Kashibai bajirao relationship quotes

Bajirao Mastani and our problem with polyamory

kashibai bajirao relationship quotes

As the story goes, Bajirao had an intimate relationship with both his first wife KashiBai and Mastani, his second wife. Yet, though Bajirao was. Kashibai, Chimnaji Appa, Balaji (Nana saheb), AND Mastani (ALSO) came to Khargon at that time. that of Bajirao-Mastani:Mastani lived as a Muslim after marriage with a I will quote references in my forthcoming posts. Those who have watched Bajirao Mastani can completely agree on the fact. ( not missed target just relationship arrived in between). ​ . By Kashibai: 1.

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  • Bajirao Mastani and our problem with polyamory

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kashibai bajirao relationship quotes