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relationship rewind free torrent download

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Relationship Rewind

As we noted in looking over the original complaint, there were some significant concerns similar to the ones we had with the Megaupload case concerning whether or not running a service that other people used to infringe could possibly make you guilty of criminal copyright infringement. There is such a thing in civil copyright law, whereby if you're found to be "inducing" copyright infringement via clear and deliberate statements and steps you can be found to have to have infringed -- but that's not the case for criminal law.

The case against Vaulin as with Kim Dotcom tried to get around this by arguing a few different things, which we'll discuss below. Vaulin is fighting extradition in Poland, but in the meantime, had asked the federal court in Illinois to drop the case already, due to the failure to show actual criminal infringement by Vaulin.

Such an effort was always going to be at least something of a long shot, as courts will tend to give a lot of deference to the DOJ, and now Judge John Lee has rejected the request as was first reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

The first issue the judge had to review was whether Vaulin could even bring his motion in the first place.

relationship rewind free torrent download

The DOJ, playing hardball, argued that because Vaulin was fighting extradition to a country that he was not from and had no connection to, he shouldn't be allowed to make any motions in court under the "fugitive disentitlement doctrine" again, there are similarities here to the DOJ declaring Kim Dotcom a fugitive for fighting extradition -- but that was in a separate effort to get to keep all of Dotcom's assets.

As the name suggests, "fugitive disentitlement doctrine" says that those who are running from the law can't show up in court to make their arguments. But that's an entirely different situation when you're fighting against extradition to a country you have no connection to. Unfortunately, the court agrees with the DOJ that the fugitive disentitlement doctrine can apply here, and thus Vaulin's motion is rejected on that basis alone. It cites a few cases on this -- though most do appear to involve people who are more like actual fugitives in that they left the US to escape US law enforcement.

However, the court does find one case, In re: Kashamu that involved a Nigerian national who was resisting extradition in a drug smuggling case. That case is precedent, and while I think it's decided incorrectly, the district court can't just ignore that precedent.

Based on these authorities, and in light of the principles undergirding the doctrine, the Court is persuaded that the elements of the fugitive disentitlement doctrine are met in this case. All three principles that the Supreme Court discussed in Degen—enforcement and mutuality, redressing the indignity of absence, and encouraging voluntary surrender—are implicated here.

And, as far as the Court is aware, he is actively resisting extradition efforts. Thus, insofar as Vaulin is interested in participating here, he appears willing to do so only from a safe distance. That said, the court recognizes that the Supreme Court has urged courts to apply fugitive disentitlement "with caution" so it actually digs into the merits of the motion to dismiss. And that's where things get troublesome.

There are a few different arguments the court has to respond to, so we'll take them in turn.

relationship rewind free torrent download

The first is whether or not criminal conduct occurred in the United States at all. Vaulin and Kickass Torrents are not in the US and thus they argue that if there was any criminal activity it can't be tied to the US. The DOJ argues in response that Vaulin is still guilty of "aiding and abetting" criminal copyright infringement in the US.

And the court agrees: But the core theory underlying the indictment is that Vaulin aided, abetted, and conspired with users of his network to commit criminal copyright infringement in the United States. When viewed in a light most favorable to the Government, as the Court must do at this preliminary stage, the indictment alleges acts of domestic infringement. No one denies that there were people in the US who used the platform for infringement.

But just because people are using the platform for infringement, doesn't make it criminal infringement. For something to be criminal copyright infringement it has to reach a much higher bar than just "people downloaded stuff. The court also says that because Kickass Torrents had some servers in Chicago, "overt acts in furtherance of the conspiracy occurred in the United States. The second argument proffered by Vaulin, is that torrent tracker files are not the copyright-covered work, and thus downloading or distributing torrent files cannot lead to criminal liability.

The court claims that this argument "misunderstands the indictment. I'd argue the judge's reply "misunderstands the argument. The indictment is not concerned with the mere downloading or distribution of torrent files.

relationship rewind free torrent download

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relationship rewind free torrent download

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relationship rewind free torrent download

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Kickass Torrents Creator Can't Get Criminal Case Tossed Out

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