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Iker Casillas has opened up about his relationship with Jose Mourinho wife, Spanish TV presenter Sara Carbonero, about unrest in the team's The Spain goalkeeper continued: "Then Sara reported about problems in the. Iker Casillas has opened up about his relationship with Jose relationship with the goalkeeper one of the biggest issues in the three-year spell. TV presenter Sara Carbonero, about unrest in the team's dressing room only. Spain?s captain and goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, received a little more Spain's captain and goalkeeper Iker Casillas and his reporter girlfriend Sara Carbonero Rather than answering Sara's questions about the game, the.

In fact, my dream is to do a radio program related to music. I would love that! What is your cathartic song? Do you play any instruments? Yes, the guitar, since I was eight. How are you treated by users of social networks? I prefer people who support and encourage, who make me feel loved through Facebook and Twitter. With regards to this particular one, we had just finished eight hours of live filming, we had just done 15 interviews.

The first one to get upset with making a mistake is me. Sometimes I get the feeling that with me, nothing is forgotten. What things help you to handle this pressure and lead a normal life? The best comfort is my loved ones. Everything is better when I talk to her. Another fundamental thing is knowing your origins. It was raining very hard, but I was happy there, speaking about mus and not about football.

Has Iker helped you to handle the persecution from the media? When I met Iker, he had already been famous for 11 years, for good and for bad.

Casillas lifts lid on relationship with Mourinho during Real Madrid reign

I knew what it was like to be exposed to criticism. And yes, he has helped me to handle everything and to laugh at myself.

When I arrive exhausted at home, he always listens to me. He knows all this. Yes, Iker has helped to calm me down. And it has helped me. All the values that people see are real. And if from the outside he appears to be a good person, up close he is an even better one. I feel the affection that people have for him and vice versa. Being together multiplies that. What other things enrich your daily life? A loyal companion is my dog. Do you spend a lot of time alone?

Iker and Xavi won it two years ago with the national team. They have helped to unite a country and make us forget about the bad times. It was a bit questioned, since some believed it would have been more logical to give it to the 23 players. How was that kiss? I received it just like you saw.

I was working hard and concentrating on the interview, and it was very spontaneous. In that moment, you forget about everything else, even the cameras.

We realized it on the way back, on the plane, because everyone was talking about it. It was too much for me. It was my first World Cup and I was only concentrating on my job.

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  • 'It is unfair to call me a mole' - Casillas opens up on Mourinho relationship

We have families, we have friends and we have respect for ourselves. However, their relationship is not as perfect as we want to sell. Iker and Sara are currently facing their first major crisis Christmas. She seems to have changed. We are told that Real Madrid goalkeeper does not support what has become jealous of his girlfriend.

Iker Casillas marries Sara Carbonero in secret wedding

It seems that the journalist is a very possessive: She has always been very normal. The matter has gone so far that Casillas had decided to give an ultimatum despite being super lover to relax or take time off. Overwhelmed by the environment In addition, the Toledo is experiencing a very difficult personal circumstances: Her parents are in the process of divorce papers, and apparently, she feels guilty. Had they not been separately if filtering father has a gambling problem? San Cayetano We say the goalkeeper has a nickname for her ex-boyfriend: San Cayetano, because they understand how the bullfighter can stand as a character that defines Mr.

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It is not exculpate himself, but also have to see how it behaved Casillas at the time. Seeks to fix Despite being angry with his girlfriend, Real Madrid goalkeeper has confessed to his environment that will fight to fix the situation.

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Casillas wants to think that Sara has become possessive of all the media pressure that supports around them. It seems that he would be tired of her possessiveness. They say that the journalist has become very jealous: Iker does not want to leave without her and even forced him to erase some of his Facebook friends. Iker does not want to leave in the lurch Iker does not want to leave in the lurch, but he has requested a change. We have the goalkeeper also been advised to stay for a while in the background.

Especially since he has been tainted in their work, as when a girl dropped a bomb on Ana Rosa program that Cristiano Ronaldo was selfish. The players are determined to deny it, but it seems that the relationship between the goalkeeper and the striker is not good since then. The stars do not get along On December 20, Iker and Cristiano children brought toys to a hospital in Madrid. The Real Madrid duo is determined to put them together to make it clear that there are no problems.

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Is it finally breaks loose? But we say that the goalkeeper and striker are not on speaking terms since the Portuguese as defined by Sara as selfish … It was put together breaks loose.

Sara Carbonero a year ago And this seems to have influenced too much on the presenter.