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[] quickcam: Kernel bus:1 class:FF .. into 4x mode [] NVRM: RmInitAdapter failed! Maybe Sun can now get this straightened out given our new relationship with Microsoft. Solvusoft's close relationship with Microsoft as a Gold Certified [ ] NVRM: RmInitAdapter failed! . It could include Grub, Kernel, Xorg, opensourced or proprietary drivers, Unity, Compiz, Gnome 3, etc., etc., etc. A Linux kernel framework to enable OS-level scheduling for black-box GPUs the system log: NVRM: failed to copy vbios to system memory. NVRM: RmInitAdapter failed! Option "MetaModeOrientation" "relationship of head 1 to head 0>".

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Dan alludes to this when he writes, "A general purpose tool that most people can't use easily or understand how to apply in new situations will be less popular. Isn't he just pandering to those of us aesthetically challenged folks who only wonder whether Mac OS X would be worth it when trying to edit home videos?

Even that I could see was not sinking in instantly. Then later I came up here and had network problems. But lookups weren't working. We need to figure out how to make this stuff simpler not just to develop to, but for normal people to debug. It seems to work on Dapper Drake. It also seems to work, almost, on Breezy. For a reason I've not yet managed to discover, my registration is coming back "Forbidden.

The folks on the mailing list who seem to have had the same symptoms all got around it.

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One person said a change of passwords worked. I've not yet tried to learn which ports I might be supposed to open. Tried to interest Luke in trying this out at work since he was on Windows. He saw the intructions for using SIP with whatever Microsoft's comparable software is called and gave up before trying. Ubuntu Dapper Drake is slipping to June 1.

The good thing is that it's already fairly solid, if not so stable. For my use it already seems to work. Curiously the documentation freeze is coming before the user interface freeze. Can Ubuntu docsters count on the specs so completely they're ready to finish the doc before the developers quit tweaking?

I need to get my head around that one. On the laptop where I write this entry, I used apt-get dist-upgrade or did I do that in Synaptic?

This system would be awful to use in real production. The problem is not the stability or the bugs. It works fine and I haven't run into any bugs. The problem is the volume of updates. Over megabytes this morning. Another megabytes this evening if I had the energy to get the updates. But should I do apt-get dist-upgrade on the PC where we have all our stuff?

I know some of the apps have been dropped, and some have changed. Matt did the same sort of thing with yum the other day and found he had to redo his network configuration afterward. That's all he found immediately, but I didn't ask him what he found next. Sometimes we think of Solaris as being a bit stodgy, but at least you can upgrade most of the time without fear that your whole configuration will be hosed.

Maybe when the children have grown I'll be able to sit in the living room and listen to a CD, but for now I need them on the MP3 player. Listening while jogging along the road is not so good, but listening while sitting in a running car is worse.

That's probably why so many adults listen to talk radio. Classical music in my car is like drinking from a mud puddle. But sometimes I'd like to listen while I'm at the computer. In that case, I'd like to have album playlists. And I don't want to do that by hand for all the CDs I ripped. Do I write my own m3u file builder? Can I find a good one online? It looks like they've put a price on easily extensible online storage.

What they don't seem to have priced yet is web storage that is guaranteed not to disappear without notice. Way down in the disclaimers section of their agreement you find that they're not going to be liable for any disasters. He wants to use old games that I cannot get to run on Ubuntu with Wine, the Windows emulator.

First of all, the Vaio recovery CDs that reinstall Windows 98 do not include a utility to change the partition table. Good thing I had an old Gentoo CD lying around for fdisk.

Next, there are bad blocks on the disk. Windows 98 is going to run into them some day and break. Will try the disk management tools, but don't know if they'll work. Finally, using the wireless card with Windows 98 is a pain. The setup and driver didn't fit on a floppy, so I had to burn a CD.

It took me a while just to find the driver. Seems to work now. Nor is it clear there'd be an alternative, like showers at the Gare de Lyon for example.

Maybe I'll just have to stink all the way home tomorrow evening. Of course if the weather turns out to be as cool as predicted, we might not sweat that much after all. I'd turned off sound events at startup in Ubuntu. That seems to have the effect that the audio settings in GnomeMeeting work, rather than breaking silently.

Thank you to the developers who put whatever is built in to break feedback loops. I can get audio from NetMeeting that plays back through GnomeMeeting and vice versa, but I cannot get audio with the webcam to work in GromeMeeting. I cannot even get the text to go through for reasons I do not understand.

Furthermore, it's not clear how I can post my H address out through the NAT, nor can I figure out how I'm going to be able to find someone else's H address.

In some ways it feels like this stuff's not quite ready for prime time on Ubuntu. The audio works fine at the command line. I've recorded a short test with the rec and play commands. Here's what I see in dmesg: E00A contains 08F6 [ Sensor VV detected [ Quickcam snapshot button registered on usb What must I do to get the microphone to work?

First, I followed instructions from somebody in Belgium. A nice scrip, though I didn't know that lsusb would tell me what I needed to change in the Perl line. This QuickCam Messenger is product id 08f6. Also, the latest version of the driver is 1. Next, I needed to get gcc The one by default is 4. After a bit of playing around, I can see the video feed. Yet I cannot get the audio worked out. Will have another look later. There are however cases where you may want to create a static page or two.

We create them at work, for example, as cover pages for documentation snapshots we post for review, for some of our plans, pages we expect people to link to directly and perhaps consult frequently. If you know HTML, you probably end up editing your static pages in something like vim or bluefish. A recent alternative for folks who do static pages and want to be able to edit them without having installed software is Google's beta Page Creator.

I gave Page Creator a whirl. It puts your home page under a URL at their site. You can see the page I created here. If you wanted to create static sites with this method, you could use HTML redirects from your main site, or just link from your blog. It's not immediately clear how you're supposed to do a backup. Maybe the idea is that you crawl through the pages starting from your home page.

Maybe in this Web 2. He looked at the results from a couple of weeks ago when I wore the portable blood pressure measurement device all night, and spent a little more time than the cardiologist saying the high readings appear to have been a fluke. Today he said my blood pressure was douze sept. I guess he meant Neither reading is cause for alarm.

Kernel crash with kmod-nvidia on MM - Mantis

The interesting part of the visit came when he confused me, or at least my job, with another American he treats. This other guy apparently is moving to China to work on productizing the use of paper for digital storage. He wasn't talking about punched tape, but instead storing digital information in paper fibers.

Presumably we have better preservation technology for paper than we do for magnetic or optical media. Perhaps we now have techniques for cramming lots more onto paper. I recall reading something this, but cannot recall where, nor what would bring it back up.

This is the test. You can also get -iacknowledgethatthistoolisnotabenchmark with -printfps. It's not much money, but needs to be corrected. Since it's going to cost me time to fix their mess, I wonder what I can do to cost them as much as possible. Maybe some letters to editors would help. The thieves seem to have protected their theft on a technicality.

They don't propose the offer, but I have to go read 20 pages of fine print again to find the differences between what they proposed to me at the end of December and what I'd have to accept now that I'm signed up.

So if I'm going to get a fair shake for my work, it's going to need to cost them dearly. It's not 20 pages. Our provider of course provides a procedure that systematically blames France Telecom. Yet I don't recall ever having more than momentary outtages, always fixed by restarting the software connection, when France Telecom was our provider. The technical people at our provider are probably aware this sort of thing happens, because in general they're quite competent.

Maybe it's just that the bankers who own Free. He's willing to share the software, but you need a particular model of watch for it to work. Not sure I'd be willing to make the investment. I'm waiting for the heartbeat monitor to that sends email and lets you keep a running verbal account of how you feel, altitude, temperature, blood concentrations, brain wave activity, shoe wear and tear, etc. Digital sales now account for 7 per cent of overall revenue, the company said.

To what extent does that offset the money the majors claim to have lost by being disintermediated from the physical music media markets? The thing I hadn't see was that you can start a failsafe session on the SunRay, which doesn't try to run gnome-session. And I still get two instances of gconfd He felt guilty and decided to become a foster father Ichcha, Jogi Thakur provide the best care to ichacha, however jealous feelings to creep into family Tapasya especially Sumitra Devi Nani.

He became hate against Damini and Ichcha and Tapasya and tried to influence his friends. Sumitra managed to spread rumors about Ichcha and Damini so Tapasya began to hate since then. After ten years they eventually grow into a mature girl.

Tapasya persuade Ichcha so married to Veer Singh and told him everything about Sid. Full Uttaran characters list with photos and character bios when available.

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