Intp intj infp infj relationship

INTJ, INFP, INTP, INFJ Relationships, Compatibility, & the Inferior Function

intp intj infp infj relationship

As introverts, the INFJ, INFP, INTJ, and INTP types are naturally compelled to The INTP: Personality, Careers, Relationships & the Quest for Truth and Meaning . Why INFJ, INTJ, INFP, & INTP Types Struggle in Modern Life (Part I) NP Relationships & Compatibility The INTP / INFP Quest for Certainty: Is it Healthy ?. I highly recommend INFP for the socially obtuse INTJs like myself. . It's true; both INTPs and INFPs are quite particular about language in this way; .. The only INFJ woman I was ever involved with seemed promising at first.

If change is the name of the game, those who fail to adapt run the risk of becoming irrelevant or left behind.

intp intj infp infj relationship

This can pose a problem for INs who want to deeply invest in something while at the same time remaining responsive to new trends or developments. They may find it difficult to honor their need for inner consistency amid an ever-changing external landscape. Although keeping tabs on new developments is certainly feasible within a relatively narrow scope of interest, INs are compelled to maintain an accurate sense of reality as a whole, which means exploring and integrating a broad swath of information.

To ensure that their worldview and life choices are guided by a proper understanding of the whole, they see it is as their duty to stay informed and to modify their views and actions accordingly. In light of the monsoons of information that bombard us on a daily basis, this is undoubtedly a tall task. Fortunately, intuition is less concerned with amassing facts and details than it is with seeing and understanding broader patterns. IN types are thus mostly concerned with seeing how new information squares with their general understanding of things.

Why INFJ, INFP, INTJ, & INTP Types Struggle in Modern Life

How much time should one spend selecting, studying, and preparing to shoot a target before finally pulling the trigger? INs typically spend far more time engaged in this sort of reflective preparation than other types. It is therefore not unusual for them to worry that life may be passing them by as they spend copious amounts of time introspecting and trying to figure things out.

In type parlance, they worry that investing too much time in their dominant functions may hinder the development and integration of their inferior functions.

  • Why INTPs & INFPs Should Confer with INFJs or INTJs

Compromise, while necessary in any relationship, can also involve a great a price when typological opposites come together. Intuitives tend to be particularly sensitive to this issue, struggling with the idea of sacrificing their individuality for the sake of preserving the relationship.

As idealists, persisting in mediocre relationships for the sake of duty or convention is a difficult pill for many Intuitives to swallow. Because of its role in facilitating the pairing of typological opposites, it is critical that all types work to develop an awareness and understanding of the workings of their inferior function.

The insidious influence of the inferior can cause both Introverts and Extraverts to make detrimental errors in judgment when selecting a romantic partner.

Why INFJ, INFP, INTJ, & INTP Types Struggle in Modern Life

Rather than heeding the naive and childlike feeling judgments of their inferior FeINTPs are better off using their Thinking Ti when it comes to selecting a mate.

INFPs will do best to listen to their hearts and deeply held values Fi rather than making a Te list of pros and cons or being wooed by the ostensible strength or confidence of an ESTJ. To further illustrate these issues, I wished to conclude this post with a comment made by a reader, which is followed by a thoughtful response from my blogging sidekick Elaine Schallock: I am an INFP female age I married my ESTJ husband at age It was very much for me as you described.

Meeting him felt very nice at that time in my life, when I had no real direction and was floundering around.

INTJ, INFP, INTP, INFJ Relationships, Compatibility, & the Inferior Function

I loved how he came in and swooped me up, making decisions for me and giving my life a direction. I had become so used to denying myself and feeling there was something wrong with me. Always giving in on every issue and not really having a voice of my own.

He is a very forceful and dominant personality and after 14 yrs of marriage, I have lost myself. It has been a light at the end of the tunnel to make these discoveries and begin relearning myself.

Why INTPs & INFPs Should Confer with INFJs or INTJs

Simply dusting everything off and really looking at my own needs and desires after all this time is a huge step for me.

I realize I have a lot of digging out to do to get out from under the rubble and debris that has kept me entombed in this marriage for so long.

intp intj infp infj relationship

It will be a long process to rebuild my life again. I truly wish this subject was more readily taught and discussed with young adults. Just having a vague understanding could help so many people with life choices.

Careers, choosing a mate, raising children, communicating with spouses, extended family relationships are all things where personality differences come into play. The more educated someone is about the personalities that surround them, the more likely they will be successful in life and able to build a solid foundation around them.

What I love about INFP, INFJ, INTP, INTJ (Part 2 of 3)

Relationships become tinged with co-dependent behavior as the partners attempt to use one another to supply them with the inferior needs that they enviously wish they could provide for themselves. This is how a love-hate relationship develops. If the psyche feels that the unconscious inferior function is gaining too much power, the dominant function will readily take extreme measures to wrestle back control, like when we overcorrect after our car accidentally veers into the wrong lane. When we pair with our typological opposite without sufficient understanding of type dynamics or awareness of the powers of our unconscious over us, we put ourselves at great risk for experiencing this extreme tension and love-hate volatility in our relationships.

Therefore, all of our unresolved issues with our tertiary and inferior functions become projected onto our partner and are acted out in our relationships — and usually in very destructive ways. Typically, the things that initially draw opposite persons to one another end up being the same traits that create conflict and resentment down the road. The unconscious psyche, not one to be fooled easily, realizes that our partner is not an authentic or sufficient substitute for our own psychological growth.

In fact, after this point of realization, the partner is actually perceived as a threat, as an obstacle to our further development. Your passiveness is an invitation for him to become more aggressive, and that aggressiveness invites your passiveness, and so on until something or someone hits the fan.

And while all this may sound very grim, please know that there is absolutely hope for reconciliation with one another and with yourselves as individuals if that should be your desire. Doing this, quite clearly, demands being educated about your own inner conflict between your dominant and inferior function and recognizing the destructive pattern that your unconscious is acting out in the relationship. If the partners can make themselves aware that it is their own inner inferior functions that they are at war with, and not one another, they can avoid making each other scapegoats and villains and possibly save the relationship.

A great therapist can be a very useful dare I say necessary?

intp intj infp infj relationship