Long distance relationship message for boyfriend tumblr goals

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long distance relationship message for boyfriend tumblr goals

Love quote and saying Image Description Long distance relationships. I wish Teen Relationships, Relationship Quotes, Distance Relationships, Bae Goals, . Love Quotes For Her, Love Memes For Him, Qoutes About Love, Romantic Love .. Cute Love Quotes Tumblr Swag Wallpaper Long Distance Love Quotes, Long . love relationship quotes sleep long distance relationship Teen Cuddle post love quotes Relationship Quotes teen post relationship goals hear your heartbeat. 15 Love Quotes On Long Distance Relationship And Romance on Valentine Day. Updated: January 1, / Home» Quotes [ Top Tumblr Related Article ➤ 40 Romantic Quotes about Love Life, Marriage and Relationships [ Part 1 ] Hurts You In A Relationship 18 Romantic Love Quotes For Him And Her On.

Where is this going? Is there a goal? Is one person going to move to be with the other?

long distance relationship message for boyfriend tumblr goals

They say love conquers all but let's be real, if the love was that strong, one of you would compromise and agree to move to be with the other.

In the meantime, have a clear plan of how often you will make trips to visit each other until you can be together on a more permanent basis.

long distance relationship quotes on Tumblr

Trust Trust is probably the most important factor in maintaining any relationship, but especially a long distance one. You're not in the same country and a billion things could run through your mind when you can't get ahold of your partner on the phone or when they go out with their friends. On the flipside of that, I also heard a lot of the phrase, "End it, it's not worth it.

long distance relationship message for boyfriend tumblr goals

At the end of the day, you know your partner more than any of them do and you're the one in the relationship, not them, so pay no mind to the naysayers. Communication is key in an LDR, which leads me to my next point.

9 questions you should ask yourself before starting a long-distance relationship

So many self-help sites and relationship guides will tell you not to overcompensate not seeing each other with phone conversations or messages, but I say why not?

I don't mean spending your whole day and night talking to your partner because you wouldn't necessarily do that if you were together physically, but definitely make more of an effort than you would if it wasn't a long distance relationship. This is also a great chance for your friendship to develop without being distracted by the physical. I laugh whenever I think of how much 02 International and MTN credit we used to burn before we started using FaceTime and Skype to communicate on the regular.

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It helped us grow as a couple. We learnt so much about each other just through talking and listening to one another extensively. Even when we went for our marriage counselling session, our counsellor was surprised at how much we already knew about each other and how much we had discussed, regarding our future.

Self-Growth I really used our time apart to develop myself as a person. When else would I get this much time to myself without my partner? Without sounding selfish, I enjoyed my time alone. I developed hobbies into skills, turned dreams into plans and actions, strengthened relationships with friends and family, and fulfilled a little bucket list of mine too.

One of the things I crossed off my bucket list was going out to places by myself more often, instead of waiting for others, i. Everyone has their own ways of dealing with long distance relationships and these are the things that helped me get through mine.

Yes, I had other people in my life, other support systems, and people to talk to.

15 Love Quotes On Long Distance Relationship And Romance on Valentine Day

I still did a lot of the same things I do now. Even with all of that stuff, I still felt really empty. I felt like I was always looking for someone who would love me for who I truly am, and for a deep connection that I hoped would exist. After a long time of trying and settling, I just stopped looking. I figured that the type of connection I longed for was something non-existent, and that the bonds I had with people were all I was going to get.

I only worried about the here and now, and did not set as many life goals as I have now that I have you. You took my black and white boring world and made it colourful and full of life. From the first moment I talked to you, I truly felt something. You were the only one who was listening to what I was saying, the only one who could catch my socially awkward phrases and cues, and the only one who got my sense of humour. The first conversation we ever had will always be one of my favourites, and I remember it like it happened yesterday.

I was genuinely happy. I was excited that I was able to speak to someone new so carefree a task for meand that the conversation was so open and flowed well. Ever since that day, we have never stopped talking. What we have just works. I love how open we are, even if the subject is TMI, embarrassing, or a bit sassy.

I love how you ramble on and on about stories, the fact that you repeat things all the time, when you randomly stop talking about one thing and begin a new thought, and your constant use of our inside jokes. I love how you are yourself around me and that you feel comfortable around me.

I know it can be hard to date someone with a mental illness, but you have never given up on me. For that, I will forever be grateful and appreciative. I know I panic a lot.

long distance relationship message for boyfriend tumblr goals

I constantly worry and sometimes my brain is running around in circles with all of these thoughts. You always support me in the way I need.

No one else has ever been able to help me and support me the way you have. Even when you may sometimes not be sure of what to do, you always ask me. Your questions have made me more conscientious of the fact that if people just took the time out of their days to ask people why they feel a certain way or what they need instead of assuming thingsthe world would be a lot easier of a place.

long distance relationship message for boyfriend tumblr goals