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alan carr simply for the 'chatty man' adverts rita from dexter. whiny, pathetic, Also Gok Wan. And Alan Sugar as well. . Alan frickin Carr. 0. He asked Carol Vorderman a maths question and Alan Carr the first letter of . Gok Wan and Jack Dee introduce the pirates, sea monstes an. costumes themselves that are offensive or is it the marketing as 'mental health patients' that is the issue? 'An affair with a woman saved my marriage' Alan Carr has come a long way since winning the BBC's New Comedy . Gok Wan is continuing his trip through the fashion archives looking back at.

Why not make them all sit on cushions on the floor with the presentations transmitted to their personalised ear-phones via podcast? Meanwhile, back at the very nice hotel, Fiona and Patsy, the girls what smell of their ponies and are in Biology Club are on sewing duties. Naturally, Patsy is unhappy, because she is a thespian, and acting is in her life-blood and she would have loved to have been involved with the performance side of things.

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This all culminatesin a whine that instead of Michelle getting Patsy an actress and Fiona a presenter to do their presentation, Michelle has instead got Ruby an actress and Carol a presenter to do it.

Meanwhile, Jack and Jonathan are preparing their pitch and by contrast not behaving like sulky teenagers. Although the average projected age is the same, because Jack is behaving like a grown-up, and Jonathan is behaving like a 7 year old hopped up on a combination of Red Bull, Sunny Deligh and a tube full of blue smarties. I think those are the lyrics to that next Sugababes single by the way.

Basically, Jack Dee has the patience of a saint. Ie, meaningless busy work.

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Whilst Michelle is sat here: Yeah cool, whatever, crazy. Seriously, this job is so going on my resume as soon as I get home. Jack and Jonathan turn up at this point, with Jonathan still on a sugar-rush, and Jack still being mildly mumbly and sarcastic. Seriously, not enough work to go round on this task am I right?

Meanwhile, back on the girls team, Patsy is back, because her husband reminded her of how passionate she is about Comic Relief and helping the children of alcoholics and victims of malaria and about what happens to celebrities who make tits of themselves on reality tv shows. Toy industry politics apparently. Once back, Jonathan jokes about how crap the belt looks with only a few things on it, so kids will have to buy loads to be cool, thus raising the profits.

Or they could just not get in the first place. He hands over to Gerald, who is once again back in the moment of realising that this is a very nice, fun presentation for something nobody wants. Everyone in attendance laughs at the boys. I kind of feel like sticking my head into that whirring candy-floss machine myself at this point. This is then followed by them explaining their stupid boring game, that is basically a knock off of Twister except Twister is for frustrated drunk students who want to try and manoeuvre themselves so the best friend they are secretly in love with has her boobs right in their face, not for 6 year olds.

After their advert is shown, Carol and Ruby still stuck together doing funny voices charge around the floor taking questions. Who knew the world of kids toy manufacturing was so sexual? Apart from the one he already told me about the Silly Putty obviously. Whatever, I like Alan Carr. Michelle says that she did the best that she could, and basically Patsy was a mentalist who wanted to do nothing and everything and given both constant direction and no direction at all, whilst Patsy pulls her best Bianca Jackson roll-eyes face.

Not that Patsy and Michelle will shortly be bashing each others faces on car bonnets outside at all. Jonathan then comedy-flatters Siralan about his neat clothes and his buff physique, and Jack grumbles sarcastically about how the person who should be fired was the person who counts the chairs, because he and Fiona have been left standing.

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I personally would love to be on this show solely for the purpose of using up all my observational comedy jokes about it. Basically he calls out their stupid game idea as being confusing and pointless when really all the kids are going to want to do is superglue each others bottoms together.

The boys defend that idea with their own fecundity the team has 10 kids between them even with two gays on board and what their own kids buy and that it seriously is this type of shit. Wan received a diploma from the college, then enrolled at the Central School of Speech and Drama and continued to study performing arts. However, the other students had backgrounds very different from his and he felt that his weight was beginning to dictate his life, later saying: Wan set about losing weight and at the age of 20 he began a crash dietlosing half his weight in several months.

In his autobiography he includes a section from a calorie diary he kept at the time, revealing he survived for weeks on end on as little as fruit and honey.

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He also took up to 50 laxatives a day to prevent himself gaining weight from the little food he did consume. Wan reveals that during his diet he lacked energy and motivation; this, coupled with the stress of his course, sent him into depression. He states that he became suicidal around this time — "I fantasised about killing myself — I could see no other way out I concluded that suicide was the only option.

Upon dropping out of his course and returning home, he confessed his feelings to his family, and was diagnosed as suffering from anorexia by a doctor. Under the supervision of his family he began to eat more and slowly increased to a healthier weight.

Despite the sudden change, he had no problem with having been overweight, later reflecting: I know how to throw jokes at myself and I use humour before anything else, and those skills allow me to do the chat-shows. Hill married her partner, Sara Shepherd, in Inshe received an MBE for her services to diversity. He is a Stonewall ambassador and a treasurer of the Albert Kennedy Trust.

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In she received an honorary degree of Doctor of Letters from Brighton University. She is a patron of Just A Ball Game?

InCamps co-wrote an open letter to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, calling on the government to take action on alleged genocide of gay and bisexual men in Chechnya. She was also the first transgender person to play a transgender character in a UK soap opera, marking a historic moment in trans visibility.

In he was appointed an OBE. In he co-wrote a letter to Boris Johnson urging the government to take action against the alleged genocide of gay and bisexual men in Chechnya. Inhe launched a gay dating app, Chappy.

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