Dain heer relationship

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dain heer relationship

18 years ago, personal development speaker Dr Dain Heer wanted “You should have a good relationship with your body,” stresses Dr Heer. What if you could bring the excitement, joy and fun back into your relationship with total ease? Here are 4 simple tools to create a greater relationship. Sex Is Not A Four Letter Word But Relationship Often Times Is eBook: Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer: guiadeayuntamientos.info: Kindle Store.

dain heer relationship

Here are 5 habits that ruin a relationship and empowering tools to change it. Comparing to Others via iStock How much do you judge you? How much do you compare yourself to others? Compare your partner to others? Compare your relationship to others? Are you always looking around to see if you are fitting in? Making sure that your relationship is acceptable? The problem with comparison is that we always end up concluding that something must be wrong with us.

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Do you still do all of the things you love? Would you be willing to let go of the idea that you and your partner have to have the same desires? What if you could do what was fun for you and your partner could do what was fun for them?

Start today to choose to be, do and have the things that will contribute to you and make your life greater. When your life is greater, the relationship can be too. Cutting Off the People Who Are Kind and Caring to You via iStock Are there people that really add to your life that you have stopped connecting with, all because your focus is on your relationship? How much more joy and ease would you have if you reconnected with the people who have been amazing gifts in your life?

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You can start today. Looking for Answers via iStock When we have conflict in our relationship, we start to look for the answer. But answers never take us beyond what we already know. What does divorcing you look like? It also looks like cutting yourself off from your friends and the other sources of contribution in your life when you get into a relationship. And reclaim all of you so that you can be more present in your relationship?

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From my point of view, a true leader knows where they are going, is willing to go where they need to go whether anyone else goes or not, and does not require that anyone else follow—ever. At the very least, they become a leader in their own life, rather than a follower. And this is the place where they truly become a contribution to their relationships as well. If you have two people who are leaders in a relationship, it works out really well.

This is because they are both willing to allow the other person to be exactly as they are. They both desire the other person to grow, to be more, and to expand, because they are not threatened or intimidated by it. Rather, they are inspired by it! Or when they were sad? Or when they needed you to call? You knew every single time. Whether you are willing to admit it or not yet. In fact, I would wager that the reason you called them in the first place is because you knew they were in a funk or needed something from you.

Just check it out in your own life and see. How do you know these things? So, because you are that aware, in order to get more clarity in your life and in your relationships, start asking this question: How much easier would that make your relationships? How many times have the points of view in your head actually belonged to your partner? And, are you aware that most people break up because of that constant self-talk going on in their heads? And the rest of your life?

So if I were you, I would definitely not do this. Where everything exists and nothing is judged.

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In Oneness, I can be you, you can be me. Imagine if you could have that in your relationships. Intimacy is the key, which unlocks the door. True intimacy has five elements: Honoring, Trust, Allowance, Vulnerability and Gratitude. What would it be like if your whole life could be like that? Would it change your relationships?

Would it change your relationship with you?

dain heer relationship

Strangely enough, there is one person who makes the whole difference here. If you were willing to be intimate with this one person—it would give you the choice to have it with anyone else in your life, as it worked for you and as you desired it… By being intimate with YOU. On the contrary, what it does mean is that you can have truly caring people in your life that honour you and trust you, that are willing to be vulnerable no barriers with you, and have gratitude and allowance for you.