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Hexagram 19 "Encouragement" Oracle of Love

Interpretation (meaning) of i Ching hexagram 19 (Nearing (lín). Approach) when it changes to hexagram 41 (Diminishing (sǔn). Decrease) with Book of Changes . I Ching Hexagram 19 - Discover the meaning and interpretation of Hexagram Even in small ways, you will discover that if you open yourself to helping others . In a relationship the other party may currently be involved with someone else. In order to realize the opportunity, it is important to listen to the advice of others in When we want to change the progression of a relationship, Hexagram

To change The book of changes, please or There were "old" features in your gua hexagram. It means that you have two hexagrams. The first one — is something that the Book tells you at the moment, the second is something it warns you about. Approach Advise Nothing is accidental in life. Learn to see the causal connection, to distinguish truth from error.

When the eighth month comes, there will be misfortune. The Image The earth above the lake: The image of Approach. Thus the superior man is inexhaustible in his will to teach, and without limits in his tolerance and protection of the people. Perseverance brings good fortune. Nothing that would further. If one is induced to grieve over it, one becomes free of blame. This is right for a great prince.

Prediction Past approaches the future. Survivals and obstacles are removed. You can look at the updated situation. Try to perceive the world on the whole, using all the senses. Correctly choose the direction, follow the higher destiny, or the motion will result in flight. Become closer to people, but be careful.

Be human, do not give empty promises, and do not cheat others. Learn from the wise people. Learn to distinguish between the wisdom of senior from their mistakes.

Richard Wilhelm's commentary The Chinese word lin has a range of meanings that is not exhausted by any single word of another language. The ancient explanations in the Book of Changes give as its first meaning, "becoming great. The meaning is then further extended to include the concept of approach, especially the approach of what is lower. Finally the meaning includes the attitude of condescension of a man in high position toward the people, and in general the setting to work on affairs.

This hexagram is linked with the twelfth month January-Februarywhen after the winter solstice, the light power begins to ascend again. Joy and forbearance bring high and low nearer together. But we must work with determination and perseverance to make full use of the propitiousness of the time.

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And on thing more: In the eighth month the aspects are reversed. Then only two strong, light lines are left; these do not advance but are in retreat see next hexagram. We must take heed of this change in good time. If we meet evil before it becomes reality-before it has even begun to stir-we can master it.

This symbolizes the approach and condescension of the man of higher position to those beneath him. The two parts of the image indicate what his attitude toward these people will be. Just as the lake is inexhaustible in depth, so the sage is inexhaustible in his readiness to teach mankind, and just as the earth is boundlessly wide, sustaining and caring for all creatures on it, so the sage sustains and cares for all people and excludes no part of humanity.

This in turn is an incentive to men of ability. IT is well to join this upward trend, but we must not let ourselves be carried away by the current of the time; we must adhere perseveringly to what is right.

This bring good fortune. Nor need the future cause any concern. He is well aware that everything earthly is transitory, and that a descent follows upon every rise, but need not be confused by this universal law of fate. Everything serves to further. Therefore he will travel the paths of life swiftly, honestly, and valiantly. But in this lies the danger that he may relax, and confident of his position, allow the easygoing, careless mood to show itself in his dealings with other people.

This would inevitably be harmful. But there is possibility of a change of mood. If he regrets his mistaken attitude and feels the responsibility of an influential position, he frees himself of faults.

Here is shown the open- minded approach of a person of high rank to a man of ability whom he draws in to his own circle, regardless of class prejudice. This is very favorable. His wisdom consists both in selecting the right people and in allowing those chosen to have a free hand without interference from him. For only through such self- restraint will he find the experts needed to satisfy all of his requirements.

This means great good fortune for the men whom he teaches and helps. And for him this great hearted humbling of himself is blameless. Barbara Hejslip interpretation You are expected with success in everything, for what you have undertaken now. And in the further circumstances that will be more favorable for you, than you will achieve greater success. Time when successes in the most different affairs are probable is necessary. Be resolute in achievement of the purpose, but do not forget and about friends: Obviously, you will be forced to change the relation to one of relatives to you people whom you very well know.

Decrease Advise Do not mourn the losses; look at them as a holy sacrifice. But do not sacrifice beyond measure. Too big gift is a product of pride. As a leader, you may know the destination, but those that follow must discover their own way. When achievement rests upon the shoulder of the individual, through systems that both ensure and reward growth, you set a course for success that has the momentum of a wheel in motion.

It is put in continual motion by the enthusiasm that comes from an unfettered structure focused on growth.

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With nature as your teacher, this is no different from how you are led; life is always breaking down your walls to unleash the best of what you can be. Serving others with honesty and without fear makes the difficult always easy. You can only serve others if you are steadfast in helping them grow.

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Anytime you find yourself working in an environment where truth and growth are non-existent, the lack of integrity undermines productivity in a way that makes the work a chore. Inspired by the laws of nature, you become a leader who allows others to bring forward their own vision. When times are tough, it will be periods like this we can draw upon as inspiration that all things change in time.

...life can be translucent

This is a good time to increase your skills or learn from others. Whatever abundance you hold should be shared with others. This is a fortunate hexagram to receive with no lines changing. The message is that Approach is more than a momentary event for you.

Your abilities and compassion have already led you into the service of others. There is an eternal flow of abundance at your disposal. Your positive attitude makes every day feel like spring. The only warning Approach offers is when you are not being approachable.

Perhaps you have cut yourself off from communication in some way? A high level of focus is placed on reaching out to someone. Your day will come. Just keep being patient, present and willing to do what you can to nurture others. Changes to 7 Army. A need to clarify expectations with another might be necessary. A joint approach combined with discipline allows everyone to be served in a way that all talents are harnessed. Changes to 24 Return.

Being sensitive and showing integrity wins sympathy from others. A need to stay strong in who you are while respecting another is necessary.