Detective investigation files iv ending a relationship

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detective investigation files iv ending a relationship

3 Legacy; 4 The ending scene; 5 Detective Investigation Files V? 6 External links Sum Yu and Tze Shan quickly developed a relationship and even decided to. Detective Investigation Files 4 - The Final Case . ending for Louis and Jessica but I think that the break-up made their relationship much more. DETECTIVE INVESTIGATION FILES 4. Vụ Án Hình Sự 4 read will surely give away the ending, and knowing the ending just kills the entire series. the second half concentrated more on the relationships (cuz they got more complicated).

I grew respect for Sunny after watching this drama.

detective investigation files iv ending a relationship

Charmaine - Maybe it was the way her character was written, but I thought the role of Man was pointless beyond the fact that she was in the love triangle with San and Sum. There were too many unnecessary scenes with her that added no value to the drama. It just made it drag. San San - For the most part, her acting was mediocre.

There were a few scenes that made her shine. As a viewer, you could feel how much her character loved San. Other than that, her acting was okay. Though it did not end the way I would have liked it to, I thought there was a sense of bitter realism in the conclusion. If it were up to me, Fei would have chosen Quin. Fei loved Quin, that was very evident.

Before Chin Chin came back, Fei was haunted by the memory and the unknown reason for her disappearance. After Chin Chin came back, he was then plagued with guilt and a sense of responsibility for what had happened the past 3 years.

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If you loved two people, how could you choose? Quin had mentioned that she could not compete with Chin Chin because of her past with Fei and her physical appearance.

Quin was right though. So, does Quin eventually get together with San? Were these hints of what would happen in the end? Towards the end, when Chin Chin returned, San was the one that comforts Quin.

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If you think about it, Quin and San would be compatible. Man was the opposite of Quin and Fei was the opposite of San. No matter how hard things got for Quin and San, they were always able to find the strength to move forward.

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That is probably why the series ended the way it did. I guarantee that anyone would enjoy watching this tag team. Roger's Trust in Louis Roger began to trust Louis when they were on their first mission together. They were having a gunfight with another gang triad and during the middle of the fight, they decided to separate and ran in different directions.

Roger ran into a bunch of others and while he was shooting, his gun ran out of bullets. Luckily, Louis returned and shot the remaining guy there. Roger also began to fall for Anne and Anne told him that they could get away together and forget about what happened in the past.

detective investigation files iv ending a relationship

In truth, Anne didn't want Roger to hurt Louis and she also thinks that she didn't 'fit' with Louis anymore cause of her leg. For 3 years, she stayed with Roger because of that but when he found out the 'truth' Roger's and Anne's Returns Roger's first appeared as a client of Jessica!

Soon after that, Louis found out that Anne had returned! Upon her return, Louis's and Jessica's relationship starts shaking again He explained to her that Anne was his past already and the person he chooses is her. During this part, Louis still doesn't know what 'really' happened to Anne yet cause Anne didn't want to tell him about it. I thought this scene was really sweet cause it showed Louis's final decision was to choose Jessica. Happy for Jessica in this scene cause she finally knows that Louis was able to forget Anne.

Sadly, their ending wasn't what I wanted There were 2 buildings that they needed to enter and Louis went into the right one and Sunny went into the left building.

In the building that Sunny went into, Roger already placed some bombs in there! Louis was devastated when he heard the explosion in Sunny's building. When he turned around to go back, Roger entered in with a gun. He told Louis that he wanted to make him feel how it's like to lose your best friend. He also made Louis think that Anne was dead and what happened during the past 3 years. He told him how Anne suffered while he was happily with Jessica.

At this moment, Louis hope was gone Louis was really surprised to see Sunny alive and even happier when Sunny told him that Anne was alive Jessica saved her! Of course, Roger was caught after that.

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Detective Investigation Files IV drama: Sunny Chan and Louis Koo take on the main roles

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detective investigation files iv ending a relationship

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detective investigation files iv ending a relationship

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