How to stop sabotaging your relationship

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how to stop sabotaging your relationship

Do you blame the downfall of your relationships with people who actually treat you right on You might sabotage by pulling back or pushing too hard, both subtle ways to . To lose weight and keep it off, you want your cells to be the complete. 40 Signs You Might be Self-Sabotaging Your Relationship A grudge is inherently self-sabotaging because the purpose is to keep people at. If we can't look at ourselves and be honest about our pain and how that fuels our behavior, we will keep repeating the same patterns in relationships.

This essay is adapted from The Healthy Mind Toolkit: In your work and home life, you can streamline your workflow so you can get simple things done without significant willpower. Tiny changes can help you feel in control.

For example, instead of having a container for pens and scissors in only one room of the house, I have these in three different rooms.

how to stop sabotaging your relationship

Strategies like these save time and, more importantly, help free you up mentally. Learn to love incremental improvements A paradox perfectionists face in trying to reduce self-sabotage is their tendency to have inflexible standards and be dismissive of incremental gains.

Over time, even tiny improvements add up significantly.

How I learned To Stop Sabotaging My Relationship - The Good Men Project

Some strategies for getting started include: Use project to-do lists to outline every step involved in a particular project. Save your daily to-do list for things that truly need to be done that day. Project-specific to-do lists help you utilize small scraps of time.

how to stop sabotaging your relationship

If you have five or ten minutes, you can do a tiny step from your project-specific list. Shrink relatively unimportant tasks to the bare minimum required for getting them done.

how to stop sabotaging your relationship

Perfectionists habitually expand the scope of projects to the point that they become unwieldy. This can help you simplify your expectations if your demands of someone else would be more reasonable than your demands of yourself.

For example, a recovering alcoholic might decide to call an old drinking buddy, just to say hello or for a game of basketball, and soon finds that this minor decision takes them down the slippery slope of resuming alcohol abuse. You can use this same concept to understand much less destructive, but still sabotaging, behaviors. A micro decision for me is whether I leave a document open on my computer when I plan to go back and work on it after taking a break.

It can be very satisfying to understand your own psychology and realize your personal patterns. Practice acceptance and self-care Making changes in your life requires time and energy. Another way to free up your cognitive and emotional reserves is to practice acceptance.

how to stop sabotaging your relationship

What aspects of reality can I accept instead of ruminating on them or nagging others about them? This could be accepting certain traits of your romantic partner, occasional human error, changes at work, or something as simple as your kid liking a food one day and rejecting it the next. I would suddenly get very critical about the dumbest things.

I reached the point where I seriously considered just breaking up with everyone at the 5 month mark. Opting out of the whole crazy thing.

Invariably and understandably this would totally throw the poor guy off. He would look at me funny.

How I learned To Stop Sabotaging My Relationship

I would try going on vacations. More funny looks, combined with attempts to go along. If it was time consuming and could keep me away from my new beloved, I would be all over it. Instead of facing it head on, I was trying to distract myself out of the hole. So this begs the question, how do you stop self-sabotage in a relationship when things are finally going well?

For the reluctant daters among us, dating is a little like going to the gym. Dating, like the gym, gets better with repeat attendance. Do you want the traditional white picket fence family?

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Lots of interesting flings? Tangled bodies and passion? What kind of relationship do really you want to have? Listen hard for the answer. The objections are where the real growth begins.