful.

They have started to cross the divide between making something just for gluten-free diets and something everyone would enjoy. That was a mistake. I wear morph suits most weeks so my whole wardrobe has changed.

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Flexible working or office hours? What is your favourite thing about your office?

castle fm scotland facebook relationship

We listen to the radio, which is great…and we have a dartboard. Our radio station varies but we really like an Edinburgh station called Castle FM, as that's where we're based. There are often long periods of silence for no apparent reason on it, which I think is hilarious. Who is your business idol?

Gregor Lawson, MorphCostumes: 'You can learn a lot from door-to-door salesmen'

My dad — he always had a great work-life balance. He played sport a lot, while being MD at this company Kirkcaldy. I always remember him coming home and talking about the things he had implemented that day. We worked his way up in business which I really respect and he taught me to enjoy what you do.

Born in Govanhill, Glasgow and educated at Shawlands Academy, Milroy is noted for his partnership with comedy actor Rikki He has also appeared in Ae Fond Kiss Described as "almost certainly the last of Scotland's great music hall comedians". He played to packed houses all over his country from the late He appeared in various roles on British television and film — most notably in the version of Casino He previously worked on the sketch show Chewin' the Fat, the show Baikie composed the theme music and provided comedy songs for the show.

She rose to prominence via the stand-up comedy circuit, and was a regular on British television in the s. He is known for his work with comedian Rikki Fulton, with He is also known Presented by comedian Jack Docherty the programme was one of the first He has appeared on many comedy television shows including Would I Lie to You? She has appeared in Channel 4 sketch shows and Clarke currently presents the breakfast show on Capital FM, and writes a weekly column in the Daily Record.

He first became known for his website and blog. In latehis daily podcast Limmy's World of Glasgow received