Draco hermione secret relationship

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draco hermione secret relationship

Hermione wasn't sure how late she was; she only knew that Harry and . It might be hard to keep their relationship a secret; but Draco had to. know any fanfics where Draco and Hermione are secretly dating and then his friend accidentally reveals Draco's relationship with a certain. Hermione and Draco have been together secretly since their fifth year. Now they are Head Boy and Girl, but the secrecy of their relationship.

After curfew, I might add. And how will you explain being here yourself, then? Just give it up already — you're even less scary than usual without your cronies.


Besides, I'm out on an errand for Professor Snape. Out saving the world again? Hermione rolled her eyes and tried to get past him again, only to be slammed into a wall by physical force. Incensed, she reached for her wand, but he smoothly grabbed hold of her wrists and wrenched them above her head.

I don't have time for this! Malfoy uttered an oath that would surely have made his mother scrub out his mouth with soap, and, shifting both her wrists into one hand, he flung open the nearest door and almost threw her inside, sending her stumbling for half the length of the room.

Before she could gain her footing, he had pulled out his wand and said, "Accio wand! Despite her earlier swagger, Hermione was rapidly becoming nervous. But he wouldn't actually hurt her, would he? He'd abuse her verbally for sure, even push her about a bit, but he wouldn't use an Unforgivable Curse right here at Hogwarts… right? He laughed, seeing her unease. Hermione looked about her for some means of protecting herself or bringing him off-balance, but nothing was readily available.

They were in what appeared to be an old classroom with bolted down tables and benches. It would have been completely dark if not for the moonlight streaming in through the large windows occupying the one wall. Swiftly, she ran a few steps, putting a table between them, resulting in Malfoy laughing even harder. She knew, of course, that the table wouldn't help against any curses; she just didn't want to be within physical distance of him.

The way he had so easily overpowered and disarmed her was making her belatedly cautious. She silently sent up a prayer that Harry or Ron would come looking for her, but she knew that they wouldn't. They would assume, correctly, that she had lost track of time, and they would probably go to bed before looking for her.

draco hermione secret relationship

She considered screaming instead and upon deeming that a good idea, she opened her mouth to do so. It's so much nicer when I don't have to listen to your whiny little voice. You're not as smart as everyone thinks you are, are you? If you were, you wouldn't be here alone, with me, silenced and without a wand. Hermione made a dash around the room towards the door, just to hear him say "Colloportus! She knew she had lost for now, and she could either continue to run scared, giving him the satisfaction, or she could make a stand.

Turning on her heel, she walked back towards him and didn't stop until her body almost touched his. Defiantly, she looked up into his face, trying to communicate a 'do your worst, scumbag. Feeling her face flush again, Hermione narrowed her eyes.

draco hermione secret relationship

She could hardly think coherently because of the anger rushing through her. So he didn't want her to infect him. Because everyone knows that parentage is contagious, she thought sarcastically.

Besides, there was nothing wrong with her heritage. Her parents were good, decent, friendly, loving people, who did the best they could for her, and led a calm, productive existence; whereas his parents were sociopathic murderers, Death Eaters. If anything, she should be afraid of him being contagious to her. Instead, she took another step towards him, smiling bitterly as he retreated again. And then another step. He seemed to realize what was going on when his legs bumped against the teacher's desk, and then he flushed with first embarrassment and then anger.

Such an angry boy, she thought, not very placidly herself. She stood her ground and laughed soundlessly when he rushed against her, pushing her so she went stumbling a couple of steps back. Next, he would be unlocking the door and running back to his common room, leaving her to go back to bed. He was so predictable. She was still laughing when he grabbed her wrist and flung her against the desk, very possibly bruising her thigh, and forced her backwards down onto the desk, holding her wrists in the same steely grip from before.

This wasn't supposed to be his reaction. Her laugh replaced by a frown, she struggled against him to no avail, the only result being that he shifted to keep her legs still with his. He did not mean to — no, he wouldn't do that. He'd just demonstrated how he loathed being near her and, besides, he'd get kicked out of school and sent to Azkaban.

He wouldn't risk that, not like this. He was just scaring her. Her heart was pounding hard and fast and she was feeling a fluttering in her stomach that she attributed to nervousness.

In spite of her own assurances, she started fighting with renewed strength. He wasn't as strong as she had feared; this gave her another boost of fighting energy. Why would I want to? It was very much out of character for him to assure her of anything except her own unworthiness of oxygen. She stopped fighting, her blind panic abating. He was panting heavily, moonlight accentuating the paleness of his features. She opened her mouth to ask if he would let her go, but of course, the Silencing Curse was still in effect.

She closed her mouth again and resigned herself to watching him. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be forcing his breath down. It was odd, she hadn't put up that hard a fight, she was sure.

draco hermione secret relationship

She was smarter than him, by far, but he was taller and more athletic. He was probably working out to impress dull-witted Slytherin girls like Pansy Parkinson. She sniffed loudly, making her opinion clear on the matter.

But, of course, he didn't know anything about the matter to begin with, so it was really rather redundant. At the sound, his eyes flew open, startling her in their cold, silvery clarity. They looked… different, somehow, from their usual maliciousness. They looked almost gentle. Hermione's heart started pounding again, this time for no apparent reason, and she felt heat creeping up her throat and into her cheeks again. She opened her mouth to ask him to release her and his eyes flew to her lips.

Somehow, she didn't want anyone to know. Slowly, he shook his head. She pushed against him, trying to shove him off her, using only her body. He shuddered and grabbed her wrists even firmer.

Her hands were going numb, and she knew she'd have bruises, but she didn't really care. Somehow, she wasn't scared anymore, either. She could feel his body against hers, taut and forbidding, yet his heart was beating fast, his breath was shallow, and he wasn't doing anything but holding her still.

Yet he didn't let her go. He seemed to be debating something with himself. He had shifted his legs a little again, to gain better footing, and even though she still couldn't kick at him, she could push against him using a greater part of her torso. Ignoring the little voice inside of her that urged her to just stay put and see what he would do, she pushed up, resulting in a sharp intake of breath and a groan from him as her abdomen connected with his.

The tried moving towards him again but at her movement he cried out this time red beginning to blossom around his hand where it lay above his heart. Stop please get away! Gasping for breath, sweat beading on his forehead, and blood soaking through his white shirt. Draco, please let me help you! All of her focus was on her husband, the love of her life dying before her and pushing her away. I gave you my heart and you are destroying it.

The closer I get to you, the faster I die. I would never hurt you! It was all happening so fast and she felt utterly helpless. He smiled sardonically, "You already have. My blood is on your hands now. The only sound in the classroom was Hermione's tortured sobs as everyone else was too shocked by the scene in front of them to properly react. Draco shoved his way past the stupefied students and knelt on the ground beside his wife quickly drawing her into his arms.

Hermione buried her face into his chest as he began to whisper words of love and reassurance into her ear while everyone looked on. At Draco's movement Lupin regained his senses and stepped in front of the boggart barely giving it time to from the shape of a moon before casting riddikulus and banishing it back to its cupboard.

Draco looked up at Lupin with distain. Now if you don't mind I will be forgoing my turn and taking my wife back to her room. With a nod of acknowledgement to the Professor and one last glare at the class he swept Hermione into his arms letting her snuggling into him and strode out of the room.

As soon as the door shut behind them the room came alive with conversation. He called her his wife! No it's positively romantic!

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A forbidden love affair! This was news too big to forego so quickly. After several more attempts at settling the class Lupin resigned himself and dismissed the class. At least the houses were associating with each other, even if it was over gossip. In less than an hour the news of the forbidden love turned secret marriage had spread throughout the school and was the predominant topic of conversation at dinner that evening.

Neither Draco nor Hermione had been seen since the class and that only served to fuel the participants. Even the professors were not immune to the lure of such gossip, Professor McGonagall was absolutely scandalized by the thought of her favorite Gryffindor being seduced by the Slytherin while Professor Flitwick claimed he suspected all along. So when the doors to the great hall opened to reveal Draco and Hermione silence once again greeted them. I felt his hard erection press against me. Draco ignored the voice and started to place his hand down my skirt.

I saw her turn down this hallway. I kept my eyes glued on the door afraid any moment they might walk into the classroom. I started to walk towards the door, but Draco grabbed me. He pressed me against his chest and gave me a long deep kiss. I opened up and gave his tongue entrance. I walked out of the classroom to find that Harry and Ron were only inches from opening the classroom door. I squeezed through the door and shut it in a hurry, so they wouldn't see that Draco was still in there.

You have to see what Neville did.

draco hermione secret relationship

I was lying on the couch reading my Potions book when Draco came into the common room. He spread his long legs out on the couch and leaned back taking me with him. I rested my back against his chest and he kissed my neck.

I don't know why we are worrying about all this secrecy. I understand at first we weren't sure this would last, but now we have been together since our fifth year.

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When are you going to decide to tell them? On our wedding day? I hope you know Weasley still thinks he has a chance with you. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was starting to get upset. I have been trying to avoid the subject of telling people about our relationship for the past year. I love Draco, but I'm afraid of losing my friends.