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get bakers ending 5 year relationship

Ending a relationship is always painful, but there are ways to ease the hurt. Instead, you may think the best way to get through it is by ripping the behind scar tissue that affects both you and your partner for years to come. GetBackers is a Japanese manga series written by Yuya Aoki and illustrated by Rando Ban and Ginji continue their retrieval job, ending the series when requested to go Yuya Aoki conceived the idea of GetBackers two years before it started The series premiered on Tokyo Broadcasting System in Japan on October 5. It'll be in three parts– Get Backers OST I, OST II, and the opening/ending themes. . The orchestra is at its height here, and even now (after 5 years), I love it. This song and “Domestic Babylon” have a relationship akin to “MakubeX” and.

Making this power almost unavoidable when fighting ban. On top of that ,when you're in a hallucination, you cant see any reality of whats happening, so while you're under bans power, even assuming you NOTICE you're under the power, you can't do anything to fight back! With a power like this it's no wonder the main characters always feel unchallenged! And it's not just Ban, all the good guys are strong or over powered in there own way, Ban is just the worst offender.

Next off, the pacing for this show puts one piece to shame! With one piece I always feel like something is going on, but for getbackers, I feel as if every scene is incredibly drawn out and it takes FOREVER for any action to happen half the episodes are just them talking about the situation they are in!

And even then, They aren't even strategising about how to fix that situation they are in, and instead just talk about a lot of pointless details. Nothing happening combined with the boring one sided fights when stuff actually DOES happen IS the reason to why almost every moment of this show is so damn boring!!! Probably the biggest problem with this show is it's underwhelming cast, other than akabane who is a sexier version of hisoka from hunter x hunter.

First off theres the main character Ban, he's introduced with an interesting backstory, but his past never comes to haunt him or he never has to deal with it, they do absolutely NOTHING interesting with Ban's character and just throw in the backstory for no reason, and I feel the same way about his partner Ginji.

The funny thing is, a lot of these characters have interesting personalities, Ban is a really chill cool dude and ginji is his energetic, upbeat and comedic partner. The only time these characters are ever good is during the comedy scenes, and thats the problem.

Ban makes his way to the cruise ship via jet ski. Ginji dines with Yukihiko to commemorate their friendship.

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Shido and Emishi board the ship as well using dolphins that Shido called for. Ginji tells Yukihiko about Ban, different from what Natuhiko told Yukihiko about. It is revealed that Ryuu is responsible in the creation of the replica of the sculpture.

Meanwhile, Emishi and Shido fight their way through the lower levels, and encounter Ryuu's bodyguards. Yukihiko advises Ginji to evacuate the ship, unfortunately Natsuhiko comes in and attacks Ginji. Yukihiko calls off Natsuhiko in the last second, and knocks Ginji out, who then becomes their captive.

After defeating the bodyguards, Shido and Emishi are stopped by Shakuryuu and Hyouku. It is revealed that Skakuryuu and Hyouku practice a Chinese technique of martial arts. A drenched and wounded Ban finally sneaks aboard, who then Akabane. Ban, who anticipated a battle, is surprised to hear that Akabane, handing him a pack of cigarettes, challenges him to a fight after they arrive at the cruise ship's final destination.

Shido and Emishi escape from Shakuryuu and Hyouku, using flying fish that Shido commanded. As the cruise ship makes its way toward the location of the art auction, everyone watches from abroad as fireworks spring out. Ban appears, and the two of them face off against him. However, Ban doesn't have the strength to fight them and instead collapses in Shido's arms.

Meanwhile, Natsuhiko is disappointed in Yukihiko for sparing Ginji's life. Nevertheless, Yukihiko says that Ban will attempt to rescue Ginji, which then Natsuhiko will have a chance of battling Ban. As Natsuhiko leaves, Ginji, unable to move due to dislocation of all of his joints, sees Hera and Akabane enter.

Although, Hera wanted Ginji dead, Yukihiko uses him as a hostage instead. When Ginji sees Hera, he recalls that she was once Kait's girlfriend, and had also served as a model for his artwork.

Although, Hera and Kait were once engaged, she reveals that he became obsessed with the Venus de Milo, going so far as to abandoning his own artwork and ending his relationship with Hera, because she was not as perfect as the sculpture. Thus, Hera sees her work as an act of revenge against Kait and the Venus de Milo.

Ginji suggests that they give him the arms, and that in return he and Ban will "recover" Hera's happiness. Annoyed by this notion, Hera orders a remorseful Yukihiko to kill him, right when Ryuu walks in. Ginji uses the distraction to push himself off the couch he is lying on in order to relocate his shoulder and breaks through a window and into the ocean, only to end up drowning.

Meanwhile Ban awakens in the care of Shido and Emishi, who tell Ban that they are after the replica sculpture, and not the arms of the sculpture, putting off any reason to fight each other. Shido explains that the replica sculpture is actually made up of a very expensive drug called Aphrodite. A small amount of Aphrodite is worth millions of yen, and has the capability to destroy a countless number of lives due to its potency.

It turns out that Mr. Moen Riyu is the chairman of the art auction, and that whoever wins the bid on the sculpture's arms will receive the replica sculpture as well, and thus will be in possession of Aphrodite, which is the real objective of the art auction.

After the ship pulls into port, Ginji is found by Ban, Shido, and Emishi. They help relocate all his joints, but Ginji discovers that a radio transmitter was discreetly put on him. Unfortunately, the four of them find themselves surrounded by the bodyguards armed with guns.

Meanwhile, Ryuu eagerly anticipates the art auction as he expects to earn a lot of money from it, and plans to use the Aphrodite to someday rule the world. Hera looks back to when Ginji said that anything lost can always be recovered, even her happiness.

get bakers ending 5 year relationship

Ban faces off with Akabane, both using their full power. Shido fights Shakuryuu, who wields thick fists of flames. Emishi gets into it Hyouku, who wields a thin sword of ice.

Shakuryuu and Hyouku increase their strength and speed, however, Shido and Emishi manage to defeat them. Ginji runs into Yukihiko and Natsuhiko, who later turn out to be one and the same person with dissociative identity disorder, displaying a split personality.

Yukihiko, in excellence of speed, is Miroku's friendly, reasonable side, while Natsuhiko, in excellence of strength is Miroku's evil, and bloodthirsty personality. Natsuhiko uses his sword to battle Ginji head-on, but Ginji seemingly defeats him. However, Yukihiko emerges again, using his ring blade to create a massive implosion of the structure around them. It turns out that the implosion Miroku created using his ring blade was actually an explosion Ginji created amplifying the electricity using nearby electrical wires.

The disturbance causes a minor power outage at the art auction. Hera reminisces about when Kait expresses his love for the beauty of the Venus de Milo, and then she makes her way to the art auction. It is revealed that Ban sneaks in the art auction as a television reporter.

He uses Jagan on the male bidders, by means of a television screen, causing them all to see multiple sculptures, all with different hand gestures, diverted from all the female bidders. Ban, Ginji, Shido, and Emishi then confiscate the real arms of the sculpture as well as the replica sculpture.

As the team runs to the shoreline, Kazuki pulls up in a small speedboat in order to take them back. However, as they are about to pull away, Hera shows up with a gun and hits the gas tank, which eventually begins to leak fuel.

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Emishi takes the gun away from her with his whip, and the five of them cruise off, as Ginji shouts out to Hera, promising to recover her happiness. Soon they realize that they must dump any unnecessary weight, and Ginji accidentally tosses the real arms of the sculpture as well as the replica sculpture overboard.

Although the team acquired five hundred thousand yen, Clayman charges them three hundred thousand yen for the special balloons she made for Ban, and they already used two hundred thousand yen for preparations, so once again the team turn up penniless.

Determined to get some good out of the mission, it is revealed that The GetBackers had another task assigned to them by Kait, to bring Hera back to him. They meet Hera at the designated location, however it turns out she just came in order to get revenge. Clayman shows up pushing Kait in a wheelchair, and she tells them that his mind and body have been ravished by an addiction to Aphrodite, rending him mute.

The Getbackers take a disbelieving and scornful Hera back to Kait's studio, and shows her his last piece of artwork, a wall sized painting of Hera as a goddess, the work he had failed to complete years before because of his love for the Venus de Milo.

Heartbroken and touched, Hera reunites with Kait and puts aside her anger. Finally, Ban runs into Ryuu again, who is carrying a briefcase full of Aphrodite in order to make a comeback. Thinking that he is going into the Limitless Fortress in order to sell the drug to Makubex, Ban tricks Ryuu into turning himself in to the police station, with the use of Jagan. The Enemy is Ban Midou! Teki wa Midou Ban!

Hevn arrives just in time to stop them. Ban walks away from them, breaking up their partnership. He visits the estate of Daitetsu Mahoroba in order to offer his protection services to a diamond, called the Aztec Star, which belongs to Daitetsu. However, Ginji is hired to recover the Aztec Star. This diamond, stolen after World War II, is one thousand karats and worth three billion yen. It is revealed that The GetBackers broken partnership was just a fluke.

Ginji explains to the others that Ban, Himiko, and Yamato attempted to steal the Aztec Star in a briefcase from the estate a year ago.

However, Daitetsu predetermined the theft attempt, as the briefcase was a self-destructing bomb, deeming the robbery a failure. Ban and Ginji devise a plan to have a brief fight and then team up, taking the diamond and escaping together. Ginji infiltrates the estate with ease, but encounters a bodyguard who displays the martial arts skills similar to that of Bruce Lee, but manages to defeat the bodyguard by shocking him with enormous amounts of electricity.

Meanwhile, Ban is captured by Hishiki, The Protector who was previously hired by Akutsu, as Daitetsu sees through the plan devised. Ban tricks Daitetsu and Hishiki, using the Jagan to cause them to think that Ban and Ginji killed each other. When they get out of the estate, their pursuers are distracted by a bunch of crows commanded by Shido, and Himiko unexpectedly arrives with him to pick up The GetBackers.

As they make their getaway, Ginji drops the diamond, which is then picked up by one of Shido's crows. The crow keeps the diamond, much to Ban's chagrin, and The GetBbackers are screwed out of their reward yet again. Imai unfortunately doesn't know anyone who has Bombay Blood, making the mission literally impossible. As The GetBackers prepare to encounter The Transporters, Akabane attack them from the semi-trailer truck while Maguruma is driving passed them.

Ginji jumps onto the roof of the semi-trailer truck from an overpass, while Ban keeps pursuit in the car. Ginji lands, and is summarily knocked off by Akabane. A planted road bomb keeps Ban from further pursuit. Yumiko becomes at high risk in her sickness, as Mr. Imai begins to worry more. Hevn is asked to take care of Yumiko, offer her a supposedly stolen puppy, until The GetBackers return to the hospital. Ginji recalls that when he was younger he lost a friend in the Limitless Fortress, who reminds him of Yumiko, very ill and in need of medical attention.

This gives him extra determination and anger. It is revealed that a mafia hired The Transporters to deliver the Bombay Blood to them. Ginji unexpectedly turns up again, and Akabane betrays the mafia and gives Ginji the Bombay Blood, sarcastically saying that his since his job is technically finished.

Ginji defeats the mafia with his lightning, however exhaustively. His superhuman power is then augmented, using static electricity, to take down the mafia chief.

get bakers ending 5 year relationship

Akabane and Maguruma leave the scene in the semi-trailer truck, as Ban enters it in a helicopter. Ban takes Ginji and the Bombay Blood to the hospital. Yumiko will soon recover her health, thanks to Ginji's strength and reminiscence about the girl who was sick in his past. The clients are Yuuichiro Nagano and his wife, Maki Nagano. It is believed that Yuuichiro's father, Takao Kiyokawa, the chief executive officer of a major financial enterprise company, is responsible for the kidnapping.

It is revealed that Kiyokawa never approved of their marriage, since he wanted Yuuichiro to marry a woman of a high financial status quo. Yuuichiro and Maki find out that Kiyokawa broke into the Nagano residence, taking the child with him.

Kiyokawa wants to raise their child as his own to have a rightful heir to the company. Therefore, Ban and Ginji's job is to recover the child, while Himiko's job is to transport the child. Ban tells Ginji that Himiko was a kidnapped child in the past, making her relate to the child of the Naganos.

Ban and Ginji, in their car, and Himiko, in her motorcycle, arrive at the estate of Kiyokawa to steal back the child. After Kiyokawa shortly figures out that the child is missing, he sends his guards to chase after them. While Himiko heads back to transport the child, Ban and Ginji blocks the road in front of the guards. However, this proves ineffective when the guards use a helicopter to simply fly over their heads. Himiko is forced to hide in the woods with the child from the helicopter.

Himiko flashes back to when Yamato was in the same situation with Himiko in the woods. Ban and Ginji find Himiko and the child in the woods, but are sensed by the helicopter. They make their escape. It is revealed that Himiko and Yamato are descendants of what is known as the Last Children, suffering a curse that makes them grow insane as they get older.

As Yamato slowly begins to fall to the curse, he asks Ban to take his life while he is still in a right state of mind. Ban, Ginji, and Himiko return to the Honky Tonk cafe with the child, only to find out that Yuuichiro was escorted to the estate to negotiate with Kiyokawa.

Ban, Ginji, and Himiko barge in, as Maki brings in the child. Kiyokawa explains that he arranged the kidnapping to allow Yuuichiro, Maki, and the child to return to his estate as a family. The episode ends with Himiko being unaware of the reason for Yamato's death as she leaves, as well as Ban telling himself that he will keep the promise he made to Yamato long ago as he holds the cigarette lighter given by Yamato. Meanwhile in the Honky Tonk cafe, an old woman shows up, asking to retrieve a memento of her deceased husband.

She explains to Natsumi that she hid her memento in her house from her son, as it was embarrassing to display it. She lost it, and had moved in with her son in his house.

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She had sold her house to a group of jewel thieves, later recognized, who disregard her presence from time to time, as they ignore her story about the memento. Natsumi decides to accept the case, and Paul is in shock. Natsumi makes her way to Madoka's house, but is disappointed that Shido wasn't there with her. However, she spots Emishi in the backyard, and enlists him in this recover service mission.

They arrive at the old woman's sold house, failing at many attempts to get inside. As Natsumi uses various disguises to get inside the house, Emishi eventually joins in the fun. After that doesn't work out, Natsumi and Emishi decide to camp out in front of the house, waiting for the right time to sneak in. Natsumi tells Emishi about the kitty key chain that Ban and Ginji recovered for her, as it is like a memento to her.

Emishi runs off to a convenience store to buy food for the two of them, while Natsumi sees that the jewel thieves leave the house.

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Later in the evening, after being impatient for Emishi, she runs into the house, but is caught by the trap of the jewel thieves. While the jewel thieves argue who would kill her, Natsumi makes her escape. Using her ping-pong skills, she manages to catch them off guard. She yells out for Emishi, but is stopped by the jewel thieves.

However, Emishi and Kazuki make their entrance, defeating them. It is revealed that the memento to the old woman was a collection of love letters written by her deceased husband. Shido arrives at the Honky Tonk cafe, who waits for Hevn to show up. Hevn arrives in formal attire, and shes takes him to a department store to buy a tuxedo. Ban and Ginji become irritated for having no recovery assignment for a while.

It is revealed that Shido was requested to attend Madoka's recital performance in the evening. Suddenly, a thief takes a boy hostage, attracting a crowd. Shido commands a flock of crows to attack the thief. Meanwhile, Madoka is practicing for her performance, and wonders if or when Shido will arrive to see her.

Shido encounters Kirihito and his henchmen, as the henchmen command the wasp to attack him. Shido counterattacks commanding the crows as well as the mice. However, Kirihiro has Hevn as a hostage, and attacks Shido with spiders. Ban, saving Hevn, and Ginji, saving Shido, both arrive. Kirihito reason for attacking Shido was to prove that insect masters are superior to beast masters. Using levitation and speed, Kirihito attacks Shido with spiderweb silk, as he commands the spider to prey on Shido.

Nevertheless, Shido commanded the mice to destroy the spiders. With Ban and Ginji's help, Shido manages to defeat Kirihito. Ban withheld Shido from assassinating Kirihito, as he is reminded to attend Madoka's recital performance.

Ban contacts Himiko to come and use her poisionous perfume to erase the memories of Kirihito and his henchmen for the past twenty-four hours. Shido noticed that Madoka's recital performance was already finished. So he returned to her house, only to find out that he wasn't home. He then remembers that Madoka would wait for him at the recital performance stage.

He runs to see her, as she lands into his arms. Madoka plays a piece for Shido, as he thinks deeply about her. Everyone Assembled" "Ginji Nyuuin? He accidentally drops some food, as it starts rolling off the rooftop. Ginji chases after it, but summarily falls off the rooftop. This results in Ginji's hospitalization.

As the mission was deemed a failure, Ban becomes aggravated at Ginji. Hevn, Himiko, and Shido visits Ginji. It is revealed Shido took care of the job that The GetBacker left behind. Ban becomes jealous at Shido, as the two argue insultingly at each other.

A nurse comes in, asking for the help of a recovery service. They meet with a group of nurses who ask them to reclaim a stack of letters written by their patients, which is in the possession of a head nurse. Ban and Shido wager a bet to see who can be the first to reclaim the stack of letters. The loser must be the one to resign from the recovery service. As Himiko spends time with Ginji, Karuki comes by, looking for Juubei, who seems to be getting a physical checkup done, mistakenly.

Ban and Shido take the competition too far, as they have both failed to retrieve the letters.


Natsumi, walks in on Ginji and Himiko, as Ginji was choking on an apple and Himiko was about to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Kazuki is mistaken for a female nurse, but is caught by the head nurse. Hevn and Natsumi begin to think Ginji and Himiko are soul mates.

The head nurse finds out about the nurses whereabouts, and they retaliate as they demand back the letters. Ban and Shido make their way trying to win the "competition", only to have it tossed out from the rooftop of the hospital.