Priya in big boss images relationship

priya in big boss images relationship

Prince Narula may be the first finalist for Bigg Boss 9 and is also being touted as the strongest contender for the season but season 6 finalist. During a task assigned by Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 10, Priyanka Jagga gets two stars while Jason gets four out of five stars. Read on to. Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant Priya Malik Kissing Hubby Passionately In This This former Bigg Boss contestant keeps posting pictures and videos.

Few get eliminated while few sustain, but Priya has become one of the most popular and loved wild-card entries on the show ever. She is wise, plans everything well, is honest and we love this about her.

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Her dedication has managed to let her stay in the house till the end. And yes, that's true.

priya in big boss images relationship

Everything she does in the house, has a strategy behind it. Well, that's the trait of a winner! Priya is the sorted one in the house and never loses her patience with anybody.

A teacher by profession, Priya shows her patient side by dealing with the housemates. She has had maximum fights with housemates, making the TRPs soar high. The most positive one was when they showed me a clipping of my husband 'Bhushan'. The darkest one was in the second week of my captaincy when every housemate termed me an unfair person biased towards Rishabh and when I started crying everyone said I'm doing it for the attention and camera.

All this got on my nerves and broke me emotionally for few days.

priya in big boss images relationship

I am glad that I created on in such a short duration! I am proud that I made it so far inspite of all those odd hurdles.

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Priya had several fights with this season's favourite Prince Narula for taking advantage of housemates for his own selfish reasons. On this, Malik said, "I never really got along with Prince. One of the biggest reason being the lack of genuineness I felt in him.

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Kishwer's eviction didn't catch me by surprise, it just reaffirmed my belief. I never bought his entire facade about family and relationship inside the house. According to her, "Kishwer had all the qualities of a winner.

Colors Manu is asked rate Sahil and he gives him two stars. He states the reason that he has entered the show mid-way and has come with a strategy in his mind.

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Salman further asks Manu how far will Sahil be able to survive in the game and Manu replies that he does not see him in top five. Monalisa gave two stars to Priyanka Jagga. Colors Mona is then asked to rate Priyanka and she gives her two stars.

priya in big boss images relationship

She gives the reason that they did not start off on a very good note and Priyanka appears like someone who is strategising in her mind every single minute.

Lopa is asked to rate Elena and she gives her one star stating the reason that she underperformed in the dome task.