Jasika nicole john noble relationship

Exclusive Interview: FRINGE actress Jasika Nicole puts in double time Assignment X

jasika nicole john noble relationship

Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Meghan Markle, and Jasika Nicole in Fringe ( ). Fringe's Jasika Nicole talks to Spinoff Online about the changes in store for her character Astrid, her friendship with co-star John Noble, and how I think it's one of those instances that the relationship that occurred off-screen. Exclusive Interview with FRINGE actress Jasika Nicole on playing The actress talks playing two Astrids, working with John Noble and the line of the year AX: Would you say Astrid's strongest relationship is with Walter?.

Jasika Nicole plays Astrid Farnsworth in both realms. In ours, she is the protective, almost parental assistant to Walter.

jasika nicole john noble relationship

In the alternate world, she is an autistic FBI researcher. So it was a surprise for me when they finally started to look into developing her relationships with the other characters.

Do you get grossed out by any of the stuff on the set? Well, first of all, I love horror films. What are some of your favorites? I had to have been in kindergarten when it came out, and my dad took me to the movie theatre to watch it. I thought it was so good. I love special effects.

jasika nicole john noble relationship

So when I get to set and I see the stuff, I love it, I eat it up. When did you know that Astrid would to show up in the alternate universe? I think it was John Noble who had mentioned it to me. Which is incredible in so many ways. So I felt like I had some insight into who this character was that maybe not everybody else did.

So I was super-excited about playing her.

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Are you basing how you play alternate-Astrid on observations of your sister? My sister does not verbally communicate well at all. So there are a couple things that I did base on my sister, like the fact that she does not make eye contact when she tries to relay information to you. She looks away from you or she looks down.

Now that autism is such a big thing that people are familiar with it, it turns out that a lot of people who are just awkward or antisocial or off are really autistic [laughs].

'Fringe' cast talks about possible movie someday

So there are still a lot of questions that are unanswered about the Astrid people are familiar with in this world. And because this other Astrid is so vastly different than the Astrid you have seen introduced up until now.

Is Jasika closer to old Astrid or new Astrid?

jasika nicole john noble relationship

You mentioned that everyone asks you about John Noble, so I will, too. You have such wonderful chemistry on-screen. Can you please speak about your relationship with him both on- and off-screen?

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And John and I connected pretty immediately at the start of the show. I was really interested in talking to him about his transition from theater to television and film and how different those three modes of acting are.

And we talk about it a lot actually. I think Astrid and Walter realize pretty early on in Season 2 that they were definitely more than just colleagues.

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They have sort of become surrogate family members for each other. You mentioned you were unexpectedly able to sing for an episode. Were you looking forward to the musical and were you pleased with the final product? It was really great because my background is in musical theater. And John and Josh and I would always joke that Fringe needed to be a musical just because it was the furthest thing that we could ever imagine happening to the show, so when we found out that it really was going to happen, it was really funny.

It was almost like we spoke it into reality. And it was a lot of fun because I miss singing and I never would have imagined that I would have the opportunity to do it on the show and you know when Glee first came out, my heart was a little bit broken because I felt like I was destined to be on that show.

I did all of that stuff that they do on that show and so a part of me yearns to be on it and be a part of it so when we did this musical episode, it was very satisfying. She had a scene where she was supposed to