Client server relationship in java app lets

Session 3 - Applets, Servlets, & JSPs

client server relationship in java app lets

Currently, there's a client/server relationship between a When Java browsers can send as well as receive applets. Applets, Servlets, and Java Server Pages. Course Title: Applets run within a client browser, while servlets and JSPs run on the Web server machine. Each method provides certain advantages and disadvantages in relation to the others. Many popular browsers impose limitations on the capabilities of Java applets in order the client/server relationship between a Jolt program and the Jolt Server.

A servleta Java replacement for a CGI program, is a Java class that runs inside a servlet container similar to how an applet runs inside a browser.

Clients - Java Programming with Oracle JDBC [Book]

Typically, a servlet takes the input of an HTML form submitted by a browser and processes the data. A servlet may also generate an HTML form or other dynamic content. Servlets differ from applications in a couple of ways.

client server relationship in java app lets

Like applets, servlets have no main method. There are also differences in how you program a servlet to connect to a database. More importantly, a servlet is an application component.

client server relationship in java app lets

One or more servlets are written to create an application. Moving on to component technology, EJB is a Java component model for creating enterprise applications.

client server relationship in java app lets

Like applets and servlets, EJB has special considerations when it comes to connecting to the database and performing transactions. With the release of Oracle8i, Oracle stored procedures could be written in Java and became a new type of client. Connectivity for Java stored procedures is very simple.

In summary, we have defined four different types of clients that may utilize JDBC: When it comes to the client server relationship the client or jacket knows where to find its hook, however the hook is blind and have no idea where to find jackets.

Now, the client selects a port or a hook and connects to it.

client server relationship in java app lets

The connection is like a pipeline with two pipes. One for the client to deliver data to the server with and the other to send data from the server back to the client. When the connection is established data can be transferred both ways.

Java Programming with Oracle JDBC by Donald Bales

This means that we only need one port open on the server to send data both from the client to the server and in the opposite direction. The reason for only having one open port open on the server for the clients to connect to is that holding an open port for connections is hard to do on a regular client computer. Server Side Execution Servlets do not run on the client, all execution takes place on the server.

While, they provide the advantages of generating dynamic content, they do not levy the same download time requirement as applets.

Class Library Functionality Overview

The server would then periodically check the JSP for changes. If the JSP changes the server will recompile it into a servlet.

JSPs have the same advantages and disadvantages as servlets when compared to applets. Because they do not need to be compiled, JSPs are easier to maintain and enhance than servlets. Initial Access Slower than Servlets However, because they need to be interpreted or compiled by the server, response time for initial accesses may be slower than is experienced with servlets as the JSP is compiled.

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