Eight of pentacles reversed relationship outcome tarot

Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

eight of pentacles reversed relationship outcome tarot

Tarot card meaning for the Eight of Pentacles including upright and reversed card meanings. Access the Biddy Tarot Card Meanings database - an extensive Tarot working very hard on a project, but it is not leading to the desired outcome. Just like the Emperor tarot card, Eight of Pentacles reflects “here I am” effect. the card reflects that the man in question does not only like you, but also has greater romantic feelings for you. Reversed Eight of Pentacles works as a stop sign. 8 of pentacles reversed as outcome. 8 of pentacles tarot card meanings upright and reversed on December 10, love marriage tarot cards healingtarotnet .

It can also indicate that you are not putting the effort into meeting new people, which may be leaving you feeling bored and listless. Again, it can also be an indication that you are putting too much focus on work and neglecting your romantic side. If you want to meet someone special, you need to put some time and effort in the romantic side of life and get yourself out there.

Things will probably not be going well in a work context when it appears.

Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 8 Of Pentacles Reversed

If you have applied for a new job or promotion, it can indicate an unsuccessful application and that you may lack the qualifications you need to get the job. Laziness, idleness, lack of focus and poor concentration are also represented by the Eight of Pentacles reversed.

eight of pentacles reversed relationship outcome tarot

If you are in business, it can be a warning not to let your standards slip as it represents shoddy workmanship, poor quality, botched work or rush jobs and can represent getting a bad reputation or losing trade through mediocrity. Alternatively, the Eight of Pentacles in a reversed position can indicate going to the other extreme by becoming a workaholic or biting off more than you can chew.

Work hard when you need to but be sure to time enjoy your life too. In a financial context, the Eight of Pentacles reversed can indicate financial insecurity, overspending, getting into debt and falling victim to scams. So be responsible with your finances and prudent with your investments when it appears. However, this Minor Arcana card can also indicate being overly mean or materialistic, so try not to be a miser when it appears.

Be generous to those you trust and those in need, just be clever about it.

eight of pentacles reversed relationship outcome tarot

It can be an indication that you are putting too much focus on your body in a way that is detrimental to your health and life such as starving yourself on an extreme dieting or going overboard with body-building.

Do your part, and then see what happens. If you're looking for love, you are going to have to work to find it. Don't just sit home and imagine it falling out of the sky. Build your own happy, fulfilling life, and get out and meet people, if you really want love in your life.

Don't fool yourself that it will just magically happen.

Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 8 Of Pentacles Reversed

The reversed 8 of Pentacles can warn us about being slightly delusional about money. There's no harm in dreaming, but don't count on the lottery to fix your financial problems. Be willing to work.

eight of pentacles reversed relationship outcome tarot

They say "good things come to those who wait" but it should really be "good things come to those who work - and wait. The path may be long, but the approach that you are taking at this moment in time is going to prove to be the correct one and that this is going to ultimately lead to you getting the kind of end results that you have been hoping for.

Furthermore, the card in the upright position can also point to you being motivated and currently working on methods that will lead to you achieving the kind of success that you were hoping for. It does not say how long the road is going to be, but there is little doubt that you will indeed get there as long as you continue to do whatever it is that you are doing.

By achieving your ambitions and aims, there will also be a renewed sense of self-confidence and absolutely believe in yourself.

This is because things are clearly going to be working out for you, and you can then build upon each success as they come along.

8 of pentacles reversed as outcome

The Eight of Pentacles in an upright position is certainly not going to be guilty of throwing up any obstacles in your way any time soon. Ten of Cups Tarot Card and its Meaning However, if you draw the card in the reverse position, then things are going to be a bit different, but that does not mean that you are then going to encounter any bad luck. Instead, it may show that you are taking the wrong path, you are unable to concentrate in the way that you should, or you are just not putting in the correct level of effort.

It will be important to point out that it is saying that the reason why you are unable to achieve the things that you were hoping for is that of something from inside you rather than any exterior point that is changing how things are going to be working out.

eight of pentacles reversed relationship outcome tarot

Overall, while the Eight of Pentacles is not explicitly linked with good luck, it is certainly not going to be hitting you with any bad luck any time soon. In actual fact, it advises you to continue on the path that you are working on as you will get to the desired end spot, and quicker than you may have previously expected. So, do not be afraid should this card come up as things are going to work out well for you rather than anything negative coming your way.

You just need to have the confidence that everything is under control to then go ahead and enjoy your future. But before you get started on that one, be clear on your goals and everything else you want to accomplish. There may be a lot on your plate at the moment and it will be quite a challenge to do a balancing act. Instead of being able to accomplish multiple tasks, it can even be counterproductive.

No one should be a slave to their work.