Quality factor bandwidth relationship advice

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quality factor bandwidth relationship advice

This definition explains the meaning of bandwidth, which indicates the maximum capacity of a network link transmitting bits of data on a per-second basis. Phase Shifters/Time Delay Units, Power Handling, Practical Advice, Printed Circuit .. Quality factor, or simply, Q, is a unit-less figure of merit for passive structures: a thickness for 50 ohms), according to our stripline calculator, for 50 ohms. Quality factor is generally the inverse of bandwidth: High Q means you can. q INTERNAL WIDE-BANDWIDTH OP AMP q PRECISION ANALOG SIGNAL allows user-selected scale factors from to 10 using .. This approach leads to a simple relationship which can be .. TI's provision of technical, application or other design advice, quality characterization, reliability data or.

Quality factor

Any oscillator generates what is known as phase noise. This comprises random shifts in the phase of the signal. This manifests itself as noise that spreads out from the main carrier. As might be expected, this noise is not wanted and therefore needs to be minimised.

The oscillator design can be tailored to reduce this in a number of ways, the chief one being by increasing the Q, quality factor of the oscillator tuned circuit.

Q Factor and its Relevance in Electrical Circuits | Electronics For You

Tuned circuits and filters are often used to remove spurious signals. The sharper the filter and the higher the level of Q, the better the circuit will be able to remove the spurious signals. In many RF applications there is a requirement for wide bandwidth operation. Some forms of modulation require a wide bandwidth, and other applications require fixed filters to provide wide band coverage. It has an impulse response that is the sum of two decaying exponential functions with different rates of decay.

As the quality factor decreases the slower decay mode becomes stronger relative to the faster mode and dominates the system's response resulting in a slower system.

A second-order low-pass filter with a very low quality factor has a nearly first-order step response; the system's output responds to a step input by slowly rising toward an asymptote. Underdamped systems combine oscillation at a specific frequency with a decay of the amplitude of the signal. As the quality factor increases, the relative amount of damping decreases.

Q Factor and its Relevance in Electrical Circuits

A high-quality bell rings with a single pure tone for a very long time after being struck. A purely oscillatory system, such as a bell that rings forever, has an infinite quality factor.

You can read more about the challenges they create here. I need my videos to play in full-screen mode For p encode: Essentially, the full-screen mode is nothing more than a big canvas — so you need a lot of paint pixels to fill it.

quality factor bandwidth relationship advice

You see, video files are typically quite large, so they require good Internet speed or more bandwidth to display the video properly. When the Internet connection is slow, the video starts stuttering and is often displayed in a very poor quality. One way to avoid this problem is to decrease the bitrate of the video. This will simply decrease the bandwidth demand or the demand for better Internet connection and increase the likelihood of video playing without any interruptions.

You can use Google Analytics to determine where most of your viewers live and choose the best encoding solutions for your videos. When you know the average connection speed of your customers, you can set your overall bit rate to be under their download speed to achieve a reliable playback.

quality factor bandwidth relationship advice

In a nutshell, Dual Encoding means you can stream HD quality to fast connections, and a smaller SD version for those on the slower ones.

This makes sure your audience gets the best quality video stream for them. These are our recommended encoding settings for slow Internet connections.

However, keep in mind that the best way to find the right solution for each video is to try several different encoding options and see what you can get away with, without sacrificing your video quality too much. For slower Internet connections, set your encoding settings to: Essentially, it is a measurement of how fast data can be sent over a wired or wireless connection.

A great analogy for bandwidth is visualizing it as a tube and each bit of data as a grain of sand. If you attempt to pour a large amount of sand into a skinny tube, it will take a long time for the sand to flow through it. Similarly, a file will be sent or received much slower if you have a low-bandwidth connection.

quality factor bandwidth relationship advice

The more often your videos are played, the more bandwidth you will need. Every vzaar plan comes with a certain bandwidth limit.

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In order to choose a plan that is perfectly aligned with your projections, you will need at least a rough first estimation. What can I do? See how low you can get the bit rate of a video, whilst still maintaining a level of quality which is acceptable to you. Start with a high frame width say px, which is p at See how that comes out. If you are not pleased with the image quality, try either lowering the frame width or increasing the bit rate.

quality factor bandwidth relationship advice