Concord college uk singapore relationship

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concord college uk singapore relationship

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Every month I run a trade deficit against Singapore Power. Affairs Society), ENACTUS UK ( Social Entrepreneurship Society), Dance Club, Tennis Team. Concord College . Concord College student Julie Lua has been awarded this Julie, from Singapore, is in her final year at Concord and plays the piano and Chinese harp. Arts Festival has enjoyed a superb relationship with Concord College over many years Visitor Information Centre, or visit Concord College is a highly academic school. They expect their students to achieve the highest standards and to gain entry to top universities in the UK.

concord college uk singapore relationship

London Heathrow Airport is approximately three hours away. The school ranked 3rd in the independent schools league table based on points per candidate in data provided by the Independent Schools Council and 6th in The Times school league table co-educational schools. It is said that Cardiff Sixth Form College is learning from Concord College to boost the academic results of their students.

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It emphasizes more on academic performance than traditional boarding schools. Year 10 students have examinations at school every Saturday to prepare for the public exams. It is obvious that the school is immersed in an academic-oriented atmosphere.

The pressure of studying is high, but should be lower than that of Cardiff Sixth Form College because of the numerous activities provided by the school.

concord college uk singapore relationship

Although the school is equipped with sports facilities such as swimming pool and ball pitches, not many students use them often as they spend a lot of time on revision. Students who fail to reach a certain standard of result may not be able to proceed on their study and may be advised to transfer to other schools.

concord college uk singapore relationship

Cardiff Sixth Form College will do the same to their students. However, as the students in Concord College study from year 9, the policy is already told from the beginning and it becomes a motivation for students to work hard.

concord college uk singapore relationship

Cardiff Sixth Form College is handling this issue in a more commercial way in comparison. Concord College is a highly academic school. They expect their students to achieve the highest standards and to gain entry to top universities in the UK. The academic grades required for university entry are certainly the 'passport' that students need to move on to the next stage of their academic lives.

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But, the real art of education is to develop the confidence and self-worth of the young person holding the 'passport' that grades provide. Moral values and the soft skills of empathy, communication, team-working and time management are just as important to develop the confidence that is so central to any young person's future.

The comprehensive enrichment programme at Concord enables students to try new things; to help and encourage students to live a healthy and safe lifestyle; to encourage a positive perception by students of life, raising their aspirations and increasing their motivation and confidence; and to develop the knowledge, skills and personal qualities that prepare them for adulthood, university and employment.

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One of the great strengths of the college is its sense of community. Concord's ethos is based on looking beyond differences and bringing people together by sharing common bonds: Students also find that the college is small enough to feel it is their home from home.

Concord welcomes 33 new students at the start of term - Concord College

At Concord students often make friendships that can last a lifetime. Concord students go on to develop these friendships at university as well as socially and professionally into their adult lives. The Concord alumni network is increasingly active: Read The Good Schools Guide review.