Dead or alive 5 ayane ending relationship

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dead or alive 5 ayane ending relationship

At the end of the ordeal, In Dead or Alive 5, Kasumi and Ayane are finally at peace, as both sisters smile at each other instead of killing one another. Kasumi. Her relationship with Hayate was also ideal, with the two playing games and . Dead Or Alive 4 KASUMI "The Eternal Heroine" Kasumis ending (HQ) For Dead or Alive 5, her design was slightly altered to appear more mature, so she now. A runaway ninja named Kasumi gets tangled in the struggle, using the tournament as a means of Dead or Alive 5 called its promotional push "I'm a Fighter". . Ninja Gaiden games, making it unclear when they happened and what his exact relationship with Irene Lew is. . Zigzaged by Hayate's ending in Dead or Alive 4.

Ninja Gaiden[ edit ] In Ninja Gaidena younger Ayane aged 14; she is year-old in the DOA series [20] plays a minor role as a non-player characterserving Murai and the Shadow Clan as a stealthy infiltrator and courier assisting Ryu Hayabusa during his bloody vengeance. In the Ninja Gaiden Black edition, Ayane stars in the "Ninja Dog" easy mode, where she treats the disgraced Ryu as her pet and leaves him various items through the game.

In the original edition of Ninja Gaiden 3Ayane only appears in one cutscene, [94] in which she loans Hayate's sword to Ryu. Razor's Edgean expanded version of the game, features Ayane as a playable character with her own new missions: She is featured in Zen Pinball: Strikeforcewhere her Fuma Kodachi swords are available as the player's optional weapons.

Crimson Butterfly as an alternate costume for Mayu, one of this game's two protagonist sisters the other one, Mio, may wear Kasumi's costume.

Maiden of Black Waterwhere she has been requested to find a missing girl named Tsumugi Katashina. Dead or AliveAyane is a ninja assassin and Kasumi's former servant who is dedicated to seeking out and killing her, as Kasumi is considered an outcast to the clan. Ayane first confronts Kasumi before she flees the temple, then several times on the island.

dead or alive 5 ayane ending relationship

She has romantic feelings towards Hayate she is not his half-sister in the movie, and neither she is Kasumi's[] and initially believes him to be dead. During the film's finale, she saves him from a potentially fatal fall. Malthe's Ayane uses a Japanese long sword and also wields two longs swords in the various promotional images in and out of character. Altman said that he "was such a fan" of Malthe being "threatening and enigmatic as Ayane" that he cast her in Dead and Deader. D'Argenio of Cheat Code Central, listing Ayane among the top ten hidden characters in fighting games, noted that she "is now one of the poster characters for both series, and it seems she becomes more popular by the day.

At the moment, Ayane is the most popular character to use by a long way.

dead or alive 5 ayane ending relationship

Along with her sister Kasumi, she has been one of the most popular DOA character to cosplay since the early years of the series [] [] Ayane become a popular character among audience of both genders for various reasons.

Model and actress Jaime Bergman chose the "quick and bold" Ayane as a Dead or Alive 2 character she would partner with. After defeating her clone, she is attacked and killed by Hayate and Ayane.

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However, it is revealed that she was an Alpha clone programmed to believe she is the original, while the real Kasumi is in Japan with Ninja Gaiden's Muramasa at a hidden village. Kasumi receives a message from the ninja master Ryu Hayabusatelling her that Hayate is in danger and she is needed in battle.

She reaches the oil platform where her brother is, and discovers a secret laboratory belonging to Victor Donovan 's new organization, MIST. Kasumi finds that he has created several Alpha clones to sell to the militaries of powerful countries.

dead or alive 5 ayane ending relationship

She frees Hayate, who helps her, Ayane and Ryu destroy Alpha and the laboratory. Afterwards, Kasumi decides to find Donovan and defeat him. She is defeated by Kasumi and the project undergoes another phase known as Project Alpha Most of Kasumi's chapters in the story mode of Dead or Alive 5 are actually following her other, unknowing clone. Although not designed as one by the series' original designer and director, Tomonobu Itagaki[20] Alpha is known as a very challenging final boss [21] [22] in several characters' story mode and the time attack mode in DOA4, and is an especially difficult opponent for slower characters.

She returns in Dead or Alive 5, [24] in which she can be unlocked again as a playable character. She takes on Kasumi's exact form and can also transform into Ayane, Hayate and Ryu during the final battle. She has debuted as a playable character in the Arcade version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, after which she was made available as downloadable content DLC in console version after with the new character Marie Rose.

Unlike the other clones, Phase-4 wants to live as a human being. She has her own, very different [27] fighting style, which mixes the moves of Kasumi and Ayane.

There, Kasumi is invited to a fourth DOA tournament ; upon arriving she discovers the invitation is a hoax, and she and the game's other characters play beach volleyball.

Kasumi also appears in the sequel, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2and in the portable version Dead or Alive Paradise She is one of the nine playable female characters in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 In mobile game The Girls of Dead or Alive: BlackjackKasumi makes a non-player appearance as blackjack dealer.

Itagaki said in"the fact that we registered this trademark for Kasumi-den should tell you that we have a big plan for it. In it, she is armed with a long sword and kunai throwing knives and by default wears hooded black armor with a cape-like blue scarf; [35] the player can also select three of her costumes from DOA5.

Kasumi also appears as a playable character in a minor [40] role in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Musou Orochi 3 Ultimate,[41] [42] where she suddenly falls through a space-time distortion while pursuing Alpha and arrives in another world wearing her standard costume and armed with a short sword. Crimson Butterfly for the Xbox As Kasumi became more and more kawaiihe decided to make her the lead character.

The rest of his team was only half-convinced at first but warmed up to the idea eventually. Her hair has been variously blonde, auburn and red, with hairstyle options including a ponytail, a braid, and loose hair. She wears many types of costumes through the series, including female ninja outfits, feminine casual clothes, Japanese schoolgirl uniforms[57] [58] and bikinis.

When she saw Ayane, she panicked and ran away again. During the third tournament, Kasumi tried to find Hayate, who was, at the time, with Ayane and Ryu trying to track down Genra, who had turned against the clan. Kasumi crossed paths with Ayane, but apparently her sister was focused on taking down Genra, so she wasn't doing to kill her; although Ayame had previously asked Ayane to help Kasumi rather then be against her.

Ayane did let Kasumi try to get to Hayate, but not before she beat her up for her troubles. When Kasumi finally met up with Hayate, he was torn between the code of the clan, to kill runaways, and his want to see Kasumi. He tried to save her, saying that they can pretend they never met and he can let her live, but Kasumi was prepared to fight her brother. After the fight, Kasumi escaped again and went into hiding once more. Worried about everyone's safety, Kasumi risked her life visiting the ouside of the village, and found Hayate.

Dead Or Alive 5 - 'Rig Ending' Cutscenes Story Mode Part 6 [DOA 5 HD]

As she tried to convince him to stop the war against DOATEC, Hayate remained quiet and Ayane arrived to interrupt them, providing enough of a distraction for Hayate to leave and continue on with his mission. Helena was about to shoot Kasumi, to stop her from being involved, but she was saved by Ryu, who was there helping Hayate, and Kasumi fought her way past Helena.

She then headed down to the lab to destroy Alpha She fought her clone to her best efforts but in the end it appears Alpha escaped in the chaos of the destruction wrought by the Mugen Tenshin invasion. After the match, having herself escaped the burning building, Kasumi is last seen watching Helena entering the blazing helipad.

As Kasumi tried to stop her, Ayane prevented her from going after Helena, who by doing so saves Kasumi's life as the building starts exploding mere seconds later. In Dead or Alive: Dimensions, after the end of the attack, Kasumi is heard saying "it's time to go back to the village", hinting that she might have been accepted back into her clan and returned home.

Appearance Kasumi is a slender, physically-fit teenage girl of average height, although she has got a curvy figure for her age. She was designed to appear "soft" based on the idea that Dead or Alive is softer in concept compared to Ninja Gaiden, thus making her symbolic to the series so she has a round face, small facial features, and wide brown eyes.

Originally, her waist-length hair appeared to be a dark brown color. However, since Dead or Alive 2, Kasumi's hair has lightened over the years to a copper shade. Today, her hair style is not fixed into one or two fashions like the other girls, as she now possesses four styles to choose from: She is usually seen in her trademark outfit: As well as this outfit - and variations of said outfit - Kasumi sports other shinobi costumes.

She also has modern, casual clothes, and Japanese school uniforms, suited for average, everyday girls. No matter what she wears, Kasumi is usually wearing feminine gear, such as skirts, and girly colors, like pink. In her cameo appearance in Ninja Gaiden Sigma II, although her face cannot be seen, a younger Kasumi is seen wearing a modified version of her shinobi dress; the puffy sleeves have been replaced by white straps, the bird pattern is now gold, and her arm guards, and shoes have been slightly changed.

She also has shuriken tied to her left leg. Her hair is shorter then normal, only reaching to just below the shoulders rather than to her waist.


Personality She is demonstrably family orientated and would like nothing more than to return home in peace. There were instances where she refused to show mercy though, as seen when she willingly goes to look for Raidou in the first game, fighting her clone in the second game, and also when facing Helena when the woman had almost shot her.

Kasumi is portrayed throughout the Dead or Alive series as a more compassionate character than any of the other fighters. She is an honorable and kind spirit, and although a highly skilled kunoichi with deadly abilities, she does not enjoy or wish to fight.

dead or alive 5 ayane ending relationship

Many of the statements she makes in the game series before a round begins reflect her desire to avoid confrontation. Much of the reasoning behind this comes from the fact that in all appearances in the tournaments with the exception of the first her motive was not to fight or win, but to meet Hayate.

However she is capable of killing in cold blood, as demonstrated when she defeated and killed Raidou. Mist and fog is often used as a symbol of isolation and loneliness, maybe alluding to Kasumi's isolation from her clan, forced to live alone. Mist can also represent unclear thinking, possibly reflecting Kasumi's personality who, as a compassionate, empathetic character, is powered by emotion and will react by her feeling rather then think things through first, such as her leave from her clan to take revenge for Hayate.

Mist could also be a physical link to her; just as mist cannot be easily contained, Kasumi has also been proven to be hard to "contain" and be captured by the clan's assassins, and has been been able to avoid them for a long time. Finally, mist can be a symbol of the indeterminate phase in development, when things have yet to be defined.

As she is a runaway shinobi, Kasumi could be seen as living in an indeterminate state, unsure if tomorrow will bring her death, or good fortune. Along with Ayane and Kokoro, Kasumi's name is written in hiragana. Relationships Hayate Hayate is Kasumi's older brother. After Hayate was injured by Raidou, Kasumi sought revenge on Raidou for what he did to her dear brother, seeking to restore his honor. They have a very strong bond, even as Hayate becomes the leader of the Mugen Tenshin Clan and Kasumi becomes a runaway shinobi.

dead or alive 5 ayane ending relationship

Hayate will never harm Kasumi himself, but he will not speak to her out of the shame he feels over Kasumi's abandonment. Still, no matter what, Hayate and Kasumi will always be a loyal to each other.

Ayane Ayane is Kasumi's younger half-sister. Kasumi's mother, Ayame, was raped by Raidou, thus conceiving Ayane. Kasumi and Ayane had a close relationship as friends when they were kids. However, their friendship turned to bitter rivalry when Ayane learned about her true heritage. Ayane was consumed with jealousy over the fact that Kasumi was treated like a princess, while she was treated like an outcast and the clan's "cursed child".

After Kasumi left the village to find Raidou, Ayane was sent to kill her. Although it seems the hatred was one-sided from Ayane, as Kasumi was never intentionally mean or cruel to Ayane, and only fought her when it was absolutely necessary; in some games, before fighting Ayane, Kasumi may ask "Why?

It is possible that their rivalry is over, or at least weakened, when Ayane stops Kasumi from trying to save Helena during the fourth tournament, as the attempt likely would have ended in Kasumi's death.

Also, in Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, Kasumi and Ayane seem to have started to develop a more friendly relationship with each other.