Real relationship tweets

Collecting and Manipulating Twitter Data - Mining the Social Web [Book]

real relationship tweets

23 Tweets About Dating That'll Make You Laugh Then Cry Because They're So True Gregg Johnston. "21 Relationship Tweets Guaranteed To Make You Laugh, Cry, Or Both " There's You utter, utter amateurs. Learn how the Twitter algorithm works, plus 11 tactics you can use to get your content seen without paying for ads has become a real challenge. Instead, look at the bigger picture of the relationship between your brand. The latest Tweets from Relationship Quotes (@Cute_C0uples). This is so true, RT to show respect to friends and loved ones that have passed away this year.

real relationship tweets

This modules meant to contain only a small handful of the very most relevant Tweets ordered by their relevance score, whereas the ranked timeline contains relevant Tweets ordered by time. Since people can go hours without checking Twitter, ICYMI gives you the ability to see anything Twitter thinks is important that you may have missed since the last time you checked your timeline. This is crucial for brands. Twitter users have the ability to opt out and and use the original timeline by going into settings and content preferences.

How to Increase Your Organic Reach on Twitter Now that you have an idea of how the Twitter algorithm works, what can you do to get more visibility for your Tweets? Tweet Consistently Do you tend to send all your Tweets during a certain block of time in the day? You can use a tool like Sprout Social to plan and schedule content to be shared throughout the day.

Read through this article for more tips on how to schedule Tweets. When you look at brands that drive a lot of engagement and have built strong communities on Twitter, they tend to spend a lot of time replying to incoming Tweets and sparking conversations. This just made our birthday a little sweeter. That means responding to customer questions, resolving complaints, using Twitter Polls and asking questions. Consider Running Twitter Ads When it comes to social media advertising, most brands instinctively think of Facebook Ads.

So overall, brands are seeing more engagement for less money. For instance, video ads have proven to be effective on Twitter. Of course, this is all assuming you have the budget to test your ads.

Otherwise, you can stick to some of the non-paid tactics on this list. Learn more about how to run profitable Twitter ads. Use Twitter Video Speaking of videos, even organically sharing native Twitter videos can give your engagement a boost.

No huge budget or production crew required.

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Was your Twitter handle affected by the recent TwitterPurge? Even under the best intentions, if you've aggressiely grown your followers, you probably have some bots. Here are 3 reasons why the purge might be a good thing https: Did you send a Tweet that attracted a ton of comments and likes? Why not share it again later?

As we mentioned earlier, Twitter moves extremely fast. Sharing that Tweet again will give you the opportunity to reach some of those followers who missed it the first time around. Or do you like the Tweet and reply? A distribution of the words and their frequencies would be helpful.

Mining the Social Web by Matthew A. Russell

None of these options is cheap assuming you believe that time is money or easy. After installing NLTK, you might want to take a moment to visit its official websitewhere you can review its documentation. What are people talking about right now?

real relationship tweets

Among the most compelling reasons for mining Twitter data is to try to answer the question of what people are talking about right now. One of the simplest techniques you could apply to answer this question is basic frequency analysis. Counter class that facilitates counting operations.

real relationship tweets

Although some work would need to be done to get a machine to recognize as much, the frequent tokens refer to entities such as people, times, and activities, while the infrequent terms amount to mostly noise from which no meaningful conclusion could be drawn.

Where it gets more interesting is when you skim the remaining tokens: I could skim a few tweets and deduce as much. The token RT is a special symbol that is often prepended to a message to indicate that you are retweeting it on behalf of someone else. In fact, this observation is the basis of our next analysis. Extracting relationships from the tweets Because the social web is first and foremost about the linkages between people in the real world, one highly convenient format for storing social web data is a graph.

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Tip At the time this book was written, Twitter imposes a rate limit of API calls per hour for authenticated requests; anonymous requests are limited to per hour. You can read more about the specifics at http: Besides, we can use the clues in the tweets themselves to reliably extract retweet information with a simple regular expression. By convention, Twitter usernames begin with an symbol and can only include letters, numbers, and underscores.

Thus, given the conventions for retweeting, we only have to search for the following patterns: Since neither of the example tweets contains both of the groups enclosed in the parenthetical expressions, one string is empty in each of the tuples. Note Regular expressions are a basic programming concept whose explanation is outside the scope of this book. The edge itself will carry a payload of the tweet ID and tweet text itself. The basic steps involved are generalizing a routine for extracting usernames in retweets, flattening out the pages of tweets into a flat list for easier processing in a loop, and finally, iterating over the tweets and adding edges to a graph.

For example, the number of nodes in the graph tells us that out of tweets, there were users involved in retweet relationships with one another, with edges connecting those nodes.

real relationship tweets

In this case, most of the values are 1, meaning all of those nodes have a degree of 1 and are connected to only one other node in the graph. A few values are between 2 and 9, indicating that those nodes are connected to anywhere between 2 and 9 other nodes. The extreme outlier is the node with a degree of Visualizing Tweet Graphs Graphviz is a staple in the visualization community. This section introduces one possible approach for visualizing graphs of tweet data: Graphviz binaries for all platforms can be downloaded from its official websiteand the installation is straightforward regardless of platform.

Help for Windows users: You can read more about the various Graphviz options in the online documentation.