Proof of relationship to sponsor canada

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proof of relationship to sponsor canada

The “Sponsor” is the person who is a Canadian citizen or addition to the application forms as proof that your relationship is real and genuine. Anything but the most traditional of relationships often face scrutiny sponsor a foreign spouse for permanent residence to Canada looks When applying, couples should include all of this proof of the relationship with their. You don't need to include all these items to prove your relationship is real. We may consider other proof as well. Use the document checklist to find out what to.

proof of relationship to sponsor canada

While this is good news for those seeking to have their foreign spouses join them in Canada, the reality of making a spousal sponsorship application remains the same: At first glance, applying to sponsor a foreign spouse for permanent residence to Canada looks easy. Spousal sponsorship is not restricted to formally married couples, and is also available to common-law and conjugal partners. A common-law partnership requires a couple to live together for at least one year, while a conjugal partnership is a marriage-like relationship where a couple was not able to live together due to some extenuating circumstances.

proof of relationship to sponsor canada

Unlike parental sponsorshipsthere is no cap on the number of spousal sponsorship application that can be approved in a single year. Similarly, there is no specific income requirement for people who sponsor their spouses.

Assessing the relationship between spouses or common-law partners

As with most immigration-related matters, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada IRCC website provides a detailed step-by-step guide for completing spousal sponsorship applications. This guide, however, conspicuously makes no mention of section 4 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations IRPRwhich is the most common reason for spousal sponsorship applications to be denied.

proof of relationship to sponsor canada

It specifies that a relationship will not be considered a spousal relationship if it was entered into primarily for immigration purposes or if it is not genuine. While a relationship can start off questionably but become genuine as time goes on, if it is found that a relationship was entered into primarily for the purposes of immigration, the couple will never be able to overcome this obstacle, regardless of the current genuineness of their love and their union.

For this section to come into play, only one party in a relationship needs to be ingenuine or have an improper purpose. For instance, even if a sponsor is madly in love with an applicant, the application can still be denied if it is found that the applicant the sponsored spouse does not share those feelings.

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The purpose of this section is clear and commendable. Canada does not want spousal sponsorships to become an illicit back door to gaining permanent residence through phony marriages. Although section 4 is not itself problematic, its implementation often is.

proof of relationship to sponsor canada

By virtue of this section, visa officers routinely approach spousal sponsorship applications with scepticism, intent on busting fake marriages. Unbeknownst to the couple, their relationship is put under the microscope from the moment their application is submitted.

Sponsoring a foreign spouse to Canada: Reasonable Doubt

Married within a short time of meeting each other? The couple met online? The applicant is from an impoverished country? Some applications are refused outright due to these concerns, without the spouses being given an opportunity to address them.

Sponsoring a foreign spouse to Canada: Reasonable Doubt - NOW Magazine

It is therefore common for decisions rejecting spousal sponsorship applications for lack of genuineness to be rife with factual errors and improper speculation. I have no effective way of showing that I've been supporting her financially through these years, all the bills and contracts were in my name for simplicity. We've lived together since the very early days of our relationship so there was no need for email or phone calls. Any early love letters via email have long since disappeared into the digital ether.

The only proof of relationship we have is to sort through all our digital pictures and create a timeline from when we met to now, and our Canadian Marriage certificate, but the certificate is very recent.

Assessing the relationship between spouses or common-law partners -

We have a Spanish birth certificate that lists us as parents of our son. We've asked my father to write a sort of affidavit vouching for our relationship. He is a retired University professor who was faculty at UBC for decades, I'm hoping that might have some sway. We are also asking her parents to write a letter vouching for our relationship, but I think this will be of lesser value, as they are Swedish whereas my father is a Canadian citizen.

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Other than I have the rental contract of our apartment of the last 4 years. I had her name listed on the contract as living there with me in case anything were to happen to me, as I ride a motorcycle daily in Barcelona city.