Kazuma hoshino relationship

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kazuma hoshino relationship

The following lists the cast of characters from the visual novel Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi and its animated adaption. Primary characters[edit]. Kazuma Hoshino. I find it annoying that almost every girl likes Kazuma and he rejects . and have Ui somehow cheer them on in their relationship like in the game or just give up on Kazuma. .. Hoshino Kazuma is the worst person out there. Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi (星空へ架かる橋), sometimes shortened to Hoshikaka and also known by the translation A Bridge to the Starry Skies, is an adult visual novel developed and published by Feng, released on October 15, for Windows. The story, a mostly comedic slice-of-life, centers on Kazuma Hoshino, Being an erotic title, relationships between characters may expectedly.

kazuma hoshino relationship

Eriko Nakamuracredited as Maki Hibino in the game JapaneseChris Simms anime English Lively and upbeat, Ui Nakatsugawa is a second-year high school student who is arguably the most iconic character of the series. An energetic, carefree individual, Ui is fun, outgoing and adored by everyone, though she is relatively naive compared to her peers.

Of her most outward traits, Ui has an outrageous appetite for food. She soon develops feelings for Kazuma.

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In addition to performing well academically and her duties on the student council, she is also an active member of the archery club, having practiced the sport since middle school. She is initially suspicious of Kazuma but, due to his kindness she ultimately develops a soft-spot for him. Although Ibuki can be tough and difficult, she can be particularly tender and shy. Ai Shimizucredited as Asuka Isuzu in the game JapaneseCarol Anne-Day anime English Madoka Koumoto is a shy first-year high school student, who outside of her time at school, doubles as the local Shinto shrine miko.

Having grown up under sheltered circumstances, Madoka dresses old-fashioned clothes and is mildly androphobic.

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Having met and played with Kazuma when he was last in Yamabiko, her history with him is the longest of anyone, spanning at least a decade. Madoka enjoys writing and is skilled at nage-waza and is in love with Kazuma. Chiaki Takahashicredited as Ran Suzuki in the game JapaneseKatie Rowan anime English Tsumugi is a third-year high school student and one of the most respectable cast members. A gentle, down-home country girl, Tsumugi is courteous, knowledgeable and acts as a sort of mediator for those around her.

Tsumugi is a lover of nature and the rural life, enforced by her part-time work at the Yorozuyo Inn. While settling into their new surroundings the brothers become acquainted with several locals including Ui Nakatsugawa, Ibuki Hinata, the Toudou sisters and Madoka Koumoto, among others.

The story details the brothers' adventures with their new friends. List of Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi characters Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi follows the life of Kazuma Hoshino, a teenage boy who moves to the fictional rural town of Yamabiko with his younger brother, Ayumu, [5] on account of Ayumu's asthma. As they make their way back to where Ayumu is waiting, Kazuma learns that Ui is fond of cooking, has a refined sense of taste, sports a nearly insatiable appetite, and by extension, loves eating.

After returning to Yamabiko, Kazuma and Ayumu become acquainted with a number of other people. Senka Yorozu is a friend of their father's and the landlady of Yorozuyo Inn where they stay. She is a gregarious woman, with a penchant for drinking. At school Kazuma becomes friends with Daigo Minamikokubaru, a classmate with a fondness for online games and always imagining nude girls. He is also the son of their homeroom teacher. Ayumu arrives in the company of Kasane Toudou, Tsumugi's youngest sister, a sweet-natured, blue-haired girl known around the town for her interest in gossip.

My date appreciated points, The beginning was certainly interesting of the date with Ibuki most likely thinking about the incident with Ui she had earlier on. I did like that Kazuma did surprise her suddenly but it was meant to show she was thinking deeply about it. Kazuma sure got the tease going by offering his bitten Popsicle, which if Ibuki would bite means a indirect kiss in a way. Of the best from this segment has got to be Ibuki's pouting face in the spoiler that was so win.

Ibuki's tease with finger pointing was funny but I like those part of hers. I certainly liked the arcade part start with a rather strange shooting game name as The Metal Of The Dead if I am not mistaken on the pic taken and what it shows.

Ibuki was just too adorable being frustrated over losing in that shooting game. Best was Ibuki aiming the gun at Kazuma in the spoiler They looked like they were having the best time from all the other girls that Kazuma was with.

kazuma hoshino relationship