Ouat season 4 episode 7 ending a relationship

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ouat season 4 episode 7 ending a relationship

Once Upon a Time (–) Season 4 | Episode 7 All Episodes () Regina and Robin's relationship grows increasingly complex, as flashbacks. Before entering its long winter break, ABC's Once Upon a Time left viewers with a chilling, new truth about the Dark Curse that deposited. Season Seven is the seventh and final season of ABC's Once Upon a Time. Season Seven premiered on October 6, with "Hyperion Heights", and ended with "Leaving Storybrooke" on May 18, [show]Season Seven Episodes .. /showbuzzdailys-topfriday-cable-originals-network-finals html.

Belle and Rumple's Final Scene - Once Upon A Time

After decades of Snow and Charming battling to save Emma from darkness, she became the ultimate Big Bad, sacrificing herself in order to save Regina and the rest of the town. Those weren't the only shocking twists in the finale, though. Henry, who came into his own as a savior of sorts, jumped into the alternate reality by sticking a key inside the book, and from there, he had to convince everyone that they were living a lie.

ouat season 4 episode 7 ending a relationship

But if Regina is able to stop the big wedding, Isaac warns Rumple that his happy ending could be reversed. Breaking back into Storybrooke — with a new Author Somewhere in this madness, Charming stabs Hook, so Emma convinces Regina to get her happy ending because she wasn't able to get hers. The worst part is I never told him I loved him, not once … My only chance with him is if you don't make the same mistake I did," she says.

Robin Hood rushes to her side and Zelena, green with jealousy, starts turning into the Wicked Witch.

Season Seven

When the Author reappears, Henry picks up his pen and notebook and it glows, turning him into the new Author. With the help of Regina's blood as this realm's Saviorhe undoes all of Isaac's work and everyone is back in Storybrooke. But this is a finale and everything couldn't just wrap up all neat and tidy A new beginning with a new Dark One Rumple's heart reaches its breaking point after the world is reset, which means he loses his ability to love.

ouat season 4 episode 7 ending a relationship

Season 4 had a lot to live up after Season 3 being as impressive as it was. At this early stage of the season, one can see a lot of promise, some may argue that it is capitalising on 'Frozen's' success but there is much more to the season than that. This promise was apparent from the get go, with a great season opener in "A Tale of Two Sisters".

The Snow Queen

It's like the Snow Queen herself, underneath the icy exterior and demeanour is a very emotional and surprisingly complex heart. So far Season 4 has shown that the show is doing far more than capitalising on 'Frozen's' success or being a marketing ploy like it could have been.

ouat season 4 episode 7 ending a relationship

Found in "Family Business" that Belle's development and the character herself took steps backwards. They are an improvement in "The Snow Queen", but she is still not very interesting compared to the most focused on characters and some of her dialogue is weak again.

However, there is so much to like about "The Snow Queen" and there is not an awful lot wrong.

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It has a good deal of momentum, the characters are still interesting and true to character, not behaving idiotically, it doesn't feel like filler, it has entertainment value, nice character moments that mean a lot and a lot of heart. Already she is proving herself to be a complex character and much more than a standard villain that she easily could have been, and her back-story is heart-wrenching, makes sense, is crystal clear without being simplistic and makes her a character to sympathise with as well as getting chills by.

ouat season 4 episode 7 ending a relationship

Regina's character continues to have complexity and nuance, her deepening relationship with Robin is both intriguing and entertaining and Emma is not passive and generally is getting stronger all the time.