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Kyras smacks him in the end of the IG campaign (remember, charge of the Chaos forces there), though he'll never be able to. Who is the most powerful Tau or Eldar Warhammer 40k? and some Eldar that put too much trust in these knowledgeable humans end up . The C^2 outcome is Pareto optimal, you can move from 1 year to 0 years but .. In the meantime, expect no relations of peace to be happening unless it ends in more bloody battles. And besides the Eldar from DOW 2, WA and DA where ALL Ulthwe bastards. I would prefer to see the extent of their relationship be little more.

What little angst he does display is usually about the sorry state of the chapter, or his intense hatred of spess elves. If he turns traitor he decides to save the chapter by going on a psychotic killing spree with his new BFF, a possessed bolter. In game Tarkus is stupidly unbalanced. If his will discipline is leveled high enough, he can both spam grenades and can master the fine art of Grenade Fu, which allows him to throw 3 grenades at once, guaranteeing that anything in a tight formation is blow to smithereens.

If you max out his stamina he literally cannot die while tactical advance is active, cementing the poor bastard's position as a breathing orbital strike beacon for the rest of the game. His taunts make everyone RAGE. He was a motherfucker of a boss during the original game due having the highest health of any enemy in the original campaign, insane damage and calling in loads of Fire Prisms, but was somewhat easier in Chaos Rising.

Winter Assault - The End (Eldar)

Thaddeus - Supposedly an ex hive ganger. This is almost impossible to believe for a number of reasons. One is that Thaddeus is probably the most hair-etical member of the bunch, especially considering how he manages to make that shit stay despite flying around with a jet pack all day.

Two is that he's the one who decides to start whining in the middle of the game about how emotionally jarring it is to become a Space Marine which Cyrus aggressively approved of. I'm pretty sure gangsters rape you for that nonsense. Though it's difficult to tell due to the lighting in his talking head's box, he has blond hair; and as we all know, all blond men are evil.

If he turns traitor he decides he saved everybody in the first game and that he needs to "save" you, by assault jumping on your face until you stop moving. Gordian The Apothecary - Aside from Tarkus, the only other character in the game who's dialog does not strictly adhere to only one human emotion.

Made a minor appearance in the Dark Crusade after action reports. Called out Cyrus on his pessimistic bullshit. Was killed when the Armageddon was shot down. Martellus the Techmarine - Some lazy fuckwit on board a strike cruiser who's sole job it is to tell you bad news. Is secretly Spike Spiegel. His Thunderhawk crashed on Typhon shortly before the final battle in the vanilla game and, using only plot-armor, managed to survive for a year alone and crippled against Ork lootas, Tyranid remnants and the newly arrived Chaos Marines.

You find him in one of the first Chaos Rising missions, and it's the only mission where you can control him. If he becomes the traitor he expresses some displeasure about the whole being left to die thing, and expresses it by busting out a custom BAWKS that does fucking retarded amounts of damage and takes fucking forever to kill.

Actually, he's a pretty cool guy, in that he's not as aggressively annoying as Cyrus. Did I mention he has an awesome helm and is double red? Instead of helping the player, he just got high in his pleasure palace while two strippers sucked his dingy. He also tried to out-Blood Raven the Blood Ravens by stealing their artifacts including full suits of Terminator armorbut was caught when Angel Gate was attacked, and so his attempt failed.

In Chaos rising he committed heresy and joined up with the Black Legion to attack the newly promoted Governor Derosa's holdings in hope of regaining leadership. Oh, right, you never see him. Governor Ellena Derosa - An adviser to Governor Vandis and eventually the de facto Governor of all of Meridian after Vandis took off to his playboy mansion and left the planet to die to the Tyranids and Chaos forces, she's also the only useful Imperial Guard commander in the series up until Retribution anyway.

She was originally told by Vandis to stall the Blood Ravens, but had enough of his bullshit and finally helped the Blood Ravens in their defense against the Tyranids and Chaos legions in both games. She also told Thaddeus to fuck off when she had enough of his criticism. Avitus has the hots for her since you don't normally see too many Imperial Guard officers who can tell Space Marine Sergeants to shut the fuck up and listen, but unfortunately for him she is a xenos loving lesbian.

He can be fought in an optional mission near the end, which rewards you with another Terminator suit. The Tyranid Hive Tyrant Alpha has nothing on this guy. Hell, he is so Orky that he can withstand multiple lance strikes from orbiting ships. New characters of Chaos Rising[ edit ] Apothecary Galan - He found Kyras on the space hulk Judgement of Carrion a long time ago, and was corrupted by Chaos after spending too much time on the wreckage.

Once you infiltrate Captain Diomedes's base you have the choice to kill him and his terminator veteran bodyguards, who are also heretics. If you do, he'll be back to his old self and tell you that Kyras is evil and stuff, and you can then blow up Diomedes's base and not have to kill him Although if you murder too many fellow Blood Ravens, Diomedes is killed by Avitus iN a scripted cut scene. If you don't kill him and still complete the mission, Diomedes will cry bloody murder at you for wrecking his base and is approached by Galan who appears to plan to corrupt Diomedes in his quest for vengeance.

He's notable for his chainsword named "Ravenous", which has the same penetration properties as a powersword, but hits as fast as a chainsword Its implied that its a daemon weapon as the weapon itself thirsts for bloodalthough using the weapon will corrupt the wielder. Abaddon - Because destroying a dangerously depleted Space Marine chapter fighting a civil war with itself is just the sort of victory he needs to win back his 'street cred'.

He is shown to be superior to all prior Chaos Lords, including Eliphas, due to his superior Voice acting, Khorne Worship, and Terminator armor. He is defeated because Relic handled his gameplay terribly, and because Eliphas was an ungrateful dick who let him die.

However, Araghast is an enormously powerful unit in actual gameplay terms ie: Multiplayer and rather fun to be around, regardless. He's perhaps the best hero unit in the game due to his top end damage when deployed with a Blood Maul or a pair of Lightning Claws. Other benefits include immunity to suppression fire early on in the game, his ability to reduce enemy range to almost nil, and his ability to reduce enemy squad damage by a sizable margin every time he kills a unit and his extremely high health and his vampiric health regeneration.

He is clearly the hero of Chaos Rising and the mere idea that he loses to some effete snob with an arrogant and unpleasant fanbase makes the game moar tragic than Hamlet and Othello put together.

But he IS on the boxart, so He is also a devotee of Khorne and, unlike Crull, totally awesome. He is a master of the art of insult, as is evident by his creative and awesome taunting of the Blood Ravens on the mission where they kill him. Also awesome because his strategy revolved around portals, and not Defilers.

He was eventually killed after getting Sindri'd by Eliphas, which wasn't really that surprising since Araghast has the attention span of Lord Bale.

Dawn of War - Winter Assault

Captain Apollo Diomedes of the 1st Company - Diomedes is a helmet wearing jerkass, but damn if he isn't awesome he's a 1st Company Veteran after all. At first, he kill steals the sorcerer you were sent to eliminate with gusto, then tells you and Gabriel to stand down and get the fuck out of the sector.

You're tasked by Martellus to blow up his command center so he can get the transmission codes from the honor guard so he can identify the traitor in the chapter. If you kill Galan, you don't have to kill him and he will realize that Kyras is a heretic and joins Angelos's side This would mean that the 1st, 3rd, and 4th companies would be on Angelos' side, and since the blood ravens are only at half strength, poor old Kyras will only have marines to his name, which would mean that he'd be majorly screwed.

He has a pimping white helmet and gold trimmed pauldrons. Jonah Orion - Gabe's new librarian buddy after Isador got executed for heresy on Tartarus and a member of the player's squad. He was absent in the first game due to the fact that he played a rousing game of mindfucking with the Tyranid Hivemind for weeks so Gabriel's fleet could enter the system and hamper the Tyranid forces altogether.

He becomes a rape machine when he is upgraded to the point that he will toss soulfire and smite as part of his normal ranged attacks, dealing massive amounts of ranged damage to anyone stupid enough to get his way. If he turns out the traitor, he's actually possessed by a daemon controlling his body like a puppet after Kyras sold it the codes to circumvent his psychic hood for some stale old pork rinds.

In the end, you are able to kill his daemonhost form because he is fighting the daemon from the inside and preventing it from regenerating. Ulkair the Great Unclean One - Ulkair is a Great Unclean One of Nurgle who was imprisoned by Kyras long ago in Aurelia, but the prison used to hold him started to break, so he was able to exert his influence into the world.

He's the final boss in Chaos Rising. Possibly because Relic heard people say that the Alpha Hive Tyrant in the original campaign was too easy, they made Ulkair absolute hell.

He is famous for being THE toughest boss in the entire series up until retribution, where he's replaced by Kyras. He basically has a 7-digit health counter So his HP should be around 1 million or more and is capable of 1-shotting your LV. He can also vomit on everyone, doing around the same damage as an artillery barrage from the Signum, do Eliphas's sweeping doom, and can pull one of your sergeants with his intestines if they start doing kite moves so he can OM NOM NOM him.

Oh, and he heals himself every time one of the numerous and very squishy generic allied Space Marines on the map dies, regardless of the reason for it. Eliphas - He's in the expansion, as a mini-boss no less. Successfully Sindri'd Araghast and assumes leadership of the Black Legion forces.

Almost as annoying to fight as Martellus, due to spamming doombolts and bloodletters at you. Eliphas appears in Retribution as well, surprisingly as the Chaos Lord.

Thank the ever competent Black Legion Chaos Lord for that. Characters of Dawn of War: Retribution[ edit ] Retribution had a vastly different cast in comparison to the original game and CR, so a new section is in order. Contender for manliest IG commander yet? Blood Ravens[ edit ] Plot: Diomedes is tasked by Inquisitor Adrastia to find proof that would absolve or damn their Chapter Master of the numerous accusations of heresy.

Captain Apollo Diomedes - Diomedes finally gets his big break and now assumes the role of the "Force Commander" in Retribution. He lost his pimpin' white helmet, though, and is revealed to be surprise surprise bald. He's thoroughly outclassed by Eliphas in terms of damage, but he's generally tankier than Eliphas despite the latter being encased in Terminator armor.

On the bright side, he does more damage than Bluddflag. Some consider him to be the spiritual successor of Indrick Boreale. As of the latest patch, he has become insane, fully upgraded to victory is the single most damaging power in the game, if harder to aim than sweeping doom.

Charge into any mob of infantry and watch them explode into a fountain of gore. He quickly gets an upgrade that let's him get health back for each attack and kill and then ANOHER ONE making him unlikable in melee, when in battle cry mode each of his attacks knock over hordes like bowling pins, his hammer opens up vehicles like cans, his heal power has an utterly ridiculous range, oh and each of his commander items is silly, the banner unsuppresses everyone and heals them, the pack let's him drop in the midst of a blob and throw everyone around or set up for a charge, and iron halo makes him invincible.

He hears you, go ahead. Spike Spiegel - Spike Spiegel has once again returned to try to become a misunderstood badass again. Out of all his fellow squadmates, Relic just HAD to put Cyrus back in because he's apparently the "cool bad-ass" even though he spends most of his time whining about how fucked up the world is.

He's still pretty damned good, but he's not as broken comparatively, since everyone else can use gear for free too. He's very handy for getting rid of those fucking noise marines. Overall however, he's vastly eclipsed by the Assault Terminator honor guard squad you can bring in his place, especially considering they're the only source of Assault Terminators in the game.

Get focus, a good rifle, his old kit of explosives, and the power to use abilities without revealing himself. With the best rifle he can turn any infantry he shoots into a blob disrupting bomb that suppresses everything hit by it, with focus he literally slows down time and unleashes rapid fire sniper rape that can let him wipe out a squad before they can even shoot back or turn a dozen enemies into explosives.

And high powered shot instagibs just about any infantry, plus he can clear buildings like a pro. Throw in his ability to do all of this while having no energy cost for infiltrating AT ALL and the ability to regenerate energy while infiltrating for extra cheese.

This is quite possibly his most powerful incarnation yet thanks to the hilarious over the topness of some of his abilities. Martellus - Martellus, that fuckwit, has secretly joined Diomedes. Unlike the last game where all he did was tell you bad news without doing shit about it, he's probably gonna do SOMETHING to help you, considering he's part of your squad.

If you haven't guessed, his role is a Techmarine. Give him a melta and he will eat people and tanks for fucking breakfast. Do not fuck with the tech geek.

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Make sure to upgrade energy to get Blessing of the Machine Spirit, use it on a Land Raider and turn the last few missions into an absolute joke. The Ancient - He does not speak, since after he killed Avitus Who was canonically the Traitorhe took a vow of silence to atone for past sins, but his actions speak volumes on the battlefield.

He does speak after Diomedes finally realizes that Kyras had been manipulating him all those years. Hand him a plasma cannon and he'll buttfuck most everything that can be thrown at him as long as you can keep him out of melee.

Also, arguably the most versatile hero of the squad since he can use anything that isn't a 2 handed melee weapon, a Shotgun or a Sniper Rifle. Can also get his hands on a jump-pack for faster thievery and can make himself invulnerable when using any of his abilities, and that's on top of Tactical Advance. He's secretly Stig's Space Marine cousin.

Give him the Shadowscale armor wargear that renders him permanently invisible and chapter rites accessory, and a plasma cannon, plus the final offense ability to call in air-strikes, then watch him demolish everything in his path with impunity. This includes your troops, so stay the fuck away. Orks[ edit ] Plot: After killing off the entire Alaitoc warhost on Typhon under the impression that they shot down his krooza, he is later contacted and hired by Inquisitor Adrastia to hunt down and kill Azariah Kyras in exchange for an arranged battle with 3 Imperial Regiments on a battleground of his choice.

The deal got botched after Kaptin Bludflagg also wanted Adrastia's flashy hat, which she denied in giving. Kaptin Bludflagg only decides to stomp Kyras good after Adrastia told him that she shot down his Krooza, sending him into a quest for revenge, fightin', lootin', winnin', and hats. Apparently he thinks he has to go through Kyras to get her hat and that fight she promised him. Kaptin Bluddflag - The Ork warboss leading the Waaagh on Aurelia, awesome with a capital A since he's wearing a god damned pirate hat with a bionic eyepatch.

Sadly, he isn't Gorgutz, so many a veteran Dawn of War fan were disappointed upon hearing the news. Has a large interest in Hats.

Does a whole belligerent sexual tension routine with Adrastia, despite being an asexual animate fungus. Alas, he is a far less capable melee combatant than Eliphas though he has more health than Eliphas by a large margin and can actually support his army. However, he will always be superior due to being funnier and the mere fact he's a motherfucking pirate, which trumps Chaos Lords in Terminator armor any day. And the damage bonuses become stronger as more orks are under its effects, meaning that if you fill up your squad cap with orks, Bluddflagg will allow you to rape everything in seconds.

Watching him go toe to toe with a Godzilla sized Daemon Prince, then knocking his head off with a rock, is awesome. I mean he manages to get a ten thousand something year old floating pile of fused together space junk fully operational in spite of the fact that there is like an entire Hive Fleet's worth of Tyranids in it. He's an ork who can read, write, do basic calculus, and outsmart a Space Marine Chapter Master, which easily makes him basically the ork equivalent of Einstein mixed with Shakespeare.

He's voiced by Patrick Seitz, who also voices Abaddon. His Fighting Juice is very, very handy since it heals your orks, revives incapacitated squad leaders, and improves their combat ability; use it to supplement Bluddflagg's WAAAGH!

His Stikkbombs, like all Grenade powers, stop being that good for garrison clearing midway through the game since even Heretics and Guardsmen will be able to take multiple stikkbombs to clear out, give them to spookums who can do so much more with them. However, give him the ability to passive heal vehicles, and the ability that makes vehicles come back from the dead and quite quickly lulz ensue as you go over the Population capacity, make your vehicles be nigh on unkillable and extremely strong, then use a combination of Kans and Tanks with the speed boost ablility, you can also have his passive heal and vehicle revive if you chose his honor squad-A vehicle, quickly this Deff dread can turn into a walking rape machine that costs nothing and doesn't count towards population.

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He talks the second most out of the Orks, he has almost as many lines as Bluddflagg. Capable of teleporting around wiping out whole masses of infantry with a damaging aura and silly as fuck damaging AoEs without ever actually firing his weapon once if you spec him up right. Doesn't say much, but tends to be funny as shit.

His starting shotgun is rather useless since you have to piss around with optimum range bullshit stand more than a few feet away and you'll take forever to kill even basic infantry, stand too close and you'll be in melee, and even if you can get it right heavy infantry laugh at shotguns which is bad since you'll have to kill a lot of Chaos and renegade space marines and the Big Shoota is just backup for the Deffgun, but he really starts to shine when you can give him a rokkit launcher. The Rokkit launcher does have some of the optimum range bullshit that the melta and shotguns have, but you can do maximum damage from a reasonable distance which is enough to blow up most every vehicle in two or three shots with frontal armor hits and it reloads really fast way faster than the missile launcher.

The Rokkit launcher is also great for building clearing with either rokkit barrages or normal shots both of which work by simply blowing up the building.

Also, one of his abilities essentially has him open a portal to the infinite grenades dimension, and combining this with his zipline means he can absolutely devastate blobbed enemy forces.

The actual tossing power when leveled hurls a dozen grenades, some of which explode on impact which is an excellent way to troll blobs and cover camping pansies.

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Oh and his grenades don't hurt your boyz, feel free to charge away! His zipline not only lets him hop across the map and rip apart infantry, but also revives any fallen heroes. And the cherry on top? He can do all this invisibly, is decently tough, and not half bad in melee. There's a rokkit launcha that launches nine rockets that each have much greater AoE than normal letting him reduce infantry to paste with ease; you want this. He's easily the best ranged hero in terms of straight-up damage.

Him showing up will turn the battlefield into a Michael Bay movie. No other character in the entire WH40K universe has a name as awesome as his. He is fucking amazing, with the hammer he can hurt just about everything, he'll be able to automatically cause suppression by just being there, and disembowel followed by stab will kill pretty much any infantry unit that is not a boss. Also, fully upgrading his jump abilities causes him to explode on takeoff and landing, fly completely off the screen, and generally be hilarious walking artillery.

Even so, he's still outclassed by Kain, who is Eliphas' mute slave, in terms of damage and staying power.

With a Tankbusta bomb he'll also be able to rapidly put a hurting on any vehicle, allowing you to finish them off much more easily. He talks quite a bit, but far less than Nailbrain or Bluddflagg. He and Bluddflagg can use a hilarious choppa that randomly teleports enemies, sometimes causing them to explode and sometimes replacing them with bloodletters, gaunts, and rippers, turning high end melee enemies like assault terminators into a bad joke.

Oh, and he wants to ride a cyclonic torpedo. Imperial Guard[ edit ] Plot: Inquisitor Adrastia, a friend of Gabriel Angelos, is requested by him to try and halt the exterminatus by finding proof of Kyras' heresy.

As this is an unofficial investigation, Adrastia uses General Castor's and Merrick's guardsmen as their forces. She has artificer armor, a pimp hat and a pop-collar that rivals that of Creed. Also likes to cheer her men up by telling them that if they fail, Aurelia will be Exterminatus'd and she'll be the only one allowed out.

So tsundere for Bluddflagg. We wish we were kidding here. However, despite her general coolness, she is outclassed by her honor guard Storm Troopers, primarily because what she can do, either her Storm trooper honor guards or LORD Bern can do better Storm troopers pump out more dakka with their melta kits and LORD Bern is infinitely more durable and better in melee. Seriously, give Adrastia the upgrades which affect Honor Guards, give them the melta kit, and watch them wreck anything in their path.

Rapid firing Melta guns, with stun! And she replaces it with a glorified bolt pistol if you level the power branch. Came to Aurelia to fix the problem that the fuckwads in charge made and to help out Adrastia with her work. Has one of the largest Trophy Rooms of any Imperial General rumors say that, barring the Emperor's own, it's the largest in the Galaxy and has every single form of Tyranid that has ever been encountered He lost his left arm on his semi-successful hunt for a Hierophant bio-titan that was wrecking shit on one of the planets he was assigned to, said Hierophant's head is now his most prized trophy and a handful of Daemons thrown in for good measure.

Despite being the cocksure, glory-hungry and clueless General he appears to be, believe us when we tell you he's a lot smarter than he looks, just ask Kyras. And lastly, he's Creed 's second cousin, and is one of the few other Cadians that can pull off Creed's signature Tactical Genius he was allowed to learn this technique when Creed found out that an old friend was in charge of the Chaos forces therethough he'll never be able to turn a rock into a tank or a bush into a Baneblade, he can turn a Metal Box into a bunch of soldiers though he needs a base-squad to do that first and he can turn another Metal Box into a Leman Russ Trollface.

He also somehow aims a sniper rifle perfectly with one hand, while holding a sword and running; that man's got skills. In combat, Castor's strength comes in the form of melta guns. Give him the ability that allows his Imperial Guardsmen bodyguard to carry what weapon he's carrying except sniper riflesand enjoy your 3-man melta squad. He can also do an exploit that gives you infinite power and requisition, allowing you to buff your heroes to ludicrous heights. He is a support hero, and ironically, supports his men by murdering them.

Lulz ensue if you put him in a Chimera And the crown on the epicness? Getting the invulnerable trait makes complete invincibility apply on top of all the other benefits, with summary execution recharging before the invulnerability run out. This makes Kyras's slog a minute joyride with minimal casualties.

Alas, he has no lines during the campaign, which fucking sucks, though his actions speak louder than his hammy voice in the field. He's usually seen alongside Adrastia in the field and is known for showing the troops under his command that he has even bigger balls than them by giving a daemon prince a nice powerfisting and coming out of it still smelling of roses. A massive fan of Commissar Yarrick and is rumored to have yanked one of his eyes out so he could put on a bionic eye just like his idol and he seems to lampshade this every time he gets one of his hands on a Power Fist.

Sergeant Merrick - Technically not a new character, but Retribution is the first time he's is playable. Merrick is such a badass he blasted through a suicide mission to destroy a Tyranid hive fleet, the return of Ulkair AND the ten years of non-stop war in-between.

Plays similar to Tarkus and made Avitus choke on his bitching about the Imperial Guard. Unfortunately, he's also a Goddamn pseudo-heretic who places the lives of his men above the Imperium. He got really mad with Castor after the Exterminatus of Typhon, telling Castor that he allowed thousands of guardsmen to die and did so while Bernn had his gun pointed at his head in preparation for BLAMingbut Castor convinced him that it was a necessary sacrifice and by the time DOM-Kyras is dead, they seem to have become friends more or less Bros to the end.

Give him the ability that eliminates set-up time for heavy weapons and an epic autocannon, plus the ability to call in air-strikes, and he becomes a 1-man army of rape against anything short of Kyras. Eldar[ edit ] Plot: The Eldar campaign revolves around the prevention of an Exterminatus act on the planet Typhon. Since that there is a craftworld buried in the planet, as well as thousands of soul stones, the Eldar assist Inquisitor Andrastia with her investigation of Azariah Kyras' corruption, therefore stopping the Exterminatus, saving the soul stones, and making Slaanesh very unhappy At least, that's the plan.

Autarch Kayleth - The Eldar commander which the player assumes the role of in Retribution. She has a squeaky high-pitched voice compared to Idranel, is incapable of producing any facial expression other than scowling, and constantly annoys Ronahn with her day-on-end bitching. Has access to the same grenade dimension as Tarkus and Spookums, but combines it with jumping everywhere to become a lolhuge plasma grenade bombing run.

She can do a lot of damage but is delicate, so she works best as a hit-and-run type melee hero, although she can use several types of ranged weapons as well. Have her jump into the middle of a group of enemies, let them all charge into surround her in melee, then have her toss grenades all around her, then have her do a grenade-drop jump back out of melee. Laugh as the enemy eats a ton of grenade spam. Almost every weapon you collect in the campaign will be exclusive to her. Get her a Fusion gun, because she can fire the fusion gun faster than Sentinels can use their multilasers.

With a fusion gun that causes knock back, watch as melee enemies never even once get close to her as she rips through them with ease, and vehicles may as well not even bother showing up as she annihilates them in one or maybe two seconds.

Or the Adeptus Sororiatas, do they have sex and love and marriage? Do things like gender and love and sex play a role in the 40k universe? Could a demonette be used to seduce an IG commander as part of subterfuge?

Does the possibility exist for relationships between humans and Eldar? These are just some of the questions I am curious about and there are plenty more that could be answered. Try signing death warrents while someone bounces on your balls.

Adeptus Sororiatas are like nuns, no sex, no alcohol and they are probably sewn shut. As for Demonettes seducing humans, they would just whisper into the poor fools mind, not bother about seducing him. Do Space Marines have sex? Emperor's Children do for sure. Space Marines are sterile and cannot father children. Emperor's Children are probably the only ones who have sex as part of their depravations, and it's probably perverse as heck.

Inquisitors do fall in love and indulge their desires. Sisters of Battle are pretty much nuns with guns hey, that rhymes! That being said, it is not unheard of for a Sister to turn to Chaos, and given their previously strict regimen, they usually end up worshipping Slaanesh from all that repression. The sex part is partially to insult their former vows, and not just about indulgences. As for love, if I recall on my limited fluff, humans cannot love at least on the procreation level.