Red dwarf series 8 ending a relationship

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red dwarf series 8 ending a relationship

Only the Good is the final episode in the eighth series and the original run of the British science fiction series Red Dwarf. . The events are referred to at the end of the last episode of Series X, "The Beginning"; however, Rimmer is interrupted before exact at · Series VIII episode guide at Shop Red Dwarf: Complete BBC Series 8 [] [DVD] []. This leads to the return of the Rimmer-Lister relationship dynamic and the return of the bunk . a film or another series is likely so there will not be a fitting end to a classis series. i think that series 8 rimmer died and then a new hologram rimmer was . of the red dwarf who departed at the end of series 8 and is now dating.

Kryten and Kochanski pretend to be ill to land in sickbay, while the Cat is forced to disguise himself as a nurse after his attempts to get beaten up only result in the toughest prisoner in The Tank offering to be his bitch.

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As the Dwarfers escape they find that the microbe from the Hermes is now eating away at Red Dwarf. They decide to tell Hollister against Rimmer's advicewho then announces that Red Dwarf will be abandoned — however, due to a shortage of escape craft, the prisoners will be left behind to die.

Now that the Dwarfers have the run of the ship, Kryten and Kochanski devise a plan which involves entering a mirror universe where everything is opposite; negative becomes positive and a virus becomes an antidote.

red dwarf series 8 ending a relationship

Kryten builds a prism laser and directs it at a mirror to create a dimensional gateway. Rimmer crosses over with a sample of the virus, only for the device to break and trap him in the mirror universe.

He realises he is not a failure in this universe but is instead Captain, and berates the alternative Hollister, now a 2nd Technician, for being useless.

Only the Good - Wikipedia

When Talia comes in, Rimmer, thinking she is his lover, snogs her, only to be told she is his spiritual advisor. Rimmer quickly goes to the science lab to talk to the professor, the alternative Cat, who knows the formula for the antidote Cesiumfrancolithicmyxialobidiumrixydixydoxidexidroxhide. Given the complicated name, Rimmer asks for it to be written down. Rimmer triumphantly returns to his universe with the formula written down only to find Red Dwarf a flaming inferno falling apart with the others gone.

The dispensing machine tells him that the other Dwarfers had repaired the prism and followed him into the mirror universe and Rimmer is now the ship's Captain since he's now the only crew member remaining. Rimmer tries to return to the mirror universe, but the microbe has destroyed the laser.

Believing it to be his only hope, he prepares to create the antidote but the dispensing machine points out that the formula he has written down is now the formula for the virus, having reverted into its mirror opposite.

red dwarf series 8 ending a relationship

After exchanging insults, the machine finally gets its own back on Rimmer by launching a can at his head and hitting him, knocking him to the ground and causing the now useless slip of paper containing the formula to burn up from the surrounding flames.

The episode ends with the Grim Reaperplayed by series director Ed Byecoming to claim Rimmer as Adagio for Strings plays in the background.

Rimmer kicks Death in the crotch and runs off down the flaming corridor, claiming that "only the good die young" as Death winces "That's never happened before Production[ edit ] This episode had a notorious production, having gone through numerous re-writes and re-shoots.

Only the Good...

Arnold Judas Rimmer Bsc Ssc "Bronze swimming certificate" and "Silver swimming certificate"played by Chris Barriewas the second-lowest ranking member of the crew while they were all alive. He is a fussy, bureaucraticneurotic coward who, by failing to replace a drive plate properly, is responsible for the Red Dwarf cadmium II accident that kills the entire crew including himself except Lister.

red dwarf series 8 ending a relationship

Nevertheless, Holly chose him to be the ship's one available hologram [21] because he considered him the person most likely to keep Lister sane. He comes face to face with Death at the end of the series, whom he kicks in the groin. From the Back to Earth specials onwards, he is once again a hologram; with no explanation as to whether he is the same hologram who left in Series VII, or what happened to the human Rimmer from series VIII.

From left to right: The Catplayed by Danny John-Julesis a humanoid creature who evolved from the offspring of Lister's smuggled pet cat Frankenstein. Cat is concerned with little other than sleeping, eating, and fawning over his appearance, and tends not to socialise with other members of the crew in early episodes.

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He becomes more influenced by his human companions over time, and begins to resemble a stylish, self-centred human. It is later revealed that, unlike his human companions, he has a "cool" sounding pulse, six nipples, and colour-coordinated internal organs.

Kryten is a Service Mechanoid and when first encountered by the crew, he was bound by his "behavioural protocols", but Lister gradually encouraged him to break his programming and think for himself.

His change in appearance between the two actors is explained away by an accident involving Lister's spacebike and Lister having to repair him. Holly has a functional IQ ofalthough this is severely depleted by the three million years of runtime and lack of repairs.

Holly is left alone after the radiation accident that kills Rimmer and the rest of the crew except for Lister and the Cat. The computer had developed "computer senility" before the radiation accident, rendering it functionally inert. The change in appearance for series III is explained by Holly having changed his face to resemble that of a computer from a parallel universe "with whom he'd once fallen madly in love".

The original red dwarf was stripped by krytens nanobots and turned into that planet, the new red dwarf by the end of series eight was being eaten alive by that outbreak So we have two outcomes Outcome 1 - the crew manage to come back from the reverse mirror universe with the antidote and save that current Red Dwarf Or Outcome 2 - They except there fate and stay in the mirror universe however Rimmer dies Outcome 1, would not explain how the re-incarnated Rimmer became the Rimmer who remembers the dispare squid, That Red Dwarf has never been going for years so has no record of what the previous rimmer holograme got upto.

The newly built red dwarf was remade before the budget cut backs, that didnt have hard light. Outcome 2, would explain how the crew possible be re-united by Ace Rimmer who decides to ditch his career. But would not explain how they returned from the mirror universe, and how RED DWARF existed after the outbreak that was eating the ship that they were suposed to cure.

Personally i think the following occured