Getting over a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man

Letting Go Of An Unavailable Guy In 3 Steps

getting over a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man

Jun 1, What I have learned from my relationship ending was that when a person wants out of a relationship their mind hones in and goes into. May 19, Have you ever wondered what emotionally unavailable men do, how they a breakup and you're trying to get over your emotionally unavailable ex. .. The blame absorbing and the regret has ruined my relationship with. Here are some simple tips for letting go of unavailable people and reasons why with a person who takes them for granted and is emotionally unavailable has After getting out of a relationship with an unavailable person, take some time to.

They feel if they were more loving, caring, thoughtful or patient that their partner will open up.

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First of all, it's not your fault. Don't assume responsibility for another person's behavior. If you are open to the relationship, have healthy boundaries, and are coming from a place of caring and positive intent, you are relatively healthy.

  • Letting Go Of An Unavailable Guy In 3 Steps
  • Getting over Emotionally Unavailable Relationships: Grieve and Let Go!

You don't have to fix him or the relationship. When you stop blaming yourself you will gain clarity to know what to do next.

getting over a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man

Stop fantasizing the relationship Often women who are in relationships with partners who are emotionally unavailable struggle with codependency or even love addiction. Love addiction is when the love addict is focused primarily on the other person to meet all their needs, and obsesses and fantasizes about the other person.

How this plays into emotionally unavailability is the focus of the love addict is their partner who isn't emotionally available and it reinforces to the love addict to keep trying harder for love and approval. Codependency is what underlies love addiction.

When in a codependent relationship, you may tend to neglect your emotional, physical, and financial needs and hope your partner will fulfill them. You may struggle with boundaries and neglect other parts of your life; your job, family, friendships for the sole purpose of receiving love and acceptance from another. If you feel you are struggling with love addiction or codependency, seek professional help. There are step support groups and numerous books on the topic that can get you on the road to recovery.

Identify your needs Begin to identify what makes you happy and what your individual needs are. This might be a difficult exercise especially if your focus of attention has been on fixing the relationship or changing for someone else.

If you have been consumed and frustrated that your partner isn't emotionally available you may have abandoned yourself too. Make a list of your emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Make a commitment to yourself about when and how you will meet your needs. Reconnect with yourself If you've been in a relationship or in a relationship where your needs are not being met, you may have lost your identity.

Try to reconnect with yourself. This will involve connecting with your needs and feelings about the relationship past or presentwhat you feel sad and angry about, what is unmet in the relationship, what you would like in a healthy relationship, and especially, how you can get back to you. It is impossible for any one person to meet all your needs, but being in a relationship where your needs are not being met can be painful and lonely.

Advice: How do I let go of my Mr Unavailable?

Stop and take control of your life. Make yourself a priority. Remember, no one can truly abandon you if you don't abandon yourself. When a person is closed off emotionally from building a lasting bond with another human being, that means he is subconsciously trying to protect himself from getting hurt. Getting too close to someone opens him up to the possibility of getting hurt. He is afraid of being put in such a vulnerable position, so therefore, he will choose to be unavailable to others.

Do you feel he is meeting your needs or is everything about him and on his terms? If he is being avoidant, then you should ask yourself is he really ready for a long-term committed relationship? It is not uncommon for women to mourn the loss of the man they thought they knew or the man they wanted him to become.

getting over a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man

In some cases, women may even be holding on to the potential they thought the relationship had or to the dreams they associated with the relationship - including marriage and children - and not the actual man himself. It is hard to admit, but for the most part, they were unhappy and they were not getting what they needed out of the relationship.

After that list, make another, but this time focus on all the things that made you unhappy in the relationship, all the reasons why you broke up and all the ways that you felt unfulfilled. Chances are, the lists will tell you everything you need to know.

Take a Deeper Look In some cases, a relationship with an unavailable person can be dismissed as a lesson learned and only a short recovery period is required.

Women need to take time to reflect on the relationship and work on letting go before they can enter a new relationship with someone who will give them what they need and not take them for granted.


On the other hand, women who repeatedly find themselves pursuing unavailable people and have trouble letting go of those relationships really need to take a deeper look at their relationship history.

A person who perpetually finds themselves in unfavorable relationships with a person who takes them for granted and is emotionally unavailable has severe self-esteem issues. It is not uncommon to find that those who have problems with intimacy have also experienced trauma of their own, often in the form of a rough childhood or a bad relationship. It is not possible to love someone enough to get them to stop hating and being unavailable. It is wise for those who suffer from low self esteem and have a tendency to choose bad relationships to seek out help in the form of therapy.

After getting out of a relationship with an unavailable person, take some time to heal and then begin working on yourself. Much like childbirth, you seem to have distanced yourself from the agony and ambiguity of being with him and now you are to an extent, romantacising the connection that you think you have with him and thinking about how it could be if he was X, Y, and Z.

In childbirth, forgetting the pain is perfectly fine as you have something wonderful to reward you at the end of it and you can go through it again. The only way you can process your feelings is by 1 being real and staying real about who he is and 2 getting real with yourself.

Your feelings for him are tied up in your lack of feelings for yourself. You would not invest so much time and emotion in an emotionally unavailable man if your self-esteem were better.

You say you want more than you know that he can give and what he says that he can give, yet your actions are in conflict. You want to know how to remember him? Remember him as the emotionally unavailable man that he is. Remember him as selfish. Remember him as a user. Remember him as somebody who needs the attention from lots of women. Remember him as the man that told you he loved you and then told his ex the same thing a week later. Remember him as the man who cannot give you what you want and has told you that point blank.

getting over a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man

Mr Unavailables are all about themselves. Attraction does not a relationship make.