Relationship of pp to brim definition

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relationship of pp to brim definition

Relation of PP to brim. PP (presenting part) refers to the bit of your baby that will arrive first (usually the head). Your midwife will note down how. Discuss Descent/Fifths above the brim and Your Pregnancy in the Huggies Pregnancy & Birth Forum. Raise your question or find answers in. i saw my midwife on monday i was 36+2 and it has 'relation to birm in 1/5ths palpable' and shes written 3/5, what does this mean exactly? do.

Most women have a trace of protein in their urine at some time during their pregnancy.

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Ketones These chemicals are produced by your body when your fat-burning mechanisms aren't working properly. This may happen if you've got gestational diabetes, you're not eating enough, or you have pregnancy sickness.

relationship of pp to brim definition

If albumin or ketones are detected in your urine, the quantity is recorded with plus signs: You may also see the letters Tr, which means a small trace has been found. A tick, nil or NAD all mean the same - nothing abnormal found. Your blood pressure will be measured at your booking-in visit and this figure will be used as your normal level, against which future readings will be compared.

Height of fundus FH The fundus is the top of your uterus womb. Your midwife will be able to feel where this is by pressing on your abdomen and will measure it from your pubic bone. Each centimetre roughly equates to a week of your baby's growth, and this figure will be put in your notes. The lie The 'lie' refers to the position of the crown of your baby's head occiput within your pelvis. O occiput - this refers to the back of your baby's head, which could be facing: R - right A anterior - to the front P posterior - to the back L lateral or T transverse - to the side Presentation The 'presentation' refers to which way up your baby is: C or Ceph cephalic or Vx vertex - head down Br breech - feet or bottom first Relation of PP to brim PP presenting part refers to the bit of your baby that will arrive first usually the head.

Your midwife will note down how much of your baby's head can be felt above the brim of your pelvis as fifths: E or Eng means engaged, while NE means not engaged.

relationship of pp to brim definition

Fetal heart At around 12 weeks, your doctor or midwife will listen for your baby's heartbeat. FHH or H - fetal heart heard FHNH - fetal heart not heard - this isn't necessarily anything to worry about FMF - fetal movements have been felt Although antenatal notes vary slightly from one health area to another, there are common terms you're likely to come across.

You might be put on one if you notice any reduced movement, to check all is well.

relationship of pp to brim definition

EDD Stands for estimated date of delivery - your due date. Your baby is engaged when his head has dropped into your pelvis, ready for the birth.

This does not always mean that labour is imminent however and some women will not engage until they are already having contractions. FBC Stands for full blood count.

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This is the distance in centimetres from the top of your pubic bone to the top of your womb or bump, which is know as the fundus not be confused with fungus! It gives your midwife an idea of how your baby is growing. After 20 weeks, the measurement should be roughly the same number of centimetres as you are weeks, give or take 2cm either way, and this will be checked at every appointment.

relationship of pp to brim definition

A normal foetal heart rate is between and beats per minute. Your midwife will listen to the heart rate at every appointment and the speed will slow as the pregnancy progresses. She may record the number of beats in your notes too. FM Stands for fetal movements and refers to whether you or the midwife have felt your baby move. GA Stands for gestational age - the age of your pregnancy.

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LMP Stands for last menstrual period. This helps your midwife work out your EDD - estimated date of delivery.

relationship of pp to brim definition

MEC Stands for meconium. This is the first poo your baby produces, made up of materials he ingests in the womb.

Your antenatal notes can be a bit confusing. We help you decipher what it all means ...

Sometimes your baby may pass this poo while still inside you and it can get into your waters. Your baby may then inhale it during labour, so doctors will react quickly to treat this and prevent any infection.

NAD Stands for nothing abnormal detected - a nice abbreviation to see! Oedema or Oed Stands for swelling. Some swelling around your feet and hands is normal. Presenting part or lie This is the position your baby is lying in.

These are all abbreviations relating to where your baby's head is.