How to control your feelings in a relationship

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how to control your feelings in a relationship

In any relationship, we can never control the other person, but when we for our behavior rather than feeling that our partner's behavior left us. Don't let your emotions control you. Lower emotional reactivity; More cognitive flexibility; Able to self-observe; Higher relationship satisfaction. Angele Russell argues that while music allows the listener to explore a range of emotions, that shouldn't be replicated in real life relationships.

Reacting immediately to emotional triggers can be an immense mistake. It is guaranteed that you'll say or do something you'll later regret. Before refuting the trigger with your emotional argument, take a deep breath and stabilize the overwhelming impulse.

how to control your feelings in a relationship

Continue to breathe deeply for five minutes, feeling as your muscles untense and your heart rate returns to normal. As you become calmer, affirm to yourself that this is only temporary. Ask for divine guidance. Faith is our saving grace in our darkest moments. No matter your creed, developing a healthy relationship with the divine world will help you surmount your obstacles more easily.

This is because when you believe in a higher force, you also believe in the power of divine intervention to show you what you must do, teach you why something is happening or even save you from a certain unwanted situation. When burdened with emotion, close your eyes, envision a positive solution to your problem, and ask the universe to illuminate the best path forward. Find a healthy outlet. Now that you've managed your emotion, you'll need to release it in a healthy way.

Emotions should never be bottled up.

How To Control Your Emotions When It Comes To Men

Call or go see someone you trust and recount to them what happened. Hearing an opinion other than your own broadens your awareness. Keep a journal and transfer your emotions from your inner self onto the paper.

Many people find it helpful to engage in aggressive exercises, such as kickboxing or martial arts, to discharge their feelings. Others meditate and chant to return to a tranquil state of being. Perform whatever activity is best-suited to you in order to liberate your being from pent-up sentiments.

See the bigger picture. Every happening of our lives, whether good or bad, serves a higher purpose.

How to Stop Your Feelings for Someone from Growing

Wisdom means being able to see past the moment and discern the greater meaning of any given situation. You may not understand it in the beginning, but as time goes by, you'll begin to see the bigger picture falling into perfect order.

Even in the midst of an emotionally upsetting moment, trust that there exists an ultimate purpose which you will come to comprehend soon. Negative emotions bind us to recurring negative thoughts, creating cycles of downright negative patterns.

Whenever you are confronted with an emotion which is making you feel or think something bad, force it out of your mind and replace it with a different thought.

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Imagine the ideal resolution to your problem playing out, think about someone who makes you happy or remember an event that makes you smile. Forgive your emotional triggers.

how to control your feelings in a relationship

Your emotional triggers may be your best friend, your family members, yourself or all of the above. You may feel a sudden wave of anger when your friend "does that thing she does," or a stab of self-loathing when you remember something you could have done differently.

But when you forgive, you detach.

how to control your feelings in a relationship

You detach from the resentment, the jealousy or the fury lingering within you. You allow people to be who they are without the need for escalating emotions. As you forgive, you will find yourself disassociating from the harsh feelings attached to your being. A constant reminder of our ardent nature, emotions surge through us at every second of the day. Step 3 Accept that you can't let your feelings grow for this person.

6 Steps to Controlling Your Emotions

Step 4 Redecorate your bedroom if you spent significant time there. Give it a fresh look to go along with your fresh emotional start. Paint the walls, move the bed, get new linens or make other small changes that will help you get over the relationship.

Step 5 Spend time with friends and family. It's easy to lay around and wallow in self-pity.

how to control your feelings in a relationship

Instead, spend time with positive people to keep things in perspective and enjoy your life again. Lean on people for support if you need to. Step 6 Don't be friends with the object of your affection. When you have a romantic connection for someone, it's not easy to revert to the "friend zone.

how to control your feelings in a relationship

Step 7 Get out of the house and go to the gym, the movies, the mall or anywhere else as long as you're not with the other person or going to places you used to visit together. Step 8 Work on a new you. After living out a soap opera in your mind about your increasing feelings for an inappropriate partner, you probably neglected your own self-development. Take a class in an activity that interests you, exercise, read, volunteer or do other things that make you feel good about yourself and your development.

Step 9 Seek counseling if necessary.