Relationship is like chess

A Good Relationship Is Like a Chess the Queen Should Always Protect Her King | Meme on

relationship is like chess

Love is like chess Chess Quotes, Chess Magazine, Chess Players, Passionate .. Relationship Quotes - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images. I like psychology so Iam drawn to this question. How does your chess effect the people around you? I'm clearly an amateur player so don't. Dating is like chess. Not just the teenagers who aren't in relationships, but the adults, 30, Most people, though, will get into relationships.

Your Relationship is Like Chess: Every Move Matters! – Black Safaya

Not so fast for the fellas however. Relationship counselor and author, John Gray, wrote a very popular book entitled, Men are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, as a guide of sorts, for us to understand the differences between men and women. However, sadly it seems as if we have missed the boat entirely, when it comes to understanding the opposite sex. How many times do you have to fall over the bridge, knock your head on the concrete, before you finally understand our differences?

When polled, 55 percent of single people have sex on the very first date, and that number increases for a woman once she is over 30 years old.

relationship is like chess

Far be it from me to tell someone how to live their lives, as I personally have made a lot of mistakes in the relationship department. However, I do believe women need to open up their horizons, wade through their choices and then with a clear mind, decide who their partner should be.

No one to take home to your mama! For you to be a true king, protector, provider, the head of the family its to follow the advice your mom gave you and success will reveal itself with ease in all spheres.

Your Relationship is Like Chess: Every Move Matters!

I've seen it time and time again, powerful men destroyed by their very emotional protectors because they are not following this advice and women taken for granted because they are not focused on the role they need to play in their king's life. So sorry ausi, you are not there to chow his money with expensive weaves, bags and trips away just so that you can be a lazy bum all day, because you lie on back every night, that's the fastest way to getting yourself lonely, heartbroken with a bad reputation.

Those are "gifts" from the blessings of his provision to thank you for having his back. They are not "rights" because you break it down in the sheets. And men you need to stop letting women think that the only way they are worthy of being in your lives is by flashing a thigh and then "maybe" you can think about making them wifey.

That's why it will take you forever to get wealthy because you're pumping all your energy into the wrong place. Let's get it right tuu so that the real women out there don't end up forfeiting the real men because "ba felela ko next door ka good time and then come home with the wrong impressions of manhood" Ladies, like the queen you are suppose to run around for your man but run around with a set, focused strategic plan beneficial to the protective flourishing of the future of your kingdom otherwise YOU WILL run BOTH your legacies into the ground!

And men,you need to hold on to such women who have your back and not your wallet because that's the only way you will never go broke! The queen is there to watch out for unforeseen opponents while the king has his head buried in providing for the kingdom. That's the game of chess in a nutshell, a theory I learnt and lead to practice in preparation for my throne. I can never be equal to my king, and he can never do what the queen does. He's got his own hustle and iv got mine and respecting that takes a lot but in the end that's where the true power in the relationship is created.

relationship is like chess

Take a look at your favourite successful couples, financially they don't really need each other, but emotionally they do When I say I am a God-fearing Queen, that is my prayer and claim to what God is moulding me to become. The Queen who helps run the kingdom by having her King's back when he's surrounded by opponents.

I have heard that Chess players are quite romantic…you may want to explore that possibility. Love heightens our senses, exaggerates our perspectives and blows our emotions our out of proportion. The question then remains as to how to artfully master your emotions, actions or tongue depending on what your own impulsivity may entail. For the majority of us, we tend to lean towards the hurtful side of things.

relationship is like chess

One of the things we have got to learn even as love sweeps us off our feet is the ability to put a rein on everything that may want to check us out before the game is over. Below are five ways to better handle your relationship. Chess up your love! The King Esther and Vashti in the book of Esther in the Bible were women who both tasted of and drank from the cup of royalty.

Dating Is Like Playing A Game Of Chess; Never Show Your Hand

However, one was wise and the other was foolish. Vashti, somewhere along the line forgot that her husband was both a lover and at the same time royalty. Familiarity is the key word here. The day she got used to his kingship and dared to be openly impudent, she lost her tiara and went from main chic to barbecue in the blink of an eye. Somewhere in the heart of every man lies a king unleashed…what you do, how you act or respond to him will largely go a long way in bringing out this side.

Kings go to war when their authority is threatened.