Hexagram 27 relationship quizzes

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hexagram 27 relationship quizzes

I Ching Hexagram 37 - Relatives - One nurtures their relationships by maintaining contact. (37 > 18) · (37 > 27) · Individual meanings of the Hexagrams in I Ching. Tarot Relationship Spread 6. 4. 7. Joseph Needham ➚ used the term 'Resonance' to describe its relationship to the world. Feng Shui, Confucianism and Yin/Yang all contribute to the '(Book of.

Are they having a positive effect to help inspire both the speaker and the listener? Or are their words being used to torment and break down others? How we speak is a representation of our inner being and can often show the true side of a person. Use words wisely in order to prevent chaos in the world.

It is easy to become angry and choose to use hurtful words. It is important to have a strong tolerance against what others may say to anger us. The spoken word can often be very beautiful. Music and the theater are ways to enjoy the words of others in a safe environment.

Listening to the advice of loved ones can be very helpful and enjoyable. Sitting in on a lecture can help a person gain knowledge on a certain topic of interest. These are just a few examples of the benefits of the spoken words. History is filled with powerful speeches from leaders that have influenced a large mass of people to react, either in battle or against those that would hold them down.

There is no limit to the power of the spoken word. If a partner is not giving you what you want, for instance, this could be a spiritual reminder to give yourself more of what you need. Changes in Line 3 "Feeding Your Soul" When choosing romantic partners, ignore the superficial realms of status and finances. Be with someone who supports your deepest values. Receive with an open heart and you will avoid misfortunes and experience a higher love.

Changes in Line 4 "Summoning Support" This line is a reminder to gather your team of supporters with great care and attention. If you have heartache, get help.

Look for a book on relationships or seek counsel from an elder. Let your values be your guide. Live by your principals. Look toward the highest peaks for companionship and connection. Changes in Line 5 "Pausing on the Path" Nurture yourself by taking a break from forward motion. Stand still for a while. Don't start a new romance quite yet.

Seek spiritual counsel first. Accept and respect the advice of someone wiser than you are. Be an inspiration to others, and enjoy their support towards achieving a worthy goal.

Hexagram 8 Pi - Union Holding Together Water over Earth Examination of your own actions and words for their sincerity will lead to stronger bonds with others. Be steadfast in your principles; don't give in to temptations and difficulties. Be true and sincere, and you'll achieve a lot. Remain focused on your plan and surpass obstacles with gentleness and decorum.

Stay focused on the long term. Plant the seeds for success now, and reap a bountiful harvest in the future. Cultivate tolerance, patience, detachment and adaptability. Understand that all you have the power to change is yourself. Do not be subservient to those above you nor domineering to those below you. This will give you the confidence you need to succeed. It is possible to grow to great heights but keep your inner balance that has brought you here.

Do not become complacent now. Your run of good fortune has begun to wane. Retreat into yourself and have faith that things will improve sooner if you stick to your plans and don't give up. Deal with reservations and dissent earlier, to head off problems down the road. Now is an opportunity for you to shine, but don't forget to keep your humility and integrity. If you abuse your strength, you will lose it. You can deal with any challenge if you remain modest and don't lose sight of what's right.

You have the momentum and energy to see plans through. Hexagram 17 Sui - Following Lake over Thunder Accept the way things are and stay steady in response to events.

Yi Jing (I Ching) Book of Changes

Inner truth and acceptance will lead to contagious happiness. There is an opportunity to fix the situation by righting wrong ideas and attitudes. You need strength of character and decisive action, but first figure out where the source of disorder is. When you've identified it, work quickly.

Your undertakings will meet with success. People above you will offer help and support. Don't lose sight of what brought you here.

I Ching Hexagram 37

The creative power of the universe works in mysterious ways, influencing situations and people. Hexagram 21 Shih Ho - Biting Through Fire over Thunder There is an obstacle here, possibly an incorrect attitude that needs to be dealt with. Try to see the problem clearly. Forcefulness will bring misfortune. Use your inner strength to withdraw. Attempting to influence the situation will only prolong it. Withdraw now, wait patiently, and allow everything to settle.

Watch and wait as things progress on their own. Consolidate your strength and energy for the time of growth that is coming soon. Nip cynicism in the bud, so intuition can flow and so that you can be receptive to the advice of a wiser adult.

Hexagram 26 Ta Ch'u - Taming Force Mountain over Heaven Remain calm and detached in the face of hostile provocations from others who seek to undermine your resolve. Your character is being tested. Hold on to your inner truth. Use these difficulties as opportunities to understand the situation better. Some people may be afraid and jealous of your spiritual progress.

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Ignore them and stay focused. Hexagram 27 I - Nourishment Mountain over Thunder By feeding the desires of the ego, we encourage the growth of inferior spiritual qualities such as envy, self-pity, and distrust. Through meditation we cultivate tranquility and receptiveness that allows wisdom to flow in. It is likely you'll give in.

hexagram 27 relationship quizzes

You understandably want to escape the situation, but that will only delay the inevitable. Constantly running weakens your resolve and worsens your problems. A time to stand firm. Rely on your inner truth and integrity and you will emerge stronger. This might require a sacrifice, but you will see the fruits of your efforts if you persevere. Open your heart and adopt a detached, receptive state that will allow the universe to work everything out.

hexagram 27 relationship quizzes

Be open-minded and diplomatic to receive benefits from external influences. To have a beneficial influence on others you need to maintain inner independence and integrity, acting from a position of quiet inner truth and humility.