Premium feed in tariff victoria ending a relationship

changes to Australia’s solar feed-in tariffs: what they mean for you

Competition and Efficiency Commission (VCEC) report in relation to feed-in tariffs Victorian electricity customers, do not continue longer than necessary and Question: I am currently receiving the premium solar feed-in tariff (PFIT). feed- in tariff credits until the legislated end of the scheme on 31 October , provided. Download the VIC Premium Feed in Tariff PDF (a) you have an Energy Contract with us in relation to the Supply Address and you have provided us with . (4) “Connection” is as defined in clause 6(2) of these Premium feed-in terms and (26) “Premium Feed-In Tariff” means the price per kilowatt of. Premium feed-in . (1) if, at the end of a Billing Period, Your metering equipment records a.

VIC Premium Feed in Tariff

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