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I've been saying for awhile now that Kurt/Blaine's relationship reminds me of not with Blaine's cheating or even the Karofsky relationship, but with the . I will not repeat here the post I just made in the Let's Try To Market This. Summary: Kurt discovers that Karofsky's hatred has its roots in something . Summary: After Blaine rejects him, Kurt falls into a relationship with Karofsky. .. degraded slave!kurt, dark!dave, sexual themes, and a slave market. Before Dave threatened Kurt's life and forced a kiss on him, before Blaine, I could is to a post “Heart” story that resolves the tension between Kurt, Karofsky, and Blaine. He has built up a relationship in his head that has nothing to do with the .. The Direct Attach?case Market is Japan's largest selling in handling of send.

By Your Side - Stranger Length: But when he returns to McKinley after his suicide attempt, could the former target of his wrath be the thing that saves his life? Be My Everything - Metamorphosis Length: When You Wish - palaemon Length: Kurt and Dave find more than they expected after another encounter at Scandals.

Dave has new friends that have helped him find the courage to come out and be the man he needs to be for Kurt. Neither Kurt nor Dave exactly had a great year. And both have no reason to think next year will be any different. After a confrontation with none other than Kurt Hummel, Dave wakes up the next morning in a body not entirely his own. Karofsky corners Kurt alone somewhere and ends up breaking down in tears. Want Me - Mark Ash Length: Kurt is a normal teenage boy with normal teenage needs.

And Dave Karofsky is… a secret webcam whore? Smutty in places, but not for lack of trying. AU from Never Been Kissed.

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A web of time-travel, do-overs, romance, friendship, humor, angst, and death after death to bring Dave to new chances and new life, because all he wants is Kurt and to set things right, to undo his regrets. And yet I feel quite sympathetic with Glinda at the moment, because I simply cannot stand who my assigned roommate is! Over and over again. What A Catch - Relised Length: When Dave was diagnosed with cancer, he knew he was probably going to die. And he was pretty sure he was okay with that.

Or at least he was okay with it until Kurt started coming around. Friends, Lovers or Nothing - lordofthepringles Length: Dave and Kurt reconnect in New York City four years after the hospital scene. Kurt wants to become friends.

Better said than done. Later, when Kurt's talking to Finn, he says to him, "Look, I'm not telling you that you shouldn't marry Rachel. I love her despite all of her crazy, and I think that you'd be lucky to marry her one day. Along with Quinn and Mercedes, he comes around and decides to support his brother and best friend at their wedding.


Kurt and Blaine are seen with the bridesmaids before Rachel and Finn's wedding. Dance with Somebody During the performance of My Love Is Your Love at the end of the episode, when Rachel runs into the auditorium, she runs into Kurt and squeezes him in a tight hug. Then they skip up to the stage sort of dance-walking together, each one of them with one of their arms on each other's back. She explains that playing safe is the preferred option while Kurt believes that he should take a chance and be excited about it, but decides to listen to her advice.

Kurt makes it into the next stage of the audition while Rachel falters resulting in Rachel breaking down. Kurt tries to comfort her, but he doesn't do much to help her cause. He hugs her and tells her he loves her and she says she loves him too.

Rachel can be seen smiling at Kurt while he walks in, and he makes a hand gesture to Rachel, encouraging her to sing. They then discuss prom, and when they realize that they don't really want to attend it, they develop their own celebration known as the "Anti-Prom," which they open up to general public. At the Anti-Prom, Rachel suggests that they have a fashion show, and Kurt immediately jumps in with ideas based on 'The Sound of Music', but Becky and Puck veto the idea.

When Finn arrives, he convinces Kurt, Rachel and Blaine to come to prom. Being last year's prom queen, Kurt gets to present Rachel with her crown and tells her to "Smile and breathe" while doing so. After, Rachel finds Kurt and Finn in the hallways, she tells them that the acceptance letters are coming this week and that they should all share the moment together and open them in the choir room.

They both agree and Kurt gets them to pinky swear. In the choir room, the three of them huddle around the letters in anticipation and fear. As Finn opens his letter first, Rachel walks beside Kurt and shares a tender moment of contact. They share disappointment when Finn does not get accepted. Kurt opens his next, and also receives rejection. Rachel looks shocked and tells him that she's sorry.

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Rachel opens hers next, and gets accepted. She's happy she got accepted, but it wouldn't be complete without Kurt and Finn by her side in New York. At the station, a crying Rachel shares a final hug and embrace with Kurt, and she walks onto the train.

When she sits down in her seat, Kurt, alongside the other members, wave farewell.