Got pregnant early in relationship

got pregnant early in relationship

Mum who fell pregnant just THREE WEEKS into a new relationship But despite the fact she ended up pregnant so early in their relationship. The latest male fertility research reveals how your relationship length Your Likelihood of Getting Pregnant Is Higher with a New Boyfriend. The stress of the pregnancy and new relationship feels so overwhelming. Even though he's said he isn't going anywhere I feel so much worry.

got pregnant early in relationship

Kicker is he had 3 kids to 3 other women, but shes the only one he married. They are very happen. Things happen for a reason sometimes.

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I got pregnant the first time we had sex. He is 9 years older than me and a second time dad, he is always reassuring me that everything's going to work out and be fine but I can't bring myself to tell my family I'm expecting when they havnt even met my boyfriend yet.

Your Likelihood of Getting Pregnant Is Higher with a New Boyfriend

G Gala This happened to me! I started dating my now husband the October before and we were pregnant in December. We've been married since then and we are perfect for each other.

Of course, having our son didn't determine that I think it speeds things up either way - if you aren't a good fit, you'll know sooner and hopefully, he'll still be a great father.

got pregnant early in relationship

If you are great together, no one has energy to play games: Pregnant after 2 months of dating. We are now married and on pregnancy 3: I do not want to scare you or nothing but mine is completely opposite. We stated dating and 4 weeks later I found out I was pregnant. He doesn't want another child so he told me he had a vasectomy and told me that he knew now I wasn't faithful.

After about a month he came clean and told me he had lied to see if I would tell him if I had been with anyone else which I knew I had not been so there was only one option.

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I will be 9 weeks tomorrow and we have split up completely and he doesn't want anything to do with me or the baby I'm carrying. Like I said do not be scared because of my situation because every case is different. Found out I was pregnant last week.

got pregnant early in relationship

I think the best way to describe my reaction to the positive test is that I was in shock. I'm only 25, which I realize is a completely acceptable age to have a child, but I still feel like a kid myself a lot of the time.

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I never thought I'd have too much of an issue with abortion if I found myself in a less than ideal position - I'm extremely pro-choice and not religious, whatsoever. Yet, I don't know if it's the hormones or what, but I feel insanely protective over what's going on inside my body. SO is super supportive and says that whatever decision I make, it will all be fine and he's there no matter what, but I'm pretty sure he feels like he's not ready either.

I know that this is ultimately my own decision, but with my crazy hormone-filled mind, I can't seem to think long enough or straight enough to get anywhere in this. I actually made an appointment for a medical termination I'm at 7 weeks.

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Felt strangely calm about it. Went through with the blood work, the ultrasound, etc. When the doctor came in and placed the pill in my hand, however, I panicked and asked if it would be possible to come back another day as I wasn't sure I was ready to do this.

I think one of my main concerns about having the child aside from feeling like I'm not ready - but I figure no one is ever going to feel truly ready to be responsible for another life is the new relationship.