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diffuse relationship

Because every relationship inevitably has strains, the issue is not how to avoid conflict but rather how to deal with and diffuse conflict before it escalates too far. Unfortunately, expecting someone to “just know” what you want will only lead to confusion and contempt in your relationship; the best way to. Diamond is trying to quantify the role the body and nervous system play in relationships and conflict. In the process, she's uncovering lessons—some practical.

Trust must be earned before relevant information is shared with others. Public space is limited so trust is gained over time as one is checking the other out. Though it is harder to build a relationship, once this has been achieved, it is more likely to involve the entire person. Customer and salesperson can become life long friends. Develop a trusting relationship, and then share information to create a long lasting solution with a product or service.

diffuse relationship

Diffuse-oriented people are less likely to become socially flexible with networking based on personal referrals. A person with a diffuse orientation interprets success and failures as resulting from him or her being the person he or she is. The product or problem and me are one. This specific-diffuse dimension can best be explained by using the metaphor of two circles, one inside the other.

People with a large public space share much information readily US talk shows! Practical Tips for Selling to Specific and Diffuse Customers Tips for doing business with Specific Oriented Customers Study the objectives, principles and goals of the organization with which you are selling to.

diffuse relationship

Be quick, to the point and efficient. Focus on the issues, problem and solution, not a personal relationship. Be professional and willing to share. Asking good questions is a sign of trust and professionalism. Structure the meeting with time, intervals and agendas. Do not use titles or acknowledge skills that are irrelevant to the issue being discussed.

diffuse relationship

Do not be offended by confrontations; they are usually not personal. Diffuse Orientated Customers for Specific Individuals Study the history, background and future vision of the diffuse organization with which you expect to do business.

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Know your history as well! Small talk will be appropriate to check each other out.

How To Diffuse An Argument (Like Happy Couples Do)

Take time and remember there are many roads to Rome. Let the meeting flow, occasionally nudging the process. Ask questions that do not embarrass the customer. Do not get impatient when people are indirect or circuitous. Personal trust and likeability allows for problem discussion and then the sale. This difference is best explained by this illustration: It is sometimes as important if not more important to built up a close relationship than the deal itself.

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People from diffusive cultures circle around the strange business partner to get to know him more deeply and they will discuss the specific facts only after a relationship of trust has been created. Americans for instance would feel disturbed while their approach to close a deal.

diffuse relationship

They get normally straight to the point and if the opponent shows still interest then they start circling around him to reach their goal — closing the deal. In a specific culture like in America employees get motivated by giving them a specific task and paying them according to their results. The first who offers the final project will get hired the others get fired. In diffusive cultures companies have a different business culture than in specific cultures.

In case someone fails in his job at a certain task the superior would first try to motivate the employee and show him some ways out of his bad performance.

diffuse relationship

In specific cultures turnover and employee mobility are important. Americans change their jobs usually in a years circle.

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Although times are changing in Europe towards American business styles Germans, French and Finns tend to stay longer in their positions and work places.