Relationship petering out expression

relationship petering out expression

and you don't want to face that outside of the relationship and may even wonder who will want you now. If the relationship is new and you have to work at it like a long term Whatever was there at the start has petered out. Declined slowly to almost nothing. American slang. or "The supply of money has petered out." of the phrase, but I can't help wondering about a possible connection between "petering out" and.

How Do You Know If You Should Keep Working At A Struggling Or Even Flatlining Relationship?

Another word which probably comes from St. Peter is peter meaning something which is secured with a lock. This is because St. Peter was depicted holding the keys to heaven.

In the early s a peter meant a trunk but it now survives only as British criminal slang for a "safe" or a "jail cell".

Peter Out | Definition of Peter Out by Merriam-Webster

Though, of course, in Britain, that would be written "gaol cell". Where does the name of the city Buffalo come from? What about the Ozarks? That is apparently in dispute. One source indicates that it derives from the name of an Indian Native American chief who lived along what is now called Buffalo Creek.

However, a more convincing source An Outline of Buffalo's Historyclaims that the creek was called Buffalo Creek some time before the town was founded and named.

Take Our Word For It, page two, Words to the Wise

It suggests the following: The early village is briefly known as "New Amsterdam. They intend to call their new home "Buffalo.

relationship petering out expression

The name may have been adopted from a local Indian word, "Buffaloe. These are only two of the many popular legends. The word buffalo itself appears to have come to English from Portuguese bufalo, which originally referred to the water buffalo. Real mozzarella cheese is made from buffalo milk. The Latin parent was bufalus, an alternate form of bubalus.

The Romans borrowed this from from Greek boubalos "gazelle" which is thought to derive from bous "ox". The name Ozarks, given to an American mountain range, is purportedly a corruption of French aux arcs, one source claiming that the French phrase is a truncated form of a longer phrase meaning "toward Arkansas Post", a fur trading post in the 18th century.

relationship petering out expression

Of course, Arkansas was also the name of a tribe of Indians in the area the lower Mississippi region who were also known as the Quapaw, and the French phrase may have been referring to them and the mountains in which they lived. Ozarks first appeared in print in So, then, where does Arkansas come from?

relationship petering out expression

One source claims that it is the French interpretation of a Sioux word, acansa presumably spelled phoneticallywhich supposedly means "downstream place".

We haven't been able to find proof of that. We do know that the original form was Arkansea, and the French apparently added that s at the end. Of course, we found a reference to Arkansas meaning "south wind", too. Where does the word imp come from? It is from the Old English impian "to graft" and first appears around AD.

This meaning still persists in falconry - if a bird breaks a feather, the feather of another bird may be imped into its wing. Other Germanic languages have similar words: By the early s, an imp had come to mean a "graft, scion or sapling" and before long c.

Thus, the author who, inreferred to a prince as "the kynges ympe" was not being insulting, merely allegorical. Should you keep talking about the issues in the hope that it triggers understanding, remorse, resolve to change, and subsequent action?

How do you know when to work at your relationship?

relationship petering out expression

You might decide to stay because you remember how things used to be and even if that time was a long time ago, you want to try to get it back. You might decide to stay because something happened that dealt a blow to the other party which changed their behaviour.

You may have children together and worry about what leaving may do, or be afraid of being just like your own parents. Working at your relationship involves working together to find a solution you can both positively live with — compromise. It creates distrust and communicates a lack of acceptance. We trust people who share the same core values. Some things to look for: Having an already existing foundation to work from.

relationship petering out expression