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JT Miller on his relationship with Vigneault and how it was with the Rangers at the end | SNY

HBO 24/7 Flyers-Rangers, Episode 2 Recap: John Tortorella Up Close, HBO didn't focus much on the season-ending concussion to There's not much we can say about the Rangers coach and his relationship with Liam. Last year, HBO leaped from boxing to hockey, with a “24/7” series dedicated has continued unabated with “24/7 Flyers/Rangers: Road to the N.H.L. Winter Classic. of a strong coach-general manager relationship like the one shown in last Democrats Try to Box In Trump With Plan to End Government. finale last night of the HBO hock-umentary 24/7 Rangers/Flyers: The deteriorating relationship between him and the Flyers organization.

He stepped in and pummeled a Panthers player. Good karma for him. Not the flashiest segment on the show, but it was nice to see the guy with his family. I still may have a chanceI did get to see drunk Brandon Dubinsky. You remember him, right? Peter Laviolette has a black belt in mixed messages. Apparently she is still with Derek Stepan.

[Flyers/Rangers] Road to the NHL Winter Classic - Ending

Among them 2-year-old Landon Girardi, who instead of being forced to skate is now being carried by Dan Girardi. It was borderline cruel watching that kid struggle on the ice in episode 2. I have found Giroux to be quite a nice guy during this series, maybe this is how he gets all those points? This was one of the things I learned during my game review I wrote the other day.

The game footage is outstanding, and the cross cutting between coaches in the dressing rooms between periods is incredible. I take a second here and appreciate how good this series is for the NHL.

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I love them planning the goal celebration, and then who would take who in the ensuing fight. Bryzgalov had held court in the locker room that day, following Flyers practice, for more than 20 minutes in a zany, unorthodox, candid, and frankly a little bit sad press scrum that he kicked off by revealing that, no, he would not be starting tomorrow, and that the biggest thing on his mind was making sure not to forget his Thermos on the bench.

He was already a meme years before arriving in the Illadelph. But his persona on the show certainly helped spin the wheel and feed the beast. Before and during the Winter Classic, the media all but leered at the man any time he walked by, regarding him as less of a serious starting goaltender and more as a one-man sideshow, a money quote, a happening.

The result has been some funny catchphrases, sure, but also a worrisome look at the way the offbeat goaltender may be handling the attention — and a potentially nightmarish glimpse into the deteriorating relationship between him and the Flyers organization.

I heard the following words said a lot throughout the weekend, whether accompanied by a snicker or a shake of the head: Sure, there were all kinds of distractions in the month of December, so many cameras and eyeballs and microphones shoved in faces.

But there will be distractions in the playoffs, too, particularly in a city like hockey-mad and, to listen to WIP radiojust mad in general Philadelphia. Everyone on both teams was put under the same spotlight, yet only one player across the two rosters reacted by simultaneously basking and withering beneath the glare. Philadelphia is an organization for which locker room dynamics are so important that the team shipped off both its captain and another of its most productive scorers this offseason for reasons that had partly to do with team chemistry.

But the other reason for the moves? To clear cap space for a much-needed franchise goalie, someone to rely on for the better part of a decade. I love personalities, and I love wacky goalies. They should be on display more rather than less. Oh, and between a goalie and a tennis superstar; and another goalie and his Siberian Husky, whom he considers to be like a hot blonde woman.

More on that in a bit … These bonds drove the narrative for an inconsistent but entertaining sophomore effort that suffered from bad timing: The material on Claude Giroux's injury and its impact on the Flyers was undermined by his return to the lineup on Wednesday night in a 4-point effort.

If anything, Episode 2 suffered by focusing too much off the ice. It's not that the material wasn't compelling; it's just that the most candid and honest material is always going to emerge from the action on the ice and in the locker room — as the episode's two classic coaching rants about effort and officiating respectively prove.

Coming up, a recap, some clips and images from Episode 2.

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What did you think of the show? They're just like we are! Henrik Lundqvist … swoooon. We catch up with Rangers defenseman Dan Girardi, who is hanging with someone even cooler than Johnny Mac: He's blonde and adorable, Girardi's wife seems cool and they keep an impressive collection of booze Goose, Crown, various mixers near the front door of their apartment.

How very Don Draper. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Flyers aren't feeling sorry for themselves for losing Chris Pronger though it's yet to be revealed he's been lost for the season and Claude Giroux who was completing a 4-point night in Dallas as this episode aired, draining this plot line of every ounce of drama.

Laviolette breaks down game film. Back to the Rangers, who we see board their charter plane for a road trip, with thumping music and slo-mo shots of hair and suit jackets blowing in the wind, as if Michael Bay filmed an episode of "Entourage. About 12 minutes into the episode, we're watching a segment with the Rangers equipment manager and thinking that this episode sort of sucks. It redeems itself, but the first few segments were mostly duds — all filler, no killer.

There was a nice behind the scenes moment next, as Tortorella breaks down film with the Rangers: Giving props to Michael Del Zotto, talking about not letting points get away from them, asking captain Ryan Callahan what time the team will leave. The Rangers do a remarkable job staying focused and not concentrating on how horrifically creepy their coach's thumb is: Back to the Flyers, and we're talking about the seven rookies on the team, including Sean Couturier, who gets a shout out by Danny Briere.

Seems like a nice kid. Hopefully he doesn't get hit in the head with a puck later or something. Jaromir Jagr taking a shot with a Viagra sign prominently displayed in front of him. Next, it's Ilya Bryzgalov time again, which we chronicled here.

HBO 24/7 Flyers Rangers Ep. 2 review: Typical Montreal

During this conversation, we discover Bryz is, uh, a dog lover. Clip includes one PG word and Bryz's later clip about defensemen. He's on the mend, it's a tough road back, but things are looking up. Which means for the second straight season, we'll get a Staal back for the Winter Classic.

Now we're waking up with Brandon Prust and Brian Boyle, who is taking a naked nap and suddenly we're happy this isn't on Cinemax. We soon learn Brian Boyle can't dress himself.

JT Miller on his relationship with Vigneault and how it was with the Rangers at the end

Although entertaining, the previous three segments had the unmistakable whiff of self-aware clowning for the camera. The Rangers face the St. Louis Blues, and get down by two goals.