Madan no ou to vanadis tigre relationship poems

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madan no ou to vanadis tigre relationship poems

Initially an enemy, Elen took interest in Tigre over his astonishing archery skills and decided to take him as her Quotes . Mila is also the first person to find out about Elen and Tigres relationship (on the day they had sex for the first time). After Brune's horrible defeat in Dinant Plains he was captured by a Vanadis, Eleonora Quotes Tigrevurmud Vorn, also known as Tigre, is the main protagonist of Madan no Ou no .. Tigre's feat of having an extremely high luck and showing his resolve (Establishing relationship with Vanadis until revent that makes Tigre. Relationship · History · Gallery. Quotes Tigrevurmud Vorn, also known as Tigre, is the main protagonist of Madan no Ou to Michelia series. Tigre has an outstanding archery skill that impressed by Lena Lourie the former Vanadis of Olmutz.

During Sasha's time as a Vanadis Mediator, Elen and Mila were once halted by Sasha in numerous circumstances and in one occasion, Sasha defeated both Elen and Mila and ordered to them to held a truce despite their both Vanadis's heated rivalry.

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Additionally, Sasha's crippled health solidifying Elen's strong care for her as she vowed to to protect the Fire Vanadis at all cost, even she had to abandon her post to do so.

Prior Sasha's passing, Elen was the first and the last Vanadis to see her alive before her death, prompts her to be devestated over Sasha's death.

Edit Elen's feud with Liza. Vanadis of Lebus who was Elen's former rival and harbored a fierce animosity against her. Unlike her rivalry with Mila due to their background, Elen's rivalry with Liza was personal and hostile.

Prior to her life with the Silver Gale Mercenaries, Elen rescued Liza from her village bullies and not only did she befriended with the Rainbow-Eyed girl, she also trained her fighting skills and encouraged her before leaving her village.

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However, due to Liza's changed appearance and status, Elen quickly forgotten about her in their second encounter, to Liza's dismay. Their friendship began to deteriorate when Liza burned an unnamed village that was related to Elen without her or Zhcted authorities' consent, garnering her hatred against Liza.


Even worse, because of her involvement in Rodion Abt's death before he could escape trial, Elen was challenged by Liza in a duel that she won which further fueling Liza's determination in surpassing her, instantly shattered their last fragment of friendship. Since the fallout of these incidents, neither Elen nor Liza willing to compromise and their arguments almost turned violent.

Nonetheless, due to her knowledge about Liza's stubbornness and temper, Elen tried to avoid their confrontation that resulting horrific consequences, especially Legnica since it is located between Leitmeritz and Lebus. Courtesy to Tigre-under his amnesiac moniker Urs who was under Liza at that time-though, Elen begrudgingly cooperated with Liza for his sake. As her gratitude for Liza for taking care of Tigre prior his amnesia, as well her sympathy towards her old rival's injury after their battle against Baba Yaga, Elen fought and slew Kazakov one of Liza's enemies that seemly rekindling their relationship, especially after Tigre promised that he will be their mediator.

It is then Elen finally recognizes Liza when the latter covering her right eye, effectively leading a reconciliation between the two. Regardless, Elen distrusts Tina not only because of her Tina's inhumane and sinister tactics, from poisoning Brune's river in order to demoralize the Sachstein Calvary Army to even dispatch Lim as the Moonlight Knights' messenger to meet Asvarre Army, she also become increasingly aggravated to see Tina's unusual interest towards Tigre after hearing rumors about him piggybacking Tina after the siege of Hill Fort in Plainville Plains, resulting her antagonism against the Void Vanadis while questioning her true motive.

During their time in Nice Royal Palace's garden however, she also noticing Tina's desire in obtaining anything she yearned by all means as the latter "advised" her to bring Tigre to Leitmeritz. Still, it doesn't eases Elen as she becoming suspicious towards Tina and her unknown plot that is involving Tigre. The following incident regarding Tina's failed assassination attempt onto Sofy at the Imperial Garden, Elen now viewing Tina as a dangerous threat to Zhcted.

Edit Vanadis of Brest, Olga is Elen admirer from Zhcted's far east but due to their long distance between Brest and Leitmeritz, they only see each other in Silesia. Additionally, because they didn't have any interest towards each other, both Vanadis did little interaction with each other with one side of from Olga's shyness.

Like most Vanadises, Elen later viewing Olga as her love rival after witnessing the young Vanadis's marriage proposal to Tigre. Regardless, both Vanadises remains in good terms. Edit Elen's reunion with Fine. This leads him to be open-minded towards the Silver Wind Vanadis and somehow wished to hand Alsace to Elen. Days later, Tigre was visited by Rurick regarding a captured intruder who later revealed to be Bertrand, much to his delight. However, their reunion was short lived as Bertrand reported Tigre about Thenardier Army marching towards Alsace, much to Tigre's shock.

As Bertrand gave him a letter from Mashas and he read it, Tigre was furious about Thenardier's Army's mission towards Alsace and decided to leave despite implored by Rurick and some Leitmeritz soldiers. Tigre's decision in borrowing Elen's soldiers for Alsace.

To his surprise however, Elen appeared at Leitmeritz 's main gate in an attempt to stop Tigre from leaving her territory. In desperation, Tigre made a request to Elen for allowing him to return for Alsace and promised Elen that he would return to Leitmeritz, but Elen rejected his request who claimed that he cannot save Alsace alone.

When Tigre insisting on leaving Leitmeritz, he was threatened by Elen. Elen threatens Tigre that she will kill him in Leitmeritz and asked him to use wisdom for the battlefield instead. Tigre was initially suffering a dilemma between Elen's mercy and he people, but when he saw Elen's sorrow expression, which he claimed as if she readily given him a chance, Tigre requested to borrow Elen's troops for Alsace.

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While laughing about Tigre's "impudence", Elen accepted his request with Alsace as her compensation. Tigre agreed of Elen's terms as long she treated Alsace like Leitmeritz. Battles for Alsace Main article: Battle of Alsace During their march towards Alsace, Elen asked Tigre if her army stood against the strong Thenardier Army with just a thousand, of which Tigre responded that they will able to beat the enemy with two reasons: First of all, House Thenardier rarely went to Alsace and secondly, only he knows Alsace's complicated terrain which only he knew very well.

This has risen Elen's confidence and continued their march towards Alsace. Tigre returned to Alsace just in time and rescued Titta from Zion's clutches by firing his arrow to his hand, causing him cried in agony.

He told Titta to jump off from the manor's balcony, and he jumped too in order to catch her in mid-air. With Elen's wind flow, Tigre and Titta made their safe landing. Tigre then saw Titta was crying in joy and asked her why she was not escaped with the other, further learned that Titta has been faithfully waiting for him.

Tigre retaliate with his reflexes. Just as he introduced Titta to his new allies, Tigre sensed danger as he narrowly rescued Titta from assassination attempt, then quickly shot and killed the assassin.

madan no ou to vanadis tigre relationship poems

Consequently, Tigre's hand was scratched and his bow is broken. Regardless his cut, Tigre told Elen that he was still able to go on. While noticed his broken bow before catching up with Elen, Tigre was bestowed by Titta the Black Bow as he claimed it was his time to inherit the family treasure.

When he tested the Black bow, Tigre found it different as it created a silent yet strong sonic boom that blew even the small leaves far away. Seeing it as different that most bows he used in the past, Tigre decided to equip the Black Bow as his prime weapon. With the help from Zhcted Army, Thenardier Army lost soldiers but Zion and the remaining 2, soldiers had to flee away from Alsace. According to Tigre, Thenardier Army has escaped to Molsheim Plains where they can recuperate their morale, prompted Elen saw this as a golden opportunity to defeat Zion.

madan no ou to vanadis tigre relationship poems

Elen and Tigre would lead main army to face Zion's army while Lim took an ambush unit and employed more ropes for their traps. When Tigre saw some horses within Alsace's farm, he has an unexpected idea to gain advantage against the Thenardier Army. Tigre answered that even though he was indeed afraid, he will not going to afford to lose for his people sake.

In the initial battle, Tigre and Elen managed to crush the Thenardier Army's first column of formation until they stumbled the Earth Dragon, whose even its eyes were invulnerable.

When Lim's troops has distracted Thenardier Army Soldiers and allowed Elen's battle against the Earth Dragon, Tigre was stunned to firstly see Elen's Vanadis power that slew the dragon in sheer power. To further demoralized already traumatized Zion's army, Tigre's shadow army tactics, which included only soldiers and the rest of them were merely horses. With Thenardier surrounded and only soldiers remain in Zion's possession, Tigre and Zhcted Army cornered and confronting the distraught Zion.

When Zion cursed him for "betraying" Brune, Tigre retorted that Zion's atrocities upon Alsace were indifferent than thievery. When Zion instead claimed that people were merely "plants that regrow itself", Tigre told him that he would never forgive his misdeeds and challenged into a duel.

When Zion continued to taunt him, Tigre shot his initial three arrows to Zion but quickly blocked by Zion's shield. As Zion charged towards him, Tigre shot his forth arrow and it successfully forced all arrows penetrating through Zion's shield and critically injured Zion, while Tigre himself inflicted only a scratch on his face.