Law relating to live in relationship india

Legal Status of Live- in Relationships in India -

law relating to live in relationship india

LIve in & problems related to it is on rise. This article tries to cover the legal position w.r.t. Live-in in India and any problems which people may. Although the legal status of{jcomments off} live in relationships in India is unclear, the Supreme Court has ruled that any couple living together. age is not a relevant factor for living together by two adults'. Read to know the live-in relationship laws in India and the recent judgment.

Know more from the best family lawyers in Gurgaon The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, was the first law to recognise the right of women living in a live- in relationship. The law recognises that a woman in a relationship which is in nature of a marriage is similar to a wife, if not equivalent.

To fill another lacuna of law with regards to the status of legitimacy of children born out of live- in relationships, the Supreme Court stepped up to lay down guidelines regarding the issue. The apex court laid down that children of couples in the live- in relationship may be allowed to inherit the property of the parents, but they will not have any claim in the ancestral property. Live- in relationship is yet to receive the consent of masses in India.

Live- in relationship was a very vague and unclear term, with no specific laws to provide it protection or even recognition. However, the concept of live- in relationships is slowly getting legal and social recognition with the backing of laws and judicial decisions.

Legal Position of Live-in Relationship in India |

Live-in relationships do guarantee immense financial freedom for both parties involved. In a marriage however, it is generally accepted that the married couple share their earnings and enter into joint financial venture. However, these rules are not carved in stone. Despite the fact that there are scores of couples who are opting for live-in relationships, the society still attaches a taboo to such relationships.

The majority looks at live-in relationship as a dilution of morals and more importantly tradition. Marriage on the other is still venerated by most despite the alarming rise in the number of divorces and problems in relationship.

Therefore, the primary difference between live-in relationships and marriage is that marriage has received the societal stamp of approval and live-in relationships are yet to do so.

law relating to live in relationship india

Live-in Relationship in Other Countries: Different countries have different stand on Live-in relationships.

For example Bangladesh cohabitation after divorce is frequently punished by the salishi system of informal courts, especially in rural areas.

law relating to live in relationship india

In Indonesia, an Islamic penal code proposed in would have made cohabitation punishable by up to two years in prison. Also Cohabitation is illegal according to sharia law in countries where it has been practiced. Family law Scotland Actfor the first time identified, and in the process by default legalized, live-in relationship of overcohabiting couples in the country.

Section 25 2 of the Act said that in determining for the purpose of any of section 26 to 29 whether a person A is cohabitant of another a court of law can consider a person as a co-habitant of another person B the court shall have regard: In case of breakdown of relationship, under section 28, a cohabitant has right to apply in court of law for financial support.

The country later institutionalized cohabitation by giving cohabiters essentially the same rights and obligations as married couples, a situation similar to Sweden and Denmark. Those living together are not recognized as legal parents. Section 4AA of Family Law Act Australia defines the meaning of de facto relationship it says that a person is in de fact relationship with another person if a The persons are not legally married to each other; and b The person are not related by family and c Having regard to all the circumstances of their relationship, they have a relationship as a couple living together on a genuine domestic basis.

Live-in relationship is legally recognized in Canada also. Section 54 1 of Family law Act, R. Live-in relationships are largely covered by the Civil Partnership Act The UK feel that live-in partners owe each other more than that to be worthy of the term.

If a cohabiting couple separates, the courts have no power to override the strict legal ownership of property and divide it as they may do on divorce. Live-in relationship is governed by civil solidarity pact in France.

Adults don't have to marry, can stay in a live-in relationship: Laws you should know

The civil solidarity pact is a contract binding two adults of different sexes or of the same sex, in order to organize their common life; contractants may not be bound by another pact, by marriage, sibling or lineage. Adult under custody cannot contract.

law relating to live in relationship india

Does it amount to an offence? Living together is not an offence. The court said even Lord Krishna and Radha lived together according to mythology.

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  • Legal Position of Live-in Relationship in India

Live in relations suffered a setback with the bar imposed by the Supreme Court in its recent judgment delivered on 17th May in a Family dispute in the matter of Bhaasthamata v R Vijeya Renganathan. The Supreme Court held that a child born out of a live-in relationship was not entitled to claim inheritance in Hindu ancestral coparcenary property.

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The dictum of the division bench comprising Dr B S Chavuhan and Swatanter Kumar, JJ appears to be a general law but its root of jurisdiction lie in the facts peculiar to this case. This ruling may not be accepted as a general law at all.

The benefits of the D. Act are not available in a bigamous marriage. This is regardless the fact that the woman was married or the man was married.

Adult couple can live together without marriage: Supreme Court

The courts have ruled that where the marriage is null and void, it cannot be said that the woman was in a domestic relationship with the man. Also, the second wife cannot challenge the reliefs granted to the first wife.

law relating to live in relationship india

The drafters of the DV Act may have envisaged anything but the legislature when came out with the law where the man should not be allowed to benefits from legal loopholes by enjoying advantages of a de-facto marriage. Recently Supreme Court also said that the laws are needed to protect such women also who are living in bigamous marriage or with a married man, but that is for future. Rape Allegations in Live-in: This is a new trend which has come in light with the change in social dynamics.