How to keep a long term relationship with your boyfriend

Five experts reveal the secrets to long-term love

how to keep a long term relationship with your boyfriend

To keep things fun and fresh in a long-term relationship, it's crucial that, no matter how long you've been together, you never stop 'dating' your. If You Want A Successful Long-Term Relationship, Read This Here, experts share their best advice on how to ensure your love doesn't suffer No matter how long you've been with your partner, Schewitz says it's essential. Now, however, I'm in my first long-term relationship (nine months "Even if you 're deeply in love with your partner, it's perfectly normal However, being aware of the temptation allows you to keep your guard up and fight it.

One of the positive aspects of being in a relationship with someone for a long time is that you really get to know each other.

how to keep a long term relationship with your boyfriend

The negative side of this is that the novelty wears off, and humans love novelty. Keep the playfulness alive.

how to keep a long term relationship with your boyfriend

We all love to play, regardless of our age. In addition, the next time that your partner says something that bothers you, try responding with a joke instead of getting defensive.

8 Ways to Keep Your Long-Term Relationship Strong

Give your partner space. The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer used porcupines to explain a dilemma which often exists in human relationships. Two porcupines trying to keep warm will move closer to one another. However, if they get too close they prick each other with their spines. The same thing happens in human relationships: Show each other daily physical affection. This stands for apology, affection, and a promise of action. Offer a meaningful gesture of warmth, such as a hug or a kiss.

Pledge to take action that is meaningful to them. Focus on the positive. Terri Orbuch has been conducting a long-term study since on what makes couples happy and strengthens relationships.

8 Ways to Keep Your Long-Term Relationship Strong | Her Campus

She advises that couples resolve to focus on the positive. She explains that happy couples focus on what is going well in their relationship, rather than focusing on what is going wrong. In addition, if you do need to call attention to a negative aspect, try to do it in a positive way. For example, if your partner is messy try telling them something like the following: When things are messy I feel stressed. They recommend that you strengthen your relationship by creating rituals just for the two of you.

For example, every Saturday night can be date night. Another example can be having your coffee together every morning, or taking ten minutes to chat every night before going to bed. John Gottman is a researcher, author and Ph.

There are many ways to be supportive of your partner, including the following: Give compliments and praise. Give them information that they might need. Give them a hand when they need it. For example, doing their house chores when they have to put in extra hours at work. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. She adds that vulnerability is about being honest with how we feel, about our fears, about what we need, and asking for what we need.

how to keep a long term relationship with your boyfriend

Perform little acts of kindness for your partner that let them know you love them. Some ideas include the following: Warm her car on a cold morning. Communicate well You should be able to talk about just about anything with your SO.

Keep Your Relationship Strong - 18 Ways to Have a Healthy Relationship

You should be straightforward with one another and not be afraid to be vulnerable and share your feelings. Without an open line of communicationissues that start small will grow and create a life of their own. When your relationship is solid and love is in the air, listening is always worth it. You may not want to alter an attitude or behavior sometimes, but if you do, you may realize that you became a much better person from it.

how to keep a long term relationship with your boyfriend

They are only helping you get to a better you. Be intimate The feeling of being close with your SO trumps all. Intimacy in your relationship will not be comparable to any other situation you've ever been in.

It's a chance for you to see a deeper side of your SO.

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But, let's face it, if the sex doesn't happen or isn't mutually satisfying, then you should try to go back to being 'just friends. The connection of being intimate is like no other feeling.

18 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong

Sometimes, words don't do justice for how much you love someone. Show them so well that you don't have to tell them. It can be deeply passionate and intense. And at other times, it is calm yet extremely comforting. Your intimacy with your SO will be completely unique to your dynamic and connection.

how to keep a long term relationship with your boyfriend

It's much more than what people think it is. It's truly getting to know a person deeper than the surface. No one can duplicate it, replicate it or imitate it. Allow them to have "me time" Sometimes, people need their space.

Be amazing as an individual so you can be even better together. After a long week of work, you may not want to stay in the house and have a movie night. You may want to throw on that black fitted dress and head to the bar with your girls. Building a strong friend group will allow you to maintain strong connections and have relationships that are not solely romantic.

It's always good to stay connected with your crew, whether you're in a relationship or not.