Long distance relationship cartoon tumblr food

6 Life Lessons Long Distance Relationships Teach

long distance relationship cartoon tumblr food

This is why I make videos, comics, blog posts, and whatever you call these PDFs. In I visited my long distance boyfriend for the first time. games, and winning the prizes we wanted, we pocketed our D&B card and left to get some food. A Comic About A Long Distance Relationship Is Going Viral, And You'll Cry When You See The Ending of being far away from the one you love, this comic is going to give you more feels than you More info: Tumblr, Facebook .. Living In A Pet Food Factory · Tired Of Seeing Prejudice Against Plus-Sized Women This. These comics perfectly sums up the pain of staying away from your Check out these amazing comics about long-distance relationships 1. tumblr . Now Playing WTF A Million-Year-Old Cave Turned Into A Restaurant.

And it might not be a skill you perfect, but it is one that you have to acquire. Despite that, even I found that my ability to wait to see my partner carried over into strengthening my patience in other areas.

The trick is to remind yourself what you are waiting for. Sure, waiting sucks, but when the end result is someone you care about, the reward makes it worth it. Even those who have active social lives outside of the relationship may find that they spend more time alone than they did before meeting their partner.

6 Life Lessons Long Distance Relationships Teach

So, you learn how to be okay with being alone instead. Not only that, but you learn how to fill your time with people and activities that bring you fulfillment and joy. Even if you spend your time sad and emotional at first, you quickly find better, more constructive ways to spend the time. Some people pick up new hobbies or improve on old ones. Others decide to take a class or learn a new language.

Others still opt to earn extra income by cashing in on an existing skill. Creativity Tumblr Those little things you get to do for one another are some of the best parts of having a relationship. They show thoughtfulness, consideration, and attentiveness. They are also virtually impossible in long distance relationships. So, you learn to compensate. Instead of showing up with flowers before a date, you find a florist who delivers late.

Little notes can be replaced with creative and thoughtful care packages.

long distance relationship cartoon tumblr food

There are always ways you can express that same level of thoughtfulness and consideration, despite the kilometres or miles, depending on your lexicon that separate you two. All it takes is a little creativity. Or they may send a bunch of letters at once, with instructions to open upon feeling certain moods or on certain days.

Regardless of the sweet gesture you have in mind, creativity will help it reach your loved one. How To Live In The Moment Tumblr Of course, the big payoff of any long distance relationship is finally getting to spend time with your partner.

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The days, weeks, months, or years of waiting, careful planning, saving you money, finding the cheapest flight, and three layovers all lead to that perfect, joyful embrace by a luggage rack. You are finally there! Or they are finally here! Learning how to truly live in the moment, without dreading the future or lamenting the past, will make your time together amazing.

long distance relationship cartoon tumblr food

Living in the moment, or mindfulness, is a hard skill to learn, but can be applied to every other area of your life. Being truly present in whatever moment you are living out will make you happier and less anxious or worried about the future.

When it comes to visiting someone you only get to see twice a year or so, making the most out of every second is crucial.

Simply put, long distance relationships are challenging. LDRs, when they involve two people who care about one another, can also impart some very valuable life lessons. Ashley Perna Ashley is a freelance writer and office manager, who enjoys reading, crafting, and archery. She collects comic books, stationary, and empty journals that for some reason never see a pen.

Ashley spends her free time enjoying bright lights in the dark, counting down the months until new Doctor Who, and watching Daily Show alumni on late night TV Share this: Imagine that same feeling, only carried over to your own life and situations. In I visited my long distance boyfriend for the first time.

A Comic About A Long Distance Relationship Is Going Viral, And You’ll Cry When You See The Ending

I stayed with his family and was able to explore his corner of California with him. Let it be known that being in new places often scares me a lot and makes me very anxious, but after some time of being in California I was able to relax and just trust my boyfriend to take me where he thought would be fun. For the first time in so long, I was able to relax.

He knew I loved arcades. I had never been to a Dave and Busters arcade before that trip to California.

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Needless to say for an arcade dweeb like me, It. Absolutely everything just felt right. I was smiling so much my cheeks were aching. I felt like a little kid with absolutely nothing to worry about. We ran down the slope to the entrance of the arcade as the floor beneath us started pounding in tune with a melody playing on the speakers.

long distance relationship cartoon tumblr food

By the time we reached the concrete outside I remember slowing down and actually taking in the situation. Is there a word for that? It probably happens at weddings and graduations… Well for me it happened on my way to lunch with my boyfriend leaving an arcade.

That… actually says quite a bit about me, I just realized. Anyway, this is the song that caused the pounding from the ground and up into my chest.

long distance relationship cartoon tumblr food

My song library consisted of the indie artists I found online, some JPOP from years before, and a mess of chiptune. Then I started tripping across the top 40 without any knowledge of it being so and added them into my library. Even if they were songs everyone was used to hearing and possibly sick ofthey were special to me because I felt like I tripped across gold. When those two instances mix, me knowing a song and the song playing in publicI get ecstatic.

I know the lines coming up and the melody and tempo changes.