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Cut Man will be your opponent at the end of Optic Sunflower's stage. Sigma- Blade. When "Press Start" appears at the title screen, press L3(2), R3, L3(2), R3, . When you're head-over-heels in love with your partner, it can be hard to even imagine the possibility of breaking up — but the unfortunate truth. Story. In 21XX, humanity has grown weary of Reploids becoming Maverick and their endless rebellions. Thanks to new technology, humans began migrations to .

See the funky vertical bar on the left side? That represents your Double Attack gauge, and slowly fills while you defeat enemies and recover Double Attack capsules shaped like diamonds. Topping it up promptly causes the gauge to flash red, ready for use. If the sphere touches an enemy, the screen will change to a huge green matrix-esque background while your reserve character teleports in.

Both your characters will then mercilessly tear into their target s delivering a massive world of hurt.

Hints and tips

Regular enemies won't stand a chance, but you'll want to reserve the attack's use for bosses. By using the Double Attack to finish off a boss, instead of the usual green background it'll become orange, signifying your secured win. On the post-mission screen a new icon will appear with the letters "EXF". Breaking through enemy barriers Some enemies can effortlessly block your shots with special barriers. Each Hunter can break through these barriers a number of ways: All your developed chips will remain in your possession, along with any Dr.

Light capsule upgrades for X. Each individual navigator costs a whopping 40, Metals 36, if you have the Metal Discount to unlock, so you'll need deep pockets.

Check the chips page for more details. To actually use the navigators, press Special Weapon on the character select screen prior to entering a stage to view your available navigators. This is mainly because the level designs just aren't very good. While you'll run into no shortage of challenging and occasionally intelligent platforming puzzles, far too many of them can be surmounted only through trial and error, requiring you to run through them repeatedly to memorize where all the different instant-kill spike pits are in relation to the jumps and drops you'll have to make, and so on and so forth.

This is pretty frustrating on its own, but the fact that the game employs a limited continue system on all difficulty levels but the easiest makes it even more so. Another problem is that the combat simply isn't all that interesting. Despite the fact that all three playable robots can earn new weapons and abilities over the course of the game, it isn't often that these new weapons ever really feel all that necessary. There are certainly specific situations and bosses where a particular weapon is most effective, but more often than not you can get by just fine using the default weaponry.

The one nice thing is that since you have two characters to control, you can switch between them on the fly by tapping the L2 button. Additionally, the game features a special combo attack that can be performed by pressing the R2 button at just the right time during a battle. Doing so sends you into a cutscene, where your two characters stand in a The Matrix-looking environment, complete with green computer code shooting all over the place, and blast the hell out of a bad guy.

However, while the combos are reasonably effective, they really don't look very cool, and they really don't inflict enough damage to make them truly worthwhile. Mega Man X8 isn't purely the age-old brand of Mega Man gameplay the entire way through, either, as there are a few stages that deviate from the norm. A couple of levels include vehicular combat, where you're in a ship, traveling along a rail and shooting everything that comes into your path.

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While flying these ships, you can boost or brake suddenly, depending on the situation. But apart from that, you rarely ever need to do anything other than hammer on the fire button, and that tends to get old rather quickly. Even some of the side-scrolling missions shift away from typicality, such as one stage where you'll find yourself having to engage in some cheap stealth action, dodging a bunch of moving spotlights to avoid setting off alarms that bring forth scads of enemies.

Unfortunately, like the ship stuff, this stealth section and pretty much every area that shies away from the purest of 2D action tends to get very dull very quickly. However, the most disappointing aspects of the gameplay are the boss battles.

While the bosses can be plenty difficult, that's about the only thing they have going for them.

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The actual designs of the bosses are just plain silly. For instance, you have the Burn Rooster, a flame-inducing chicken, and you have the Optic Sunflower--Plant Man, anyone?

The designs themselves might have been forgivable if the fights were interesting, but they never are. The patterns used by each boss are easy to decipher, and the only real challenge comes from the fact that their attacks tend to do a lot of damage.

Granted, the fight patterns of Mega Man bosses have never been extremely complex, but this brand of boss fight just doesn't hold up as well as it did back in the 8- and bit days, and these new character designs aren't as good as the old ones.

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Even if this were the late '80s, bosses like the Burn Rooster would still be mocked ruthlessly. The only other aspect of Mega Man X8's gameplay that bears mentioning is its character-upgrade system. In between every level, you'll have the opportunity to shop for upgrades for your characters, including additional energy tanks, new weapons, and new attacks. Cool idea in concept, but again, the game doesn't really execute this system very well.

The energy tanks are of course useful, but a lot of the character-specific upgrades really aren't. Many of the weapons and attacks just seem useless, and even the few useful ones rarely come into play. Mainly, the whole thing just seems tacked on.