Landlord tenant relationship in nigeria you are either somebody or nobody

Landlords and agencies have started asking people for viewing fees, says Threshold

I attest that the thesis has not been presented either wholly may God continue to bless, keep and guide you and all members of your .. Landlord-Tenant Relationship in Nigeria. Sub-tenant: This is someone who rents a land, house, building or part of a 4) Nobody invests in rental housing. Prospective tenants were also offering themselves in exchange for “I'm looking for free rent in exchange for what you want,” she wrote on “Obviously nobody else would know about this, it would stay strictly Another landlord said he would accept either payment or “sex, kinky Vanguard News Nigeria. i got a house at Egbeda, the Landlord and his wife stays with us in the I have a very cordial relationship with my landlady. nobody has that time for conversation, we return from work and walk Landlord either have you told us if you're a bellicose tenant yourself! Like someone suggested,talk to him.

Househelps were widely believed to be scoundrels and carriers of disease. The first thing to do when a new one arrived was drag him off to the laboratory for blood tests, the results of which would determine whether he should be allowed into your haven.

The last thing to do when one was leaving was to search him for stolen items. In one memorable incident, the help in my friend's house, knowing that her luggage would be searched, donned all the children's underwear she had stolen. And she nearly got away with it. But just as she stepped out the door, my friend's mother noticed that the girl's hips had broadened beyond what food could afflict on the human anatomy in such little time, and insisted that she raise her skirt.

Every family we knew had similar stories about their domestic staff. With time, we children learned to think of them as figures depressed by the hand of nature below the level of the human species, as if they had been created only as a useful backdrop against which we were to shine. Not much has changed since I was a child. My friend's daughter, who attends one of those schools where all the students are children of either well-off Nigerians or well-paid expatriates, recently captured this attitude while summarizing the plot of my novel to her mother.

We blowed out a cylinder-head. Not because of its infrastructure or schools or welfare system. But because the principle of equality was laid out way back in its Declaration of Independence.

Landlords and agencies have started asking people for viewing fees, says Threshold

The Nigerian Constitution states, in Section 17 2 athat "every citizen shall have equality of rights, obligations and opportunities before the law.

It is not enforceable; it certainly isn't reality. The average Nigerian's best hope for dignified treatment is to acquire the right props. British or American accent. These ensure that you will get efficient service at banks and hospitals.

If the props prove insufficient, a properly bellowed "Do you know who I am? This somebody-nobody mind-set is at the root of corruption and underdevelopment: Even when one househelp is made supervisor over the rest, he ends up being more callous than the owners of the house. Some years ago, I made a decision to start treating domestic workers as "somebodys.

But I was only confusing them; they knew how society worked. They knew that somebodys gave orders and kicked them around. Anyone who related to them as an equal was no longer deserving of respect. Thus, the vicious cycle of oppression goes on and on. Nigeria is one of Africa's largest economies; it produces around two million barrels of crude oil per day.

So, it flows naturally that landlords who invested huge sums of money in constructing their houses expect good returns from such investments. Simply, tenants are supposed to pay rents as at when due, at the agreed rate provided for in the tenancy contracts entered into with landlords for the tenants to live in or use the property house. But this is not always the case in Nigeria. Some tenants pay the initial rent and move in and at the expiration of those payments; and the next rents become a problem.

I have heard a case where tenant stayed in a house for five years without paying rents and the case lingered in the court and at the end, the tenant was pushed out of the house by court eviction. It does appear that landlords are holding the short-end of the stick, so the woes are endless. With this, people will be careful that it is no more business as usual. Another benefit for the landlords is free listings of their properties for six months in the LTMS database for potential tenants to rent or others to buy.

How will those who pay their rents as at when due be impacted? When I was teaching in Los Angeles, our principal told us not only to report those bad students to their parents, but we should also send a good letter home for the good students that showed sterling behaviours.

It is also the duty of landlords to lodge the good behaviours of good tenants, so that it will all be detailed in the report sheet when landlords subscribe. Those good tenants need to have some incentives for staying loyal to contractual agreements.

This is because they are not risky tenants; it is at the discretions of the landlords. Is LTMS only for landlords? We protect the interests of both the landlord and the tenant. Interestingly, LTMS is the only organisation in the world that can hold landlords accountable without going to court. All the advantages the landlords have, tenants also do, and it is a fair game.

Tenants have the right to live in a conducive and trouble free environments. There are also some troublesome landlords and the behaviours of such landlords need to be captured in the LTMS database to forewarn the tenants that subscribe to our services when seeking to rent properties from landlords.

What do you perceive as the expectations of landlords and tenants in Nigeria? On the LTMS website, https: LTMS does not challenge the laws of the land and we do not enforce the laws; what we primarily do is to capture the behaviours of the landlords and tenants in our database which they input so as to ensure sanity in the rental real estate industry in Nigeria.

These services will save many landlords and some tenants from convoluted court cases in Nigeria. What do you think that landlords should require from tenants before leasing or renting his or her property out? We have tried to spell out everything in the frequently asked questions FAQs link on the website. Every user is asked to read it and our Terms and Conditions documents before use.

We already have state police and nobody should deny that —Fashola - Vanguard News Nigeria

However, I want to call out the importance of the use of National Identification Document as the only recommended photo ID landlords should ask from tenants before letting properties out. We counsel that the character of the prospective tenant should be placed over the initial rent that landlord stands a chance of earning.

Where do you place tenants who have difficulties with rents because they lost their jobs? Misfortune can fall on the doorstep of anyone unannounced.

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In that case, it would have to depend on the past behaviours of the tenant and the cultivated relationship with the landlord. The tenant can negotiate with the landlord for some time until he or she finds his or feet. But this cannot be for an infinite period.

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I remember inI lost my job and paying rent was difficult and I had to negotiate with my landlord, a Jew. Unfortunately, in Nigeria there is nothing like unemployment benefits, so the guy that lost his or her job in Nigeria would be in a very serious situation. The government that is supposed to provide this short-term lifesaving benefits do not do that rather they fritter our money to overseas and squander the rest through stealing and corruption.

What should the landlord do? Remember that he or she is not running a charity organization, so he or she must make money from his or her investment. Jack Welch, the former General Electric, CEO and Chairman said that businesses were not run on compassionate ground or divine intervention.

We already have state police and nobody should deny that —Fashola

The tenant must pack and give way to those that can pay the rent, unfortunately, that is how businesses are run to survive. How do we see behavioral adjustments in Tenants and landlords?

When people start embracing LTMS and subscribe to our services, there will be a paradigm shift in the behaviors of housing stakeholders, the landlords, Tenants and even banks and other investors in real estate industry.

In the past, pre-LTMS time, it was nothing short of chaos, impunity and brazen shows on the part of mostly tenants. The reason was that there was no system in place to tract the behaviors of people, so they did not care. But now, there is no hiding place for all that is involved, in the sense that your behaviors will follow you to anyway you go. If you are a tenant and you contracted an eviction notice by the action of the court due to refusal of rent payment or you are a habitual rent defaulter, that history will be attached to such tenant and other landlords will see it if reported to LTMS database.