Oracle form master detail relationship in salesforce

Managing Master Detail Forms

oracle form master detail relationship in salesforce

You'll have to re-design master-detail relationship. Here's how: as you you'll have to find a way to extract value which will then be joined with the master form. I am having trouble creating multi-level master-detail relationships. My use case is I have created a hierarchy of objects to manage budgets. A master detail form reflects a one-to-many relationship between two tables in a database. Typically, a master detail form displays a master row and multiple.

Page Number - Enter the page number of the master page. If you identify a new page number, the wizard creates a new page. If you identify an existing page number, the wizard adds the component to that page.

Page Name - Enter the name of the page. Page Mode - Identify the page mode. Normal - The page is presented as a normal Application Express application page. Modal Dialog - The page is presented as a modal dialog. A modal dialog is an overlay window positioned within the viewport, which remains active and focused until the end user dismisses closes it. The underlying page is grayed out and the end user is prevented from interacting with the rest of the page until the dialog is closed.

Oracle Apex - Master Detail Form [Gerardnico]

Breadcrumb - Select whether you want to use a breadcrumb navigation control on your page. If you elect to include breadcrumb navigation, additional attributes appear. Select how you want this page integrated into the Navigation Menu.

oracle form master detail relationship in salesforce

To learn more, see field-level Help. Master Region Title - Enter a region title for the master region.

oracle form master detail relationship in salesforce

Primary Key Column - Select the name of the column that uniquely identifies a row in the table. Select Columns - Select one or more columns to be included in the region.

The Details of Master-Detail Relationships

Select all columns to be displayed. Detail Region Title - Enter a region title for the detail region. Show Only Related Tables - Specify whether to restrict the list of detail tables to only those tables related to the master table. Master Detail Foreign Key - Select the foreign key that relates between the master and detail tables.

oracle form master detail relationship in salesforce

To view the new master detail, click Save and Run Page. The rendered page appears. A two page master detail features two pages based on two related tables or views. The first page is a non-editable interactive grid. To get the wizard to create two separate pages, choose the Edit detail on separate page option. What this will do is put a standard report in place of the tabular form in Figure 8. A separate form page will be built to allow edits on the Detail EMP records.

One reason to create a separate page to edit the detail records is because performing validation on the data in a Tabular Form is difficult. Having a separate form to edit an individual record makes data validation much easier. On the Page Attributes page, enter the data as shown in Figure 8. This is where the names of the pages and regions the wizard is going to create are setup.

  • Oracle Apex - Master Detail Form
  • Easy Master/Detail

When the entries are completed, click Next. No tabs and click Next. Finally, click Create and then, Run Page. The pages produced from the wizard are shown in Figures 8. From here the developer can go into the pages and regions and do any customizations as they choose. Also, as mentioned during the exercise, some developers may also have chosen to provide their own report to replace the report created by the Master Detail wizard.

In this case, they will go to their custom report and add the navigation links to navigate to the Master Detail page. The above book excerpt is from:

oracle form master detail relationship in salesforce